Thursday, April 23, 2009

A day in photos

Today was singlehandedly one of the most difficult training days of my life. No - it wasn't super long, and there definitely weren't a lot of difficult intervals. However... However, the two hour trainer ride (2 X 20 min at watt xxx) followed by a long (90 minute) run with another 20 minute zone 3/4 interval was enough to leave me laying in a dazed stupor on the hardwood floors, surrounded by recovery drinks and two curious kitties.

Let me show you...

My bike was set up, waiting to go.

And in the next room, my run gear was ready to go.

Once I was on the bike, this was my view.
And yes, for those curious onlookers, the mixing bowl on the floor to the left IS there to catch any bits of breakfast that decided to show themselves again. Luckily, it remained (mostly) unused.

Warming up...
Ever since my rowing days (a long long long time ago), I've always had a mirror close when I'm stationary on my bike (or back then, erg). Something about checking form...

One last pre-workout shot. Clearly, ignorance is bliss.
I had no idea of the suffering that lay ahead. Well - maybe I did. I just didn't want to think about it.

Good feelings gone.
Right about now, I think I almost hated Jen. But I didn't...even though I HURT. At this point, I had embraced the pain, made peace with the suffering (thanks for the post Bree...)

Gearing up for the second piece. This one was the hardest, by far.
But going into it, I though a lot about what I wanted to do and carried a lot of confidence with me (thanks for the post Liz...)

I DID IT! The elation that I felt was beyond words... The final 10 minutes were some of the most difficult (mentally) that I had ever endured on the bike. Giving up DID cross my mind, as did easing off the pressure. But I didn't...Arms wide open, I flung myself over the edge, chased the nut, became the wizard, threw down the read bear, and all other things epic about these once-in-a-while workouts.

You would be smiling too...

Next up - the run!

And who would I see when I "ran" into the bedroom to change?
It looked soooo inviting. A cuddly kitty in a made up bed. (small sigh). But I had a 90 minute T-run to do...

No pictures for this one...I was too focused to run with a camera! But trust me when I say that it was ALL I could do to NOT jump into the Pacific. The waves looked perfect for surfing, and I couldn't help but smile at all the surfers on their boards.

I did run by this spot though - the lifeguard station just north of South Carlsbad State Beach

But today the weather looked more like this
But I swear that I didn't head to the beach...I just ran along side of it.

After I finished, I gathered my post-workout recovery essentials
Yes, that is a diet coke and no, I didn't drink it first. Chocolate milk, powerbar recovery bar, water, and THEN the coke. But I was craving a regular classic coke for the final 12 minutes of my run.

Along with Tomato Basil Wheat Thins, a cheeseburger, and Salt 'n Vinegar chips. Go figure. But mostly the coke... Yeah - the only thing we had was the diet coke. So there you go.

And finally! Me - on the floor! DONE!
BIG smile and a thumbs up. I think I stayed in this spot for a good 20 minutes. I am NOT kidding.

Oh look - a friend came to join me!

And another on!! Yeah!

Okay...time to stretch. (small sigh).
This should at LEAST help the hamstrings. At least that's what I had all my fitness classes do when I taught aerobics. Yes - I taught aerobics...but no more!

Speaking of torture...
Time to stretch, roll, squeeze, press, and work out the 1)knots and 2)lactic acid.

Yes - the foam roller (along with quadballer and tennis ball) is my friend!
Or is that "are my friends"...?

Who knows?

Tabbitha wants in on the action -

Keeping me company? Some good music on i tunes... ;)
Yes - the little pony in the corner of the screen is from the dirty pony song. Stupid song is REALLY stuck in my head now.

Ice bath time! Off to the store.

Oops...slight detour...

Back on track! Mission accomplished...

Can you believe that I paid money to do this? I could have had sushi instead...but I go for the ice bath. Well - my legs will thank me, even if my tummy doesn't.

The kitties kept me company though - Tabbitha right next to me, but wary of the Mini Monster peeking up from the floor. Did you know that Tabbs is afraid of Anabelle? Ha!

