Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day of Numbers

It seems that today my day was filled with various numbers and combinations of numbers. Not really any other way to define it, so here we go.

3: Number of books I'm currently reading. "Moose" by Stephanie Klein; "In Pursuit of Excellence" by Terry Orlick; and "Cathedral of the Sea" by Ildefonso Falcones. All great reads thus far. Moose was hilarious and had me from the first paragraph. According to the front cover, its "a memoir of fat camp". But, with most great reads, includes much, much more. The Orlick book seems to be going around. After reading about it on Bree's blog, hearing about it from Eileen, and seeing it pop up in several other spaces, I thought I'd give it a try. And the final CS book has recieved much acclaim overseas, and is recomended to all who enjoyed Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End".

4: Number of times Anabelle has tried to make deposits on our carpet.

2: Number of times we caught her (in the act) and managed to salvage the poor rug.

2: Number of times Nathaniel lit off the incense after said deposits.

653: My new favorite number. Donna's number tomorrow! Yea!! Donna is racing at Lake Steven's 70.3 - GO DONNA! In fact, there are several races this weekend: good luck to all who are out doing what they love!

4500: Yards swam with Ludi today. It was a great swim! Out of the blue, she called me and asked if I wanted to join her for a swim. Do Fish Swim? Heck yeah! So I joined her in the pool and had a great time. Steady, focused, strong - and I found a great groove, felt strong in the water. Not necessarily fast, but consistent and solid. I even managed to whip out a 50 fly. Twice. Sweet.

10-15: Number of feet in the air that the water flew after getting struck by a major lightning bolt. We were stormed out of our mini-golf game this evening, and while driving across US-90 bridge, Nathaniel saw the bolt strike. Water exploded and he nearly ran off the road. I was happy to be tucked into the relative safety of the car. But the lightning WAS beautiful. And admired from the safety of the great non-outdoors.

2: Number of times I've watched Le Tour on Versus today.

1: Number of stages of Le Tour completed

3: Number of crashes from today's tour.

3: Number of times I involuntarily yelped while seeing/watching/hearing about the crashes.

4: Cups of coffee enjoyed this morning.

1: Trips to the grocery store to pick up coffee creamer for delicous coffee.

1: Number of Lemon Bismarks picked up from the store for Nathaniel.

Lost count: Diet Coke or Diet cherry cokes consumed. Well - it was the refills at dinner. I had the grilled chicken salad and Nathaniel had two wet enchiladas. And we sat in a booth, flirted with each other, and watched the cloud-to-ground lightning. Sad that we couldn't make our mini-golf "t" time - yes, but this was a great alternative.

3: Number of times Tabbitha hissed at Anabelle. We are making progress! This was a great day on that front!

36: Minutes before I go to bed!


Mira Lelovic said...

I just finished reading "The Art of Racing in the Rain". No, it's not about triathlons, it's about car racing, but it's written in the perspective of a dog. Nice, easy read that every animal lover should pick up. Thought I'd mention it in case you need a 4th book or something when you're done with the 3 you have!

rr said...

Nice swim.. I love those florida thunderstorms, although it's got to be frustrating from a training pov sometimes. Glad Tabbitha is starting to accept the lil pooper. Good thing A. is cute!

Eileen Swanson said...

So happy that Tab is starting to like MM ;-) Too cute! Great swim....I have got to send you an email about my ride. I think I am liking the Adamo. Can you believe it?


Alili said...

I just picked up's a rainy day here so I'm having a hard time not leaving work early to go sit and read--plus it's a rest day! Whoopee!

Anonymous said...

Flirting with your cute!

Thanks for posting about the books your reading. I just finished up a book on my flight back to Iowa and I was searching for a one. Looks like I have a few new choices!