Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alphabet Day

Self explanatory. Here we go!

A: Aquatic Center. The one at University of West Florida, to be exact. I was there 4 times today, but only in the water twice. No show lifeguards and pool closings during times they’ve been open in the past had me confused. And a bit ornery. A weaker, less determined person would have given up, but not me: I needed to get in my swim and subsequent water run. Sigh. It was just that kind of day.

B: Ball. The Swedish Ball! Not only am I balancing on it, but today (for the very first time since The Crash!) I did ab work on the ball. Crunches! They were awesome. But my tummy shook like a bowl full of jelly. Which reminded me of Santa. Need to continue with the abs.

C: Core. See “B”. One word: ouch!

D: “Deadliest Catch”. Tonight’s the night of the new episode. Nathaniel is on the bed studying during the commercials, and I’m curled up on the futon with the computer. Humph – I hate this show. But I was the one who turned it on. Maybe, just maybe its growing on me….

E: Excited – about this weekend. I’ll be meeting up with my South Carolina Soul Sister Ashley Long aka “The Sleeper” and my New York Soul Sister Mary Eggers aka “Miss Mary Sunshine”. It’ll be Camp HTFU all over again – except they’ll be racing and I’ll be the best race sherpa ever! I leave for Panama City Beach on Thursday….

F: Fancy, which is what our dinner was NOT. Meat, rice, veggies. Simple, easy, and quick.

G: Good Lord, I never realized how much my midsection could shake while balancing on the ball, doing abs on the ball, or holding front/left side/right side planks. It was painful, hard, embarrassing, and shaky. But it’ll get better, easier with every time that I try. So carry on I will!

H: HTFU Marit! (see G, C, and B)

I: Interesting how many people comment to me about The House Monster, including the random man at the pool today. Huh?

J: Jabba the Hut – the new nickname for Tabbitha. Thanks to Kayvee who left a comment yesterday, The House Monster has yet another pet name. Like she needs one – her and her 18.2 pounds.

K: Ken Follett, the author who wrote The Pillars of the Earth. Great read that I discovered after reading Greg Remaly’s blog. Thanks Greg – now I have another reason to stay up late! If you enjoy architecture, a good story line, and great characters to follow, this is the book for you.

L: Lively! How I walk into Physical Therapy every morning – I have been given this opportunity to heal and to recovery, so I’m going to make the best of it that I can. First stop: The Hand Crank!

M: Moisturizer – now that I’m in the pool 2X per day, my skin has the permanent smell of chlorine imbedded into it. Not fun. But I’ve been using the moisturized that was included in my Get Well Care Package, and I LOVE IT! Sad news is that I’ve almost run out. Time to hunt down some more!

N: Nathaniel, my sleepy husband – has just fallen asleep. It is 9:02 pm, and the poor guy is OUT like a light. Makes me want to run my finger along his lips and see him twitch. It’s actually really funny. Especially when he wakes up and I pretend that I’m reading. Why would I do anything like that- silly Nathaniel! :) Very funny. Ah – the plight of couples.

O: Ouch! My arms, chest, back, upper body – all sore. The band work, ball work, ball tosses, repetitions, swimming, and general work that I’m doing is a painful reminder that I’ve been out of commission (so to speak) for a few weeks. But I embrace every challenge, every moment that I’m throwing a 6 pound weight against a trampoline while standing on a Bosu ball – because it means that I’m that much closer the returning to my normal. Whatever that is.

P: Pork chops, which was the protein that we ate tonight. Word to the wise: don’t cook pork chops while sporting a bathing suit. The skillet tends to spit up hot oil and other heated juices, which made me just about jump through the roof. But, the point is – is that I CAN jump. In summary – wear an apron and long sleeves when cooking!

Q: Quit, which I didn’t do after the pool was closed the first two times I attempted to go. But I prevailed, although the complete and utter ridiculousness of the situation was quite apparent. But at the day’s end, I completed my swim and water run.

R: Red wine, but nothing fancy. Had a glass of Smoking Loon Syrah with dinner tonight. Why not fancy? Well, long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, Nathaniel and I decided we would never spend more than $10 on a bottle of wine. And for the most part, we’ve stuck to it. And tonight was no exception. But the wine went down well, and was thoroughly enjoyed by yours truly with my book and The Deadliest Catch on in the background.

S: Snuggle, and lots of it! Spent some time on the couch snuggling with Tabbitha and the aforementioned book. It is great to finally be able to relax and not feel an ache resonating from my backside.

T: The Time Bandit – the ship on “The Deadliest Catch” that I really like. Well, that one, and The Cornelia Marie and The Northwestern. Can’t quite decide which one I like the most – but they’re all pretty neat. The crews are all fun to watch for different reasons – and I enjoy watching Nathaniel watch his favorite show. Good times.

U: Up and at’em! Woke up today just after 5 am in anticipation of my 6:30 non-occurring swim. That is just plain wrong.

V: VW Bug – the car that cut me off on my third trip to the pool. Or was it the second?

W: Woolly Monmouth. Couldn’t think of anything else – can you?

X: X-Ray! I’m due for another round in 2.5 weeks. Should be interesting to see what has occurred since the last round of images.

Y: Yikes! Now that I’m swimming and water running, my stomach has decided to take over my judgment. I’m hungry and can’t seem to get enough food – which is a new feeling for me, as I’ve been less than hungry due to lack of activity for the past few weeks. Now that I’ve finally trained my body to not eat like I’m training for an IM, I’ve got 16.5 hours on my workout schedule this week. And my body is responding. Dessert anyone?

Z: Zoo – our bedroom looks like one. Towels here, pillows there, and clothes scattered over our chair. Nathaniel has been great with doing the laundry – but the clean clothes never seem to find their way into the closet. Someone who broke her back is supposed to fold the laundry… but as I’m able to swim and water run, I don’t think my back will suffice as an excuse much longer. And let’s face it: I would much rather fold clothes than break my back any day!


rr said...

W - for well on your way.. back to the athlete you are :) LOVE the jabba photo, that is freaking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

W - for "Way to go, Marit" Seriously, your cat weighs 18.2 lbs.?


Alili said...

M - Motivating others to do give it their best shot!

Bob Mitera said...

Nate and I apparently do laundry in a silimar fashion! Hilarious! He's an ok guy for a Packer fan. Maybe one day he'll finish his education and become a Bear fan. (...at least he isn't a Minnesota Viking fan. Gee wiz.)

Keep on keeping on! I think you might need to do IM Wisconsin in 2009. Home field advantage...

Pedergraham said...

I was surprised at how many comments there were on the cat post, too, and then I realized that even though I am tachnically a "dog person", I had read that post twice--so Tabbitha truly has universal appeal!

KayVee said...

Glad I could be of help. As is Clara, aka Sybill, aka Jabba the Hut. And I'm reading Pillars of the Earth right now, too. Great story. I keep going to Wikipedia to get more context for the history.

Morgan said...

Well... I'm glad to read that between letters "D" and "T", the Deadliest Catch started rubbing off on you.. and you like the "Cornelia Marie".