Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Morning!

You know that you're going to have a great day when this is the first thing you see.

I awoke to this beautiful view from the bedroom window. The shot was taken from the balcony, and nearly everything afterwards went great.

Except the mini golf (or as putt putt as the Ladies of Camp STFU call it) game that Nathaniel and I played. True to form, my golf score was higher than my height in inches. But at least I broke 100.

There were a few great moments, including my two holes in one. Yes, you read that correct - two. Talent? I think not. More like extremely lucky shots.

I don't know who was more surprised, Nathaniel or myself.

But in the end, he beat me fair and square. By 4 shots.

And I'm okay with that. I was there for the, er, experience.

And true to his form, Nathaniel replied, "That's just what loosers say!"

Well, that may be true, but I was the one with the two holes in one. So there.

Back to the rainbow and morning view. Perfect, beautiful, and was a great start to a wonderful day. I hope to see another tomorrow morning.


Wes said...

We'd all like to think that Nathaniel can at least shoot straight. He is a Marine after all ;-)

Roy said...
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Rice said...

Hello.. (that was me that deleted up top btw.. I wanted to sign in under my blog user name first)

Just read your bit this morning in Triathlete Magazine and wanted to check in on your blog. Hope all is well and I hope to drop in again when I have more time to read.



jkrunning said...

At least your mini golf went better than ours. When we played on July 4, some Subaru Driving lady rammed into our 9 day old truck in the parking lot. Loverly I say.