Sunday, February 10, 2008

They're Furry!

Wow - felt like I was hit by a truck. Am tired, am fatigued - but amazingly not sore. (If you can get over the fact that my legs feel like they BOTH have 100 pound weights attatched).

I WAS going to write about how our 18.2 pound House Monster caught her first lizard, and then proceeded to (almost) catch a dove. We've got the pictures to prove it (YES, the lizard survived. I will have NO killing or attacking in the house. Nathaniel feels differently, as The House Monster attacks him on a daily basis).

Instead, I am tired. And unfocused. (Ever have those days?)

Of course. We ALL have.

Back to my embarassing "funny" moment...

After my run this afternoon, I stretched, ate, and then collapsed infront of the tube. "Mr and Mrs Smith." Funny, mindless, and a lot of fun with that special-someone. It's amazing how tired one can feel after a measly 75 minutes. Luckily, Nathaniel is spending some quality time with me...

And during the commercials, what did I do?

Naturally, what any typical wife, with a short attention spen, who has been married to her husband for almost 5 years would do... No - get your mind out of the gutter...

Because my husband has a fantastic laugh (fantastically funny, that is!), I like to tickle him. Eventually I pounced on top of him (a la Tabbitha), and started tickling away.

Nathaniel, being the guy that he is, was having none of this. And before I knew it, I found myself being tickled. And when I laugh, when he tickles me I get goose bumps. Not the little ones - but it looks as though I've just jumped into the Pacific Ocean in January.

Or an ice bath.

So I proceeded to yell at Nathaniel, "Feel my legs!" I was sure he would gawk in amazement at the size of goosebumps he had brought on.

However, he was focused on other matters.

With one fluid motion, he placed his hand just above my knee, moved it a few inches, abruptly stopped and yelled, "They're Furry!"



NOT the reaction I was expecting.

And now, on Sunday night, it's 8:53 pm. I've got Master's Swim tomorrow at 0-dark thirty (5:30 to be exact), and I'm about to fall asleep at the computer. It's been a great weekend, albeit a tiring day.

So just goes to show: After nearly 5 years of marriage, you can still have a lot of fun together.

Furry legs and all.


Kellye Mills said...

No worries!! In the winter time, even if I shave, mine are furry. I'm cold all of the time, so shaving is almost a waste! :)

Sounds like you had a great afternoon. I'm glad you got some rest!

Pedergraham said...

I think I am too old for this post. I worry more about the grey hair on my head that the fur on my legs!!!

Mel said...

awwwww...ISN'T IT NICE TO HAVE A HUSBAND THAT STILL LOVES YOU, EVEN IF YOU HAVE FUR LEGS :) Glad you were able to relax and do some bonding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! It's hard to keep with with all the "extras" with so much training! Furry legs here or there is bound to happy. Maybe you can take care of that before Valentine's day and give him a nice suprise!

How you are recovering well!

BreeWee said...

I LOVE your weekly photo...and the updated quotes are always good ones! I hope you shave and it stays smooth for Valentine's Day! ha ha ha, but be careful, smooth legs might lead to babies... ha ha!
I am such a dork! later fur ball!!!

Mel said...

OH just opened a can of worms with Bree...she is going to start new nicknames for us...but you have to admit Fur ball is pretty funny..he he!!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi guys...

Okay - so this morning after Masters, I figured that I had had enough. I had a massage therapy appointment scheduled for 11... and the LAST thing that I wanted was my awesome (but painful) MT to work on my unshaven legs. (EW!)

So... long story short... I am now smooth and silky! I will glide unenbumbered through the water, and Nate's face lit up when he reutrned from his flight. Unfortunately, I was on the way out the door - to pick up a new pair of shoes.


Farewell Furball!