Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day in Verse

God of thunder, Thor came out to play today.
THrowing bolt after bolt of lightning.
An Umbrella would have been practical,
But, I forgot miNe,
AnD instead found myself sprinting to the car
Dodging droplets, thE size of silver dollars.
A perfect day to Read,
Curled up on the Sofa,
Sipping hot Tea
Safe from the StOrm outside.
But reality reaRed her head,
And I went about My day
AccompliShing taskS one by one.
Early tO rise, coffee a necessity.
And breakfast with Nathaniel.
Next up, physical Thearapy,
wHere core strength is the daily focus.
Change Up the plans,
As Rain and thunder pellet down.
Sprint to the gym,
A run on the treaDmill,
“EmbarrAssingly slow”, as directed by Jen.
Flollowed bY stretching and more core work.
DrIve home, in the rain.
And prep aparmeNt for
Tomorrow’s Furniture delivery.
More storms bLast through
So I wait, and wait, and wait mOre.
And eventually Rush to the pool,
My swIm workout in hand.
Day complete, after Dinner
ReAdy to rise and repeat tomorrow.


Ashley said...

Thunder Storms on Thursday in Flordia... do I get a prize?!

Monica Kvas said...

Hey! I've never commented before but I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past several months. Your journey is truly inspiring. And I have to say your July 24th entry was very courageous. More people than most people think suffer from depression and yet there is still somewhat of a stigma that goes along with it. Many suffer in silence and I'm so glad and grateful that you broke the silence. I can't relate to your accident because I haven't experienced that but I can definitely relate to the mind demons. Just remember that this too shall pass. Thank you for all your great entries!