Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Observations

Some quick observations about my Sunday. Boy, today went fast! Here we go:

1) When there is a controlled burn, it is highly advisable that you don't bike through it. There's a lot of smoke. And firefighters don't have a sense of humor around, well, fire. Plus, the smoke doesn't do much for your lung capacity. My advice: go around it, not through.

2) Biking after drinking two cups of coffee is manageable. Four cups is pushing it - full bladder + road bike = not fun. (I don't like stopping, so we just went). And besides, who likes feeling bloated on the bike? Not I said the fly!

3) Too many chocolate flavored gels after 3.75 hours of biking, is too much of a good thing. Unfortunately, Chocolate is now my new least-favorite-flavor. Too bad. Now I'll have to go for Strawberry-Banana. Or orange. Yuck. Aak!

4) My road bike feels naked. There's nothing in the front to grip. (No aerobars, no aerobars!) And the shifting/braking on the same part of the bike is weird. You would think that after a long ride, I would have my gearing figured out by now. I guess that adding a 3rd ring is just a little too much. Coasting down a hill at 32 mph and shifting into the littlest ring was not cool. Luckily my chain didn't fall off. And I didn't crash. Note to self: must work on gearing!

5) Watching any team loose a game is hard. Even if it is Dallas. But I'm happy for Green Bay, as they'll get to play the Giants next weekend up in Lambeau Field. Hopefully it'll snow. A lot. But I still hate watching teams loose - then again, it was nice rooting for the under dog. Next weekend, it'll be all Green Bay, though. Cross your fingers for me... Nathaniel will be an unhappy-camper-otherwise... which will make things a little more challenging for me. Suddenly that 2 hour run won't seem so bad. Alas, I get ahead of myself.

6) Folks up in the middle-of-nowhere, Santa Rosa County are really nice. When Ludi and I stopped at a back-of-the-woods gas station (they were out of gas) at the intersection of Munson Hwy and Hwy 4, we got a lot of nice greetings. We did look a bit different than everyone else: bright orange and hunting colors. (Little did they know, I was rooting for the deer). But, makes we want to go back next weekend and see if the same folks are there. They probably will be - sitting in their rocking chairs with their pipes. I'm sure the hunters will be gone...out killing cute little animals. (Again - I eat meat, just don't like killing. Animals come pre-packaged, right?!) Interesting to see how time stands still at some places.

7) I will devour a melted Peanut Butter Protein Bar in under :10 after eating nothing but Chocolate GUs for several hours. I didn't think it was possible for me to love Peanut Butter even more, but now I do.

8) Boy, there are sure a lot of steel-grate and wooden bridges in the back-country of Santa Rosa County. The roads are great, but the bridges need a bit of work. After crossing one particularly harrowing steel-grate bridge at the bottom of a huge hil, I could totally understand how/why a biker would wipe out. Tales of ambulances and broken legs danced through my head - true story. I was told all about it a few months ago. Believe me, 5 mph wasn't slow enough. Didn't like the odd fish-tailing my rear wheel was doing over the slippery grates.

9)Chamois cream on the shorts and on the body makes all the difference in the world.(No underwear, though - remember?) I could have biked longer...but didn't. But I could have...

10) Post-ride, the living room floor never felt so good. And Tabbitha decided she had earned a nap as well. Two peas in a pod.

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