Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank You...

Thank you ALL for your well wishes and support. The feedback was wonderful - it made me grateful for the online support. My friends and family have also been here for me, and I am so grateful - beyond words. I am so lucky to have the friends, family, and support that I do.

Discussing the hard parts of life - especially in something as open as a blog, and with something as personal as depression, was not easy. And I thought long and hard about publishing before I did so. It is so easy to write when things are going well, when workouts are great, when life is easy.

But we all struggle, we all have fears, we all go through tough times. I know that I'm not the only one - and if you are out there and experiencing difficulty with anything, know that you're not alone.

I am doing much better. Writing has helped tremendously. It clears my thoughts, makes me really think about "stuff", and forces me to confront the issues at hand. In addition, I've been up and about, working out, getting out of the house, and slowly returning back to a "normal" life.

So in the past few days, what's been happening?

Glad you asked... :)

The House Monster and Mini Monster are slowly getting more aquainted. Tabbitha hisses less, is no longer attacking multiple times per day, and can be in the same room as Anabelle. The Little One - in turn - is jumping around, chasing toy mice, chasing playing dice, and pouncing on Tabbitha's tail. And while it would be funny if Tabbs was just sitting around, Anabelle likes to pounce when Tabbitha is eating or is using the poop box.


That's a laugh.

So Tabbitha chases Anabelle, and Anabelle thinks its all great fun. And the process repeats itself. Over and over. And over.

This is very amusing.

Additionally, Nathaniel and I decided to do some major shopping last weekend. Not only did we get a new living room's worth of furniture, but we also got a new dining room set. Nothing like spending a bunch of money on furniture. Especially when the old stuff is hand-me-down from college. We threw away the old dining room set (trust me - it was time for it to go), and are in the process of getting rid of the living room. Everything except the Ugly Green Recliner.

We are undecided -

I know what I would do.

But My Other Half is very attached.

And so are the cats.

So perhaps a place in the study???

The decision is yet-to-be-made on this one.

And finally, I did my Dad proud today. In keeping with the Chrislock game of H-O-R-S-E tradition, I won three games to zero. Yeah. Did myself proud, considering my opponent was a 15-year old with a heckuva hook shot.

What started out as random shooting of basketball (I shoot and think - very cathartic), turned into surprising victory(s) in Horse. Apparently my 15-year old challenger didn't think I was that much of a threat, as he broached the subject after I missed no less than 15 shots in a row.

Luckily I found my 3-pointer, under handed layup a la Hoosiers, and backwards clutch shot and pulled out the victory. And had a great time in the process.

So in the tradition of Jen Harrison, I am going Onward and Upwards. Tomorrow is another day - a new opportunity to see the good, to pursue happiness, and to follow my heart. Wherever that may lead me...


Pedergraham said...

Thanks for the cat update. I was meaning to ask about them. Let's see some pics of the new furniture. It seems like the green recliner is an ainmate object, kinda like a member of the family...

Steve Stenzel said...

I read your last post. I went through a lot of similar stuff a number of years back. Most of my current friends don't even know that side of me. For me, it just took time. Time to realize how to get my mind out of that place. And really, it was those dark years of my life that allow me to be as happy-go-lucky as I am today. When you've been a such a horrible place for so long and you're able to get through it, everything else seems like cake. After that, it's hard NOT to smile at everything. Because everything has been put into perspective.

I wish you the best, and you can contact me if you ever need anything (OK, that sounds stupid, but I mean it.)

Alili said...

Ooh, the kitties-they are always good for entertainment!

I'm glad the sun is smiling down on you today Marit.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Pics of the kittens please!

Good to have you back in the land of the blogging. I definitely agree w/ Danielle, the green recliner is a member of the family and must stay (this from an interior designer no less!)

Trigirlpink said...

Sorry.. behind on my blog reading so will comment on 2 postings you have.

Have you signed up for something next year??? I'm sure this will motivate you and get you fired back up!! Now that I think about it, CdA!! You signed up for CdA, right??? In a few months.. you will be sparky and fresh and ready to ROCK.. you'll see.. This season is a bit of a wash and so, I'm not surprised you feel the way you do. Because I missed Cda myself, this season certainly isn't one of my favorites nor do I feel like this is any great goal setting-progress making season. I'm just plodding along trying to make the best of it.Glad the Kitty Kats are getting along better!

Anonymous said...

Did you give the old sectional couch a decent send off? It served the Chrislocks well for 30 years


Greg Remaly said...

aww, I'm with your Dad here about the old furniture. I get attached to things like old couches and reclining chairs. I think you guys should keep the chair btw. This reminds me of Fraser's Dad keeping his ugly reclining chair in Fraser's stylish apartment.

good to hear the cats are having fun together. I would love to see a video or picture of mini monster sneaking up on the HM.

rr said...

Hey - I've been thinking of you and hoping things were looking up since the last post. I'm glad they are.

Are you moving? Has Annabelle got her casts off? New furniture - FUN!


Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

I'm so glad you have updated your blog! I have been wondering about you and keeping you in my thoughts.

Hey, did you say new furniture? LOVE THAT! ENJOY!

BreeWee said...

yep, another day... out with the old and in with the new...

If we lived in the same neighborhood I would pick you up and take you to get your nails done, that always works...

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

This is very random and off the wall, but how about moving house to something nicer? Maybe it won't happen quickly, but at least think about it. You can take the furniture with you. We were attached to our old home for 20 years, but there are times when one has to make a new start. I don't know when that time is for you.

Adolph said...

Great race!! The speedo guy is Adolph from Panama City.