Anabelle is VERY curious.

And BOY - that ice is cold! I swear - the socks help. Even if only a little...

Tabbitha, watching from the hallway. She had enough of Mini Monster.
And I was bored, cold, and trying to pass time as quickly as I could.

Time to recover! YEA!!!!
And the BEST post-workout sandwich EVER... I present the Peanut-butter & Honey on Whole Wheat Toast. Best when the PB melts, of course...

Almost gone...
Note the pink compression tights... You can't see much, because I'm WEARING TIGHTS under my snowmen pjs. Yes, the ice bath will do that to you!

Joined by a friend, who wants to keep me warm.
Or else was after the PB. Not really sure on that one...

Hot tea! You should have been there - absolutely fantastic.

Finally - joined by the best friend of them all.

It was an epic day...thanks for coming along on my journey!


D said...

Don't people have jobs anymore? Did you go pro (boy I hope so! :P) without telling anyone?

Mama Simmons said...

You're killing me with the Diet Coke! But seriously, nice work! Sounds awesome.

Molly said...

Hubba hubba on that last picture ;p

Awesome job! You killed it! And definitely gives me something to think about in planning my long hard workouts!

So, I'm curious, how do you decided when to ride outside vs on the trainer?

ADC said...

I am with D on this one - if you haven't you should def turn pro. Love the pics. That photo of you post-trainer is how I look like after my tariner session, even worse. Yes I was wondering what the mixing bowl was for. WELL DONE, you did great. Hot cup of tea afterwards - perfect.

Ordinarylife said...

Wow, well done.

And another reminder of why I will always remain slow.

Jennifer Harrison said...

REALLY great job, Marit! Um, that was NOT an easy workout! Loved the pics of the day....and now today - your rest day! Yeahhhh! :) Nicely done!

Runner Leana said...

Love how you took pics throughout the day. Nice job on a tough workout! Love that the kitties were keeping you company too. Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

I love that you drink chocolate milk for recovery! I do that too, especially since that journal article came out saying it was better than the fancy recovery drinks.... :)

Charisa said...

Busy day! I love that the cats stretch with you! :)

runningyankee said...

LOVE the pj pants :)
and i kind of had to laugh at the mixing bowl... and your after photo is fantastic!!!!

Beth said...

Great workout Marit!! Sounds like both physically and mentally you were ON!!! Thanks for all the pictures...I love the kitties stretching with you! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Marit.. I am so out of the loop I did not even know you had moved to Cali let alone pushing big workout out there. It great to see up back up am moving and I hope to see you on the road one day soon. I am heading to P-cola for the olympic distance tri this weekend. Keep up the amazing workouts and I can't wait to see what IMCD hold's for you.

BreeWee said...

What an incredible day! Well done all around! I am sure you made your coach happy and put some good miles in the bank!

Bob Mitera said...

You rock! Great blog entry!

GoBigGreen said...

Fun entry! I love the snowman plate:) totally you.
And super job on the mental is hard to suffer and know you get to do it again in those 2 x ...sets. !!!
Hope you enjoy your weekend:)

K.S. said...

I LOVE the pics but most of all I love your PJ pants and I still want that cover for your bed!!!
So glad you are loving those workouts. Gotta love power!

Damie said...

I love your day in pictures! The pre-workout to in-workout cracked me up so, so much. :)

Mel said...

GOOOOO yea in the one photo you looked about ready to toss your cookies...but you got the job done:) and I love all the photo's esp the kitties....thanks for sharing!!

Missy said...

Niceee job especially the ice part...I can't ever suck it up, cool bath is as good as I get. I know, I know, I've tried it with clothes on the top and a hat. Full, sugary, Coke goodness is theee best. The only thing better...Mexican Coke, go to the Mexican grocery, look for glass bottles, look at the ingredients. You're looking for pure cane sugar in the place of the US version, high fructose corn syrup. Mexican coke is the shiz and a total treat when you've just sweat your t!@#s off!

Heidi Austin said...

i think i would have gone