Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Aftermath

Well, my friend and occasional training partner extraordinaire Charisa got it right when she said post-race she feels about as speedy as an elephant in the water.

I could not agree more.

But in our defense, who really wants to swim a 1500 meter "challenge" OR (pick your poison, errr... your decision) 15 X 100 FAST on base + :10 a few days after a tough race?

Yeah. Okay.

Well, better in the pool than on the track. Because my legs are going no where fast! Then again, running 1500 is a lot faster than swimming 1500. That is, if you can run.

And seeing how a run is on my schedule tomorrow, well, suffice to say - it should be an 'interesting' experience. Given the option, I may just have to run along the beach when the tide is out. At least I'll have the wind in my hair, smell the salty sea air, and won't have to tackle any hills. (small sigh of relief)

The aftermath of a race - especially a big race - is always tough.

I feel like I've been on a roller coast of emotions since crossing the line. I said it in the race report, and I'll say it (proudly) again; but I wear my heart on my sleeve when I race. So its only natural to feel reflective after such an effort.

Additionally - I miss my friends who were in town for the race, and even more, my Mom. It was wonderful having her here, being able to spend time with her, see her out on the course with Nathaniel and Cat, and hug her after crossing the finish. Even more impressive she took the edge off my taper; I think this was the first time that I didn't obsessively clean, fold laundry, or stack dishes during taper week.

Even Nathaniel was impressed.

The house - on the other hand - could use a good scrubbing.

So where does this leave me now?

I've spent the past few days relaxing and gradually easing into a few workouts. I'm in no hurry to throw on the running shoes or go the distance in any of my three sports (of choice). But, I was given fair warning that my Ironman Coeur d'Alene training would re-start promptly on Monday.

And boy does it ever.

Seeing my schedule caused me to 1) Nearly drop my coffee and 2) Laugh. Because some of the workouts seem funny. I'm sure though - halfway through X hours on the bike at Y watts and Z heart rate - I won't be laughing. Hey - I signed up for Ironman, so I've only got myself to blame.

Actually - if calculations are correct - I've signed up for three Ironmans (CdA June '09, Kona October '09, St. George May '10). Wow. I'm sort of pulling a Mary Eggers and Ryan Barnett, two friends who pulled the IM triple. Wow. The only difference being that Mary has completed hers, and Ryan is training towards #2 and #3. I still have yet to do one...

I HAVE been asked by a fair amount of people if (due to me Kona slot) I was still planning on racing IM CdA. And all I can say is - absolutely. I am excited, really looking forward to the race, and want to see what the distance is all about. I've spent such a long time dreaming of completing an Ironman, imagining my finish, thinking about the feelings, the emotions, the ups and (inevitable) downs of the day.

I really DO enjoy the training, love the challenge of overcoming obstacles, pushing beyond my limits, discovering new things about myself. Racing nerves in the days leading up to the race - and especially the pre-race jitters - are the hard parts for me. Besides, for me, it just doesn't seem right to NOT do a race simply because I qualified for another. I love the sport, and feel so lucky to be able to participate in it to drop out of one before even starting.

But everyone is different, and what's right for me isn't necessarily right for someone else.

So for now, life is about recovery, taking a step back from the sport, relaxing, sleeping, drinking wine, and indulging a bit more than usual. I'm even staying up "late", and boy - the 11:00 pm news seems a bit different than the 10:00. Different anchors, better writing, better graphics, but inevitably, the same news.

But next Monday, the game face is back on. My talley target HAS been aquired and I'm going after it. Until then, I'll be the girl reading on the couch, staying up well past her bed time, and an empty Reces Pieces Peanut Butter EGG wrapper on the floor.

Bless the Reces Pieces PB Egg!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Ahhhhh... the joys of recovery - you deserve it and enjoy yourself!! And, things do seem different late at night don't they? Its like a whole different world when you step outside the tri mentality of up at dawn workouts!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marit, I am SO SO excited for you this year and I am sure you have heard that from several people... but its great to see your passion and hard work finally pay off :-) Thank you for all your kind words, they mean A LOT to me!!!

ADC said...

Well enjoy your recovery week. And then CDA - cam't wait!

Pedergraham said...

Enjoy the week and I am sure that you will be all ready to jump back in on Monday. I can imagine how heavy and tired your legs feel, but boy, a run on the beach sounds so nice! Peanut Butter Eggs are the best...I confess to having split a package of six of them with Andrew a few weeks ago. (I think the old adage "Two is company and three is a crowd," applies.)

Bob Mitera said...

Marit - I sent you a message. Call me if you want to talk.


Missy said...

Guurrrl, enjoy those eggs right now! Easter candy is going to kill me soon, I think.

Great report. I just love reading everyone's take on it all. Three so close, pffft, c'mon, you're Marit. This is in the bag!

I don't remember the last time I saw 11:00pm on a school nite;) Enjoy it! There's a whole other world out there.

Laura said...

Yum. Reces Peanut Butter Eggs!

Oh, and since I'm traveling to Kona to be Joy's sherpa hopefully I'll see you there! :) Like IM FL, except without the costumes and other Memphis crazies, so really not like IM FL at all....

Happy recovery Marit!

Amber and Eric Rydholm said...

The Silverman full is probably still open, so you could add a fourth within a year. Just kidding. Happy recovery and let us know if you need an altitude training camp.

Charisa said...

Nothing better than chocolate and PB :)

Beth said...

Oh I had a PB egg too yesterday! It was sooooo good! :) So excited for you Marit! Monday it's back to work...for both of us! :)