Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flag Unfurling

I've heard that patience is a virtue.

But when one is unfurling millions of little Norwegian flags attached to itty-bitty threads of string, patience soon runs out. Save yourself the trouble, trust me.

These past 8 weeks and 6 days (not that I'm counting), I've learned a lot about patience. Thanks to some wonderful friends and support - Jen, Ness, Nathaniel, the parents, doctors, Ludi, Ashley, Liz, Mary, Leslie, and dozens of others that I probably forgot because I don't have the patience to continue - I've gotten through the worst time (recovery wise). After a poignant (and gutsy, I might add) email from Ness about REALLY taking my time and allowing my body to recover BEFORE swimming or returning to training, I exercised my own lesson in patience.

No pun intended.

So, one would THINK - with my newfound recovery patience - that I'm a "pro" when it comes to waiting, taking my time, etc etc etc.

But no.

And I came to this conclusion after the third flag of gazillions ripped from the tiny spindle of thread, while I was trying to hang streamers of Norwegian flags from the windos, buffets, doorways, and fireplaces, and any other suitable display place in my parent's house.

What I originally deemed a "5 minute decorating task", quickly turned into a 50 minute marathon session. And there were only 7 banners of flags hung decoratively around the house. YOU do the math, I'm to impatient to attempt.

But the house looked great: all festive and decked out for the Norwegian Constitution Celebration.

Last night we had some great friend's - and fellow Norse people - over for dinner. Dad made beer brats, Mom made Czech potato salad, and I picked out the chocolate dessert cake. Not exactly Norwegian fare - but the herring, flags, streamers, festive napkins, and Hardunger fiddle music purchased at Ingebritsen's in Minneapolis (Scandinavian deli and gift store that has become a hotbed for Scandinavian-Minnesotan's all around.)

My Mom calls it Disney Land for people with a Scandinavian/Norwegian/Minnesotan accent.

And as I was browsing through the various flags, dolls, jewelery, coffee mugs (imprinted with "Uff-da!"), calendars, crafts, wooden salad bowls, and everything-else-I-could-ever-need-from-the-Motherland-er-homecountry, I couldn't agree more.

For yesterday's celebration, the house was decked out, the food was great, the company was better, and we had a great time. Beer Brats, Czech potato salad, chocolate cake and all. And the flags - daintily displayed throughout the house - added to the Norse feeling of our little celebration.

Just don't ask me to unfurl any more. I have a feeling that these will be up for a while.


Amber and Eric Rydholm said...

How long will you be in MN? Eric and I get in to the state on Friday (May 23) and will be back and forth between Eden Prairie and the Duluth-area for a full would be fun to meet you in person if all the "stars align."


Kellye Mills said...

I'm so glad that you have the opportunity to get home and visit with your family! Enjoy your time and the cooler weather while you can! :)

Courtenay said...

patience shmatience. i am not a fan (although it would probably be in my interest to become a fan).

i am so jealous you are in minnesota! i love it there! last year i got to stay in st. paul and the year before in minneapolis and both are cool. i hope you have tons of fun while you are there.