Monday, May 26, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

Today I'v been in a bit of a funk.

Not the "I'm-drinking-before-noon-because-its-5-o'clock-somewhere" funk.

Not the "I was awoken in the middle of the night last night because the new tenants in the apartment directly above ours could only be doing what sounded like acrobatics at 2 am" funk. (true story, fyi. Thank God it only lasted 10 minutes or so, and we only heard the bed - nothinge else. I swear, when I finally meet them, I'll giggle.)

Not even the "I need to time my workouts around thunderstorms" funk.

No - today I realized my funk came from two different sources.

1) Yesterday I spectated the Pensacola 3 mile bridge swim. It was an even that I would have liked to have done last year, but coincided with a local triathlon. Me - being the triathlete that I am - opted for (can you guess?) If you picked the swim-bike-run sport, you ARE correct.

So after begging, pleadeding, and promising everything short of my firstborn to my physical therapist (who Coach Jen said had the final call), I was shot down in my attempt to swim the race.


I thought it would have been a really great challenge - less than 10 weeks after a very serious bike crash and already I'm back at it, doing the things that I love. Sure, not quite the swim-bike-run event that I'm used to - but hey, we've got to start somewhere!

Yesterday while spectating the race, walking the 3.14 mile bridge with fellow WBS (World's Best Sherpa) Joanna from Gulf Coast Half, I couldn't help but think how absoluteley flat and perfect the water would have been. Something - even in my state - I could have handled. And YES, I was on the look out for the the tell-talek figure of sharks galore, but thankfully spotted non.

And for the record - everyone did GREAT at the race. I was SO PROUD of Donna for doing it, but also ran into several other local athletes that it was great to catch up with.

Inevitably, talk of the crash came up.

Instead, I would have prefered to talk about the swim.

One compeditior joked that she wouldn't mind swimming back. And if I could have borrowed goggles and a cap, I would have been with her in an instant (in spite of my shorts and tee-shirt. I could have stripped down to sprots bra and undies, right? Or at least worn the running shorts - extra drag, right???)

My second "funk" is coming from questions around my physical therapy tomorrow.

Tuesday at 1:00, I have a date with the strength testing machines. And IF (and only if) my legs are strong enought, I MIGHT be allowed to start running.

I am so nervous - lately I've been dreaming about running, and oddly enough, I can feel the various sensations as I run. The slipperiness of the pine needles as I run through the forest, the slant of an uphill as I charge up, the sound of the surf as I run along the beach....

But it all hinges on what happens tomorrow.

It's always interesting to read about other people's lives. What may seem completely rediculous to one person, may be the "norm" for another. I was sad that I didn't do the Bridge Swim, and as a result, spent half of yesterday looking up open water swim races. For the record - I found one over in Lousiana next weekend.

I guess that only time will tell, and I won't have the answers that I need unil sometime tomorrow around 3 pm.

So pardon me if I seem a little different or out of focus. I AM focusing, trust me. It's just not on something that most normal people would expect. And if there's anything that I've learned about myself as of late, is that rarely (if ever) do I march to the beat of everyone's drum. I tend to go off on my own, find my own beath, and drift along.

And hopefully by tomorrow night, I'll be drifting along the rubberized surface of the UWF (University of West Florida) Track.


Patrick said...

Aloha Marit,
Just wanted to say thanks for kind words on Bree's recent post. I'm NO sherpa but sometimes I can be bought/rented if the price $$$ is right!!hahaha!

Best of luck with your Tri season.


Bruce Stewart said...

I guess the 3-mile Pensacola swim could have been good training for me. It appears its only a matter of time before you can be fully back in action. Be patient, though, as the therapist can't take risks with anyone, even though there might be a good chance that you are OK. I appreciate your friendship.

Anonymous said...


You'll do great at the PT session. I'll be sending you the good vibes.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you that JFLO lets you take the next step in your recovery!!! Jen H. :)

TriGirl Kate O said...

Running after 10 weeks? WOW, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well. Isn't it too bad that most PT's can't be bribed?!

Alili said...

Marit, sending strong vibes your way this morning.:)

Anonymous said...

Maritka -
The Budhists have NIRVANA, meteorologists have THE PERFECT STORM and Marit has FEET IN SHOES running her heart out. Good luck this morning; if all comes together as it needs to, I know where you will be this afternoon.
ENJOY whatever you do.

Anonymous said...

You have been working hard and doing what your told...good things come to those you wait! I think it's your turn now.

I am sending ALL my positive energy your way today! Good luck!

Beth said...

Good luck Marit!! Hope it goes well today. But whatever the outcome won't be long... Your patience will pay off!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

BreeWee said...

I am with Beth, you are so close... I do hope you get to lace up the shoes and take em' for a spin though...

AND I would have totally went swimming! Forget the PT guy! BUT then again, I am sick so don't take my advice... I am proud of you for following directions, you are handling it all so well!