Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunscreen in February...and more!

Well - my blood pressure WAS high during the football game. Exciting, fun to watch with Nathaniel, and good times were had by all.

This weekend was all about that, I suppose.

And now, me sitting on the futon - Nathaniel on the bed - watching the post-game show, I'm going to write random thoughts. Because this weekend has been a bit of a blur, not anything that I could have OR ever would have predicted.

Marit's random thought list for the first weekend in February:

1) My cell phone voice mail system SUCKS. Ashley - I JUST got your voice message. At first I was totally freaked out, thinking that one of my Czech relatives had called and left a message. Thank goodness you started speaking English! I will call you back, and we can compare Czech phrases!

2) Riding my bike, lost but knowing exactly where I am in the Blackwater State Forest, is the best form of therapy ever.

3) My name is Marit, and I talk to my cat (that's for you Courtenay!)

4) I love peanut butter. Peanut butter + banana is most excellent. Peanut butter + pickle is just as good. No, I'm not preggers (like Alicia!).

5) It's great seeing the underdog win. But its hard seeing a team loose. But it's a game: there will be winners, there will be losers. (And I'm not the one who got emotionally attached to football. My husband, on the other hand, currently has a stress headache. He was rooting for NY, the team that beat his beloved Packers. And I thought it would be stress-free, huh...)

6) I LOVE my Blackwell Research ISM bike saddle. I spent 5 hours in my saddle yesterday. If necessary, I could have spent an additional 5. (But it wouldn't have been pretty...)

7) Clean sheets on the bed. Comfy! And never overrated!

8) Tabbitha loves to help CHANGE the sheets. She plays, hides, darts in and out of the bedclothes, and then attacks anyone who tries to remove her. Luckily, Nathaniel - the one who had the brilliant idea of giving her the catnip mouse - was the one to do the deed. He is now sporting a few bite marks and scratches. :(

9) Jen Harrison swam 10 events at a meet today. Holy cow! Unbelievable. I suddenly think that I'll be spending a LOT more time in the pool.

10) Margarita Cliff Blocks are my new favorite treat. They're salty. They're gummy. They're delicious!

11) I found the courage to be assertive. Assertiveness has never been my forte... but doing something new, making a change, sticking my neck out has been hard for me. But I did it. And in doing so, I grew.

12) Ness has been the latest one to join the Public Triathlon Ice bath Club. AND she even posted a picture... brilliant! Who is next??? Any takers...??? :)

13) GU has a really great recycling program. All too often, I have been biking or running out in the great-wide-world, only to see trash and litter. And gel wrappers. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort on our part to "leave only our footprints." Stash your trash... and if you send back 10 empty GU gel wrappers to GU, they'll send you 1. So after 100, you'll get 10 for free. Hurrah!

14) Sunscreen in Florida in February is NOT overrated. The only parts of me that weren't covered (nose, cheeks, hands), are now a light hue of red. The face I can handle - but the hands are just creepy. Next time, I'll use sunscreen. Even in February.

15) When using recovery powder, make sure that you rinse and wash your bottle(s) asap. Or else you'll be greeted by a not-so-pleasant surprise when you take off the lid. And then you'll have to chuck out a perfectly good bottle (after gagging, of course).

16) I am a mechanical genius. My trainer skewer came apart. And I fixed it! (okay okay - perhaps not that big for some of you, but for me it was a big deal. I had to get the tool box, find the right tool, and everything. baby steps, right?!?)

17) JCrew has some lovely items... (Mom - I hope you got my emails... :)

18) I love Iron Chef. But I love watching football with Nathaniel more... (never thought I would say that).

19) When in doubt, apply chamois cream. Even if you're only spinning on your bike for :45 minutes. Trust me.

20) I listened to my camelback slosh water for 2 hours today. I listened to my camelback slosh water for 2 hours today. I listened to my camelback slosh water for 2 hours today. I listened to my camelback slosh water for 2 hours today... Can anyone say monotonous? Pretty cool that I had a great run though. And I was self supporting.

So yeah - weird, fantastic, gritty, emotional, awakening, tough, incredibly fantastic weekend. A plethora of emotions.

But in the end, I found myself. And my Margarita Cliff blocks. Life is good...


BreeWee said...

Yes! YES! yes! To the margarita blocks! I lived on those during the IM training and that is all I ate during Ironman... I am the queen of sodium and those babies are loaded!
Now for the pickles on a sandwich... I will save that for you and Alicia, no matter how well it works or tastes, even if you promise it makes me swim better I don't know if I'd eat it!

Beth said...

Hmmm...pickles and peanut butter? Wow - I think someone was craving salt!!! :)

Glad you had such a great weekend! :)

Pedergraham said...

I didn't even know they make margarita cliff blocks. Are you pulling my leg?

Clean sheets are THE BEST!

Ashley said...

Ha ha... glad you got the message! We'll talk soon - not too much Czech, I think you've heard all I know.

Mel said...

Pickles and peanut butter...the thought makes me gag :) YES, that game lastnight was very exciting and shocking, but that is what makes a good game!!!!!

Pedergraham said...

A cat story for you. A little bit sad, but awfully sweet, too.

P.S. His novels are really good.