Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini Monster Photos

By popular demand, here are a few photos of the kitties. But a quick side note - Anabelle is doing much better. Two weeks ago, the Vet performed exploratory surgery on her right leg. It turns out that her humerous bones have fused together, along with the soft tissue that was damaged in her accident.

So the great news, is that the four weeks spent in a cast helped her heal! Hooray!

Her legs, though, are a bit croocked. The Doc said that he could have rebroken the bones and then set them properly - but that would constitue another 4-6 weeks in a cast. So he decided that the best option would be to do nothing at all - take off the casts and let her heal on her own. The bones were fused together, albeit crooked.

And yes, she has a funny gait. But then again, there are lots of people AND animals in history who have had funny strides.

Look at Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Sprinter Michael Johnson. His earliest coaches told him he would never become a world class athlete because his gait was too short.

And don't forget about Seabiscuit, the Little Horse That Could. His front leg stuck out at a funny angle, damaged in an accident. But he still raced, he still had a wonderful life - a funny stride didn't hold him back.

And it is so true with Anabelle.

She races up the couch. And down the back. She jumps. She twists. And she even sumersaults.

So there you have it: just because something has been broken in the past, or goes about doing something in a different way, doesen't mean that its down and out. Quite the contrary. Sometimes the things that challenge us, that seemingly weaken us, make us stronger in the end. Michael Johnson had his world record, and Seabiscuit had his plethora of titles.

So there you have it.

And Anabelle's favorite trick? Chasing Tabbitha.

The tables have turned on The House Monster.

Cue evil laugh.

But before you get too worried about Tabbitha, realize that she's spent the first seven years of her life attacking our family and friends. So one little gimpy kitty giving Tabbithias Rex a scare isn't the worst thing in the world.

Now, the pictures!
Anabelle and Tabbitha, pre cast off. Tabbitha on her futon (which has been since taken over by the Mini Monster), and MM in the turkey baster.

Me and Anabelle, reading and asleep. Notice how I'm sitting on a down comforter - extra squishy for a sore back. Trust me, it is wonderful!

Nathaniel and his new study partner. Anabelle was more interested in the surrounding papers. And Nathaniel was more interested in not getting scratched in sensitive areas. Enough said.

And why would my husband be laying on the kitchen floor, sporting a "Get Lucky" shirt? Can't speak to the shirt but, it has a little something to do with this...

Can you spot the nose? Take a close look, I promise you - it's there. If you get past the cobwebs and crumbs, you'll spot our Mini Monster. Mobile and feisty, she found a new favorite hiding place. A perfect escape for when she amushes Tabbitha, while the House Monster eats her kibble.

Too much excitement for Tabbitha. If she can't fit, she doesn't care. And 19.8 pounds of cat will not fit under the cabnets. Trust us on that one.

And Anabelle herself - too busy to pause for a photo. Can you blame her?

And finally, who can resist a man in uniform? This was Nathaniel last week, before a change of command ceremony. Coffee cup in hand, I caught him mid-sentence by surprise.


Alili said...

They are so cute-it makes me want to run to the shelter and get Lily a mini monster!

Damie said...

I love the pictures! I really enjoyed having that little kitten in my house for a few weeks before I found a home for him. It brings new life to a home. I think having the baby around is really good for Tab, and I agree- time for her to get a does of her own medicine!

Trigirlpink said...

Yup, handsome guy for sure. I've been waaaaiting for kitty photos and updates. Very nice surprise this morning! It's awesome to see the two of them so close in a photo laying next to each other! See!!! To think HM would never allow another feline around. Pffffffff.
Paul's parents just got a new kitten. I'll email ya later with THAT whole story!!

Ashley said...

Awe... everyone is so cute: the little monsters, Nathaniel, you and your book. Love the pics! Can't wait to see you in person!!

Marni said...

too cute..the kitty and nathaniel :)

Kellye Mills said...

Wait a min... is Tabbitha gaining weight?? :) I'm so glad to hear that Annabelle and everyone is doing well! And congrats to Nathaniel on his ceremony change!!

Randy said...

Hey Marit, just got my Triathlete magazine in the mail and saw the great write up on you. (Page 44 for those who haven't seen it). You're famous ...

My son is still surviving Marine boot camp. He's on Week 7, just finished his rifle quals.

Take care and hang in there.

Oh, can I have your autograph?

Eileen Swanson said...

Super cute pics Marit! Love how MM and HM are getting along so well now....SWEET!


BreeWee said...

Okay, not here to check out the cats or the man in a uniform... I heard from Ashley that you are hilarious with the NUUN's, that you took one in your mouth without water! Can you post it, I need a good laugh! Hope you are enjoying your day!

Kim said...

Your blog this week inspired me to write about some demons of my own. Thanks.. if you get time, check it out - Thursday entitled, Do not be afraid.

Mel said...

SO SO CUTE...she has grown...but still looks so small compaired to the HM :) I can tell she is sooooo loved!!!