Friday, May 16, 2008

St Paul Post day 1

Well, I'm here. I'm alive, and I'm listening (with great amusement) as my Mom explains to my Dad why she wants to take a computer course with one of her best friends. It turns out that the guy who set up her ibook failed to give her any passwords. And as we all know (in this password-happy-society), passwords are essential.

Isn't it great to be home?

(And now Mom and Dad are talking about "sticks" and how you can "stick them into the computer, save your documents, and then take them in this little tiny space and stick it into a new computer." I think they mean a thumbdrive? Or am I the one who's totally wrong?)

The trip here was eventful, unfortunately. The fat man at the lone bar in Pensacola Regional Airport was checking me out as I huffed over to my gate. And later - to my great horror - as I arrived on the small plane destined towards Memphis, my booze-drinking friend was happily sitting next to me. Finishing off his cocktail.

I didn't realize drinking before the plane took off was permitted - but I guess that I was wrong. Never mind the fact that it was only 11:15.

So there I was, squeezed into my 1/2 of my plane seat, trying to say out his vodka-stench, and blaring my ipod while I ignored his drunken bantor. And go figure: he HAD to order the bloody mary just as we were experiencing turbulence.

Yeah. Good stuff. You can imagine what kind of flight it was.

To my great amusement, my drunken neighbor turned up on my next flight destined to St. Paul. Thankfully he was a few rows up and over. I could tell by 1) The rasping cough 2) The stench 3) The loud comments 4) The 2 vodka bottles served to THAT row mid-flight.


Otherwise - things have been a blast thus far.

Well, for the most part. The three of us went to go see an Italian film...not naming any names here, but we were a tad dissapointed. Considering the last movie we all saw at The Uptown Theater was "The Lives of Others", this one didn't hold a candle to it. And I wasn't the only one with this assertion.

Aside from that - I've spent a few hours at the local YWCA. Between the wate running, biking on the spinner, and swimming (tomorrow!), I'm almost one of the "regulars". Well - not quite. But going to the gym twice in one day consitutes for something.

And now, the three of us, along with my old cat Misty are sitting on the back patio. Mom is talking to the cat as though she's a 6 month old child, and Dad has admitted that the cat, "gets kind of demanding sometimes."

That's what happens when you feed her treats EVERY time she gimps into the kitchen. (For the record, Misty has been terrified of the kitchen ever since the remodel began two years ago). So Misty enters the kitchen = Mom OR Dad giving her several treats.

Who's conditioning who? Never mind - I don't want to know.

Tomorrow we celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day. A very important day for Norwegian's The World Around. Mark it on your calendar - May 17, 1814. As Norway was being transfered from Danish to Sedish control at The Congress of Vienna., the Norwegian's drafted their own constitution at Eidsvol (spelling is way off. My apologies to my Norwegian counterparts). The Norwegians drafted their own constitution and laws, but retained the same monach as the Swedes. The Swedish King remained Norway's monarch, but in all other senses, Norway was self-governed.

And now that we've all had our history lesson for the day, I'm off to bed. (Thanks to Dad for the great lesson!)

But before that, I'll listen to my parents talk about the cats, the movie, Norwegian independance, and tomorrow's celebration.


Audrey said...

I'm with my extended family. We've had 5 conversations about gas mileage. Which I don't understand b/c it's not like someone is going to suddenly realize they get bad gas mileage and then do anything about it like get a new care. I busted out with: Who cares people??

They should all be riding bikes anyway. Oh sweet family time:)

Eileen Swanson said...

Have fun with the folks. I am sure you will have an awesome time. I am so glad you stayed away from the drunk on your connecting flight. Yuck! I can just smell the stench. That totally bugs me. Ok, off to eat dinner super late here in CA!


Brooke Myers said...

the reakation (not a word) of drunkeness is bad enough, but when there's no way to avoid it -yuck!

at least you're off the flight and with the comfort of family.. Have fun - hopefully no drama while you're there...

Ryan said...

I just talked to my fat cousin who flew from Pensacola to St. Paul yesterday.

He told me about this hot little blonde sitting next to him, apparently she couldn't keep her eyes off of him.



Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan...that's my wife you're talking about!

TriGirl Kate O said...

My in-laws are in town for 5 days for graduation, and most of our talks (not conversations since my m-i-l does all the talking) are about how wonderful life was 50 years ago, and what fun it was visiting Great Aunt Thanna and chatting about the old times. Then at about 4 pm it's cocktail hour (two whiskeys each), then wine with dinner (at least 2 glasses), and maybe a beer while watching basketball afterwards. Enjoy Norwegian Independence Day, but i thought your mom was Czech...
Next time sitting next to some drunk slob on the plane, you could do what my friend Cyndi did to some schmuck drafting off her at IMFL--she blew a booger rocket at him. He backed off after that!

BreeWee said...

have so much fun at home!!!!

Grossssssssssssssss drunk man is probably a computer genius on his way to give your dads lesson in passwords!

Cy said...

Welcome back, and Happy Norwegian day!

How long are you in town?

Which YMCA are you using? Maybe I can join you for a swim. If you desire a different pool I have a bunch of LTF club passes I could share.

Beth said...

Have a great time Marit!! Sounds like you are already enjoying some mom and dad time! And hopefully your ride back won't involve any gross drunk men. YUCK!!