Friday, February 8, 2008

Hot Fun? What??

"What do those letters say? What does H-F-T-U mean? Oh wait! H-T-F-U..."

I looked at the older gentelman two lanes over, and just didn't have the heart to tell him. He looked so kind, so patient - and I didn't want to say anything too awful in his presence. But he was giving me a big grin, as though he wanted to be let in on the secret.

Luckily, I had my superstar companion with me, who without missing a beat, saved the day.

Ludi, with a twinkle in her eye responded, "Hot Fun! We just couldn't fit all the letters."

And then we both burst out laughing.

Huh. Serves us right - because soon thereafter we swam a 10 X 100 T-pace test. Yea. Good times!

And just to show that we survived, we got through it... HTFU swimsuit and all, I'm posting this picture.

This shot was taken literally after we had finished our swim. We were tired, we were beat, and if memory serves me correct (which after a T-pace test and a few breath sets, I'm not quite sure of anything...), Ludi whispered to following:

"Make sure you suck your stomach in!"

I think we were both in too much pain, too exhausted to really comply. But the effort was well worth the final shot. Again - we're beat, we're tired, but damn! For two chicks who just swam a T-pace test without tossing our cookies, I have to say we look pretty darn good.

And I LOVE the suit (the shark made me go fast... I've named him "Chopper" after Copper Reid. Original, huh?)

And now, it is late. I am beat. The bed is calling, sweet slumber beckoning my body, my mind wants to drift off gently to dreamland...

Because tomorrow... I've got my very first 110 mile bike ride. Hurrah! Am going to practice nutrition, lots of zone 2 work, and get some great miles under my wheels. It was quite the adventure today, getting ready for this thing... I looked at my bike, with her two little water bottle cages, and then thought about the hour long conversation I had with Coach Jen, and realized this was NOT ENOUGH!

So to Truly Spokin' I went, and picked up another water bottle cage, some great bottles, AND (cue the dramatic music...) my very first bike jersey EVER! It's hot stuff, I tell you!

And man oh man - with not 1, not 2, but 3 pockets in the back, I can fit 2 more full bottles and some yummy margarita cliff blocks on my person. (Now I get how the tour riders do it!) Of course - I had to test this out earlier tonight - so I rode in circles around the bike store parking lot with two empty water bottles stuffed into my jersey.

Thankfully I didn't fall off the bike. Or crash into my car. (You never know with me...)

You would almost think that I look like a real biker chick.... hhhhhmmmmm.

Except, of course - I'm on a tri bike. But still...

Can't wait for my ride tomorrow. I am oddly excited, ready and really looking forward to the distance.

Between my HTFU suit and spiffy new Bike Jersey, I don't know what's next. All I know, is that I'll be looking pretty snazzy on the roads of NW Florida. And if we get lost and wander into Alabama tomorrow, that's okay. If you happen to be out driving, and see a girl on a tri bike, with a Green and White Truly Spokin' jersey stuffed with 2 water bottles and 3 more bottles on her bike - kindly direct her back to the Florida State Line. She can probably take it from there.

But she might appreciate an extra pack of Margarita Cliff Blocks, if you have any...


Courtenay said...

nice shark! nice pool! and nice move on the jersey purchase. i could not survive without three pockets, i have NO IDEA how you made it this far! i need it for flat kit items incl. multitool and chain tool (because i hate saddlebags, the velcro always grabs my shorts and makes pills)(do you know katja schumacher? one time i fixed her chain on our ride b/c it snapped when she was doing hill sprints, i haven't used it since but you never know), phone for emergency pep talks, camera if it's pretty, vest or jacket for descents, baggie with extra drink mix for long rides, SNACKS (occasionally a banana but it's hard to fit peanut butter in there too and i like pb & b), pup tent, etc.

jk on the tent, i hate camping.

have a great ride! long days on the bike are the best.

Train-This said...

AWESOME SUIT! AWESOME! And Chopper! How perfect!

:-) Mary

Pedergraham said...

Great suit!!! Have a great long ride today and hope your new jersey is perfect. I only keep two cages on my bike so that I have a nexcuse to stop at the general stores and fill up one bottle with coffee!!!

Chad Holderbaum said...

Wow 110 miles in February! That's awesome! I know you're training for an Ironman, but which one? If you're putting in long rides already, you're going to have an awesome race!!!

Beth said...

Hope the ride went REALLY well today Marit with new bike jersey and all! :) And I love the suit!! (and I have to say, love the pool too - looks so nice and bright and open!) Great job on the swimming test!!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Love the suit Marit! Have fun our your long ride! By the time IM comes around you'll think those 112 miles are no biggie. Enjoy the pain!!

Alicia Parr said...

Cycling jerseys are a must for long rides. Make sure you don't get one of those pansy girlie ones that give you only one or two little, bitty pockets. What a joke. Small men's jersey's are better anyway to fit swimmer shoulders. :)

P.S. Nice swim suit. I like the shark too.

Mel said...

LOVE THE SUIT...WOW and that pool looks awesome!!!!!

BreeWee said...

Go Marit! Nail the nutrition and the pace and enjoy the first 112 ever! Have so much fun and as for jersey's... I have only worn a jersey once in my life... last year I was almost not allowed to race one of the time trials because I had no sleeves! Hey, I think God gave us space between our 2 boobs to stuff gels! Don't forget about that pocket! ha ha, have so much fun! Can hardly wait to hear about your 112 miler!

Ryan said...

I take it you are not doing the battleship ride into AL? 120 total. Not all of it counts though because it's a group effort, unless you pull the whole way. Roadies don't like that though. Good luck!