Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packer Dreams?

Last night, I dreamt about the Green Bay Packers. I'll be the first to admit that prior to this season, I really wasn't "in to" football. But after watching a few early season games with Nathaniel, who patiently explained the different teams, intricacies of team work, strategy, and its storied history - I slowly grew warmer towards the game.

It became almost a ritual after my long Sunday workouts: I would read/write on the futon while Nathaniel would study on the bed, TV turned to any number of games.

Except, of course, when Green Bay was playing.

Nathaniel has been a lifetime Green Bay Packer Backer. He's a fan, yet he keeps his fanaticism well in check. But come game day, he has difficulty hiding his excitement. And because I love this guy, support him, I've slowly turned into a Packer fan myself. (NOT quite as extreme as Nathaniel - my welfare, my mood is not contingent on a Packer victory, unlike "some others" in this house.) Even Tabbitha is a fan. She'll curl up next to one of us, blink at the TV, and look amused when we jump up and down after another touchdown on the Packer's side.

I didn't realize how excited I was about their game against the Giants today, until I started dreaming about football.

And, unfortunately, it wasn't an "ordinary" fan dream.

No, I was actually - ahem - part of the team!

I was #1, part of "Special Teams". Just the fact that I can DREAM of the Special Teams is downright wrong. I should be dreaming of bikes, running shoes, swimming laps at the pool, NOT football. (In my dream) my job was to run out with the line during the kickoff return. But I was also being groomed as a kicker, because I had - you'll laugh at this - extra special leg strength (no doubt from doing endless single leg squats - knew that one day those sucker would pay for themselves!)

But as I've never sported a football jersey, I had difficulty taking it on and off. I dreamt that the pads got stuck, because I failed to take my helmet off before attempting to remove the pads. Some really big dude gave me a hand, and then laughed. "I'm a triathlete," I shouted, but to no avail. This was, after all, a dream about football.

So what does this mean?

Perhaps all of Nathaniel's pre-game anxiety has finally hit me. Not in a normal, conscious kind of way, rather in the subconscious (unconscious!) state.

I watched him yesterday, checking the game stats, player info, kickoff time, the spread, predictions, and anything else Green Bay related. And it rubbed off.

Next thing you'll know, he'll be dreaming of ironman!

Now that, would really be weird!

Then again, things aren't exactly "normal" in Florida right now. The temperatures have dropped significantly, and last night after my 3 hour trainer ride (because the wind chill was under freezing!), I saw FROST on tree branches and grass. Yup, we were frosted over, and there was rumor of snow and flurries in Mobile.

Perhaps the earth's rotational balance is slightly askew. I'm dreaming of football and it's frosting in Florida.

Then again, I did do a 3 hour trainer ride earlier in the day, and was (perhaps) a bit delusional afterwards. Maybe I can swing this back in the triathlon direction, back towards something I'm familiar with... Holding a 145-150 heart rate steady for 3 hours on the trainer MUST cause some weird side effects, right?

The frost was just my eyes playing tricks on me...

As for my Packer Dreams, well, the verdict is still out on that one. But rest assured, you'll be the first to know when I figure that one out. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and check the spread myself.


Ashley said...

I'm warming up... but don't thing anyone in Green Bay is!! Just heard on the news that it might be the 2nd coldest NFL game in history. I can't imagine tailgating/sitting at a game in sub zero temps?! Crazy Cheese Heads.

Kellye Mills said...

Growing up in the south, football is a BIG part of your vocabulary! Not pro so much, but college football and even high school is a big part of everyones' lives! If you think about it though, it makes sense in that if you're a triathlete, there's a part of you that HAS to be competitive. From that point, you can take that spirit over to any included!

Mel said...

Ya know what would had made the dream great is if the buff, red high heel wearing woman stud from the gym was added as a linebacker on the Packers team....That would make a GOOD dream :) Can you picture it in your head?????? HA!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ha ha ha! You guys all crack me up. The game isn't looking great for GB - less than 2:00, tied, and NY has the ball. Nate is not happy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And Mel, you're totally right! GB just needs the red heeled buff girl on their team! That would ENSURE the victory! Hee hee hee!