Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick Update!!!



I'm here! I have arrived.

And after today's swim, bike/run, I think (think?) - I believe that I'm still (somewhat) intact. I can still feel my legs, and considering the company that I was with, and the course we rode, that's saying something.

For updates on what we did and how it went - see Elizabeth's blog. Her entry is great, funny, and summarizes everything really well.

It's really interesting finally meeting everyone for the first time. Yes, in the past I've seen fellow HTFU campers at various races - but was way too intimidated to actually introduce myself. The first thing I did when I walked into the restaurant last night (quick note - I left Florida about an hour later than I had expected. I wanted to knock out my 2 hour bike ride on the trainer before I left... but a very noisy trainer - the kind that wakes the neighbors... - at 5 am wasn't on my agenda. Or Nathaniel's.... so I got a late start. But I figured my friends would understand as they're all, well, fellow triathletes!)... Anyway, I walked into the restaurant, and there they all were. Jen, Liz, Ashley, Mary, and Leslie.

"So," I commented. "You guys REALLY DO exist!"

And we all laughed.

So yes, I can vouch, they ARE real. They DO exist. And they're simply AMAZING!

JEN: Loud, boisterous, funny, peppy, serious. She doesen't drink coffee (that much anyway), but she acts as though she's had 4 cups. She's a beast, will work her butt off, and wants us all to do the same. I got to swim in her lane today... I held on for dear life, and kept going. Through it all, she was supportive, encouraging - but she wanted to get the job done. The perfect coach.

MARY: The sweetest one of us all. Her smile is incredible, and she has a kind word for everyone. Two bad tires couldn't keep her down - after a quick trip back to Carolina Triathlon (local bike shop) she was back on the course, biking her heart out. Warm, friendly, and determined to help me keep my swim splits. A fantastic friend and great listener.

LIZ: I don't know what to say, except pound for pound, the strongest biker I have ever seen. She broke her power wattage record not once, but twice today. I was very impressed. I've got a good 25 pounds on her, and I found myself biking next to her and holding onto her wheel for dear life. Quiet, a little shy at first, but really opens up. The serious one of the bunch, but patient, funny, and willing to explain things over (and over) again for me ("the 12-year old" of the group. I can't help it if I was born in 1981!)

LESLIE: My fellow IM Arizona-er. When the other gals finished their rides today after 3:15 (we had a late start due to an awesome swim and too much time spent looking at bike/tri related items at the bike shop), Leslie and I set out to finish as close to 5 hours as possible. We hit 4:45 before we admitted defeat and parked the bikes. Afterwards we ran 30 minutes toether - when I was suffering with 10 minutes to go, afraid of a mega-bonk at any minute, Leslie was awesome. She simply said, "Take this moment now. Don't give up, because you'll never have this workout again." Leslie is the grown-up of the group, funny, vivacious, whose personality matches her hair (very curly!).

ASHLEY: My South Carolina Soul Sister. She is incredibly cool, an amazing swimmer and awesome biker. Liz dubbed her "The Sleeper" - because she figured that Ashley would surprise us all with something incredible. Well - biking up a big hill, into a headwind, holding 18 mph while the rest of us curse and yell - Ashley showed that she's a kick-ass climbers who takes no prisoners. Thankfully she's in a different age group from me... Down to earth, funny, organized, and so amazing for hosting us all this weekend. She makes me want to return to South Carolina and train again.

So far, trip has been great.

Legs are tired, stomach is full, neck and shoulders feel a little tight - and my air mattress is calling my name.

Off to bed.

Tomorrow, more of the same. Except we're climbing a REALLY big hill.

I may just attach a rope to Liz and Ashley and hang on for dear life. Then again, Coach Jen would yell at me, and do something silly (like make me climb the hill again). But you know what?

I just might.

(At least I'll try).


SORRY - if this blog was so scattered. I am tired, my mind is foggy, and it's all I can do to keep typing. It was an epic day with over 6:30 of total training. Hhhmmmm. Almost as long as it took me to drive here from Pensacola... Wow.

FINALLY - big Thank YOU to Danielle (aka Pedergraham) for her most wonderful care package. Your coffee signlehandedly woke up Liz, Mary, Leslie and myself. The treats were fantastic, and were enjoyed thoroughly. They are all gone... but we all remember. Thanks...



BreeWee said...

YAY! Thank you so much for posting... I am so proud of you Marit... I know those girls are very tuff-Ironman finishers, race winners... BUT you are hanging! Keep it up and thanks for updating us!
GREAT training day too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're having a good time!!!! Stuff is fine here. Tabbs is neurotic.

And your bike trainer is fixed.

If you could just send me a photo of the pillowfights!


Beth said...

Sounds so awesome and fun Marit!! (and now thanks to Mary I know how to pronouce your name because I was thinking it was more like Mary...) Hope today and tomorrow are awesome too!!

Mel said...

Sounds like you are have a blast...I am sure on the other girls sites they are saying good things about you Marit..."That Marit...she is such an awesome runner..I could barely hang on"...Just remember you guys are building off each others it will work for all of you all around.."What the hell do I know....I am a NEWBIE " but sounded good :) Keep having fun and post some photo's.....

Pedergraham said...

Glad you guys are having a great time!

Chad Holderbaum said...

Sounds like you all are having one awesome weekend so far! Hang in there on those 5+ hour bricks and I know you'll do just fine at IMAZ!

ness said...

Marit, sounds like you're putting in a burly performance out there! Way to hang with the big guns. There are some girls and IMAZ that should seriously be watching their backs right now. Hope your trip continues to go really well.

ness said...

Marit, sounds like you're putting in a burly performance out there! Way to hang with the big guns. There are some girls at IMAZ that should seriously be watching their backs right now. Hope your trip continues to go really well.

Sally said...

Thanks for a great blog Marit! I'm with Mel in the thought - that ya'll are all building off each other. And from what I hear and read - you are one terrific athlete - all around. Way to go Marit! Sally

Kellye Mills said...

Marit, you are such an AMAZING athlete!! I'm so glad to hear you guys are having such a great time and working so hard with each other for support! Think about what this weekend is going to do for you physically and most importantly mentally for your first IM race!! Take care!

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