Monday, January 28, 2008

Happiness IS...

Sometimes the simple stuff just makes you smile. Today was one of those days.

I found myself sitting down to write, but instead went to Mary's blog site and discovered a new link to Peter Reid. I was just getting interested in triathlon, learning the basics towards the end of his racing career. I really became aware of him, his story, after viewing "What It Takes". He seems like such and inspiration, such a great guy. And while parts of his story/history make me sad, I felt myself grinning ear-to-ear when I saw his new adventures.

So here's to happiness, Peter Reid, and following your dreams.

Happiness is...

-Seeing other people succeed, and being happy for them.

-Warm cookies, right out of the oven (or just the cookie dough).

-The sound of rain, tapping against the window pane.

-Seeing the love of your life across the room, making eye contact, and feeling your heart skip a beat.

-Knowing that there are others out there who help animals and people in need.

-The first sip of coffee. (And an automatic coffee maker).

-Enjoying a hard workout, and the satisfaction that follows its completion.

-A good book, one that is difficult to put down, and captures your imagination just as much as your heart.

-Looking at yourself in the mirror, and accepting the way you are.

-Warm socks on a cold day.

-Letting someone cut in front of you while driving, and waving instead of giving them a rude gesture.

-New swimming suits.

-Sharing your favorite dessert with that special someone, even though there's only a little left - because you want them to enjoy it just as much as you do.

-Children laughing.

-A comfortable bike seat, one that won't make you shift positions every 5 minutes. One that you can spend 4 hours (on the trainer) on, without chucking your bike over the balcony (me, yesterday - love my new saddle).

-Ibuprofen, tea, hot pad, chocolate for that time of the month.

-Stopping everything that you're doing in order to listen to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto.

-Getting an email from your Mom.

-Watching dry leaves dance across the forest floor.

-New sheets on the bed.

-Celery, Dried Cherries, and Peanut Butter (not in that order).

-Learning something new that you never knew before.

-Shorts that don't ride up when you run.

-An open road, a promise of freedom, the feeling of adventure, light winds, sunny skies, and boundless optimism.

-A red pepper (have always been a fan).

-Watching your husband and your cat battle it out for the ugliest green recliner on the planet. For hours and hours (and hours) on end. He would get up, she would jump on. He would remove said cat. He would get up again. Said cat would jump up (again). Cycle would repeat. And repeat. Over and over again.

-Taking a nap when you're really tired, but knowing that you're tired because you worked your butt off.

-Watching my husband study. Because in doing so, he's fulfilling his dreams.

-Being able to use chopsticks when eating Pad Thai. Or anything from that part of the world. REFRAIN: The ability to use chopsticks and actually get the food from your plate to your mouth.

-Non-profit charities that help others: knowing that there are people all over this world who care.

-Watching you cat sit at the window, entertained for hours on end by the 10 birds, feeding at the bird feeders on the deck.

-Cliff shots during a long bike ride (not another gel!).

-Falling asleep listening to the sound of the ocean (with that special person by your side).

-Public radio shows that remind you of home.

-Seeing Peter Reid flying an airplane, making yet another dream come true.

I never thought I would enjoy flying - as I'm afraid of crashing. But I've listened to Nathaniel so much, discussing how flying, both airplanes and helicopters, is like nothing else. He feels at home up in the sky, loves every part of it. When I saw Peter Reid, grinning in the cockpit of his plane, I thought of Nathaniel and couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Hurrah for Peter the Pilot! May you always soar.


Kellye Mills said...

You're right... It's all about the little things! :) I'm glad you're having a happy day!

Mel said...

Glad to see you back to your cheerful self Marit....I think we bloggers are taking turns having our grumpy/frustrated days..and it is nice to see that we also seem to snap out of it, and it helps to read cheerful blogs along with the not so cheerful ones so we know we all are human and all have our ups and heres to more happy days to come :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the happy time... I'm now in a better mood, just from reading your post. Have a great day.

Beth said...

Happiness is blogging friends that brighten and inspire each day! Thanks Marit!

BreeWee said...

Cheers to a happy day...