Sunday, January 20, 2008



Green Bay lost. The mood is grim at our place. But it was an exciting game - just the outcome went the wrong way.

Thankfully, I'm not a betting person, as my blood pressure kept shooting up and down and then up again.

Sigh. Then again, every playoff team - except one - looses their final game of the season.

But it's still a tough way to look at it.

I've consoled Nathaniel, and now he's fast asleep. He took it better than I did, as I get emotionally attached to stuff - including football teams. Who would have known? But time moves on, seasons pass, and next year I'll look forward to watching Green Bay football with Nathaniel.

Congratulations on a great season Green Bay!


BreeWee said...

Sorry about your team... BUT I have to tell ya, I LOVE the new quote you put under your ice bath photo... that thing is to incredibly encouraging! AND that photo... I was there today too! Yep, Ironman training! I think it is easier this time around.

Now for the tready story... I LOVE it. I would have loved to been lifting weights or something and just watch all the people getting bummed at you hogging away! And that workout... YUCK... To be strong. It will truly tuffen up your brain too and when you get soft during Ironman and want to walk you can think back to that run and it will give you more energy!

Good week you had... WAY TO GO!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Thanks Bree! The quote was great. I really enjoy looking up new ones for each week - but my search took about 2 minutes, as this was the first I came across. Didn't even bother looking for anything else! Again - your advice was priceless. It seriously got me through the workout. THANK YOU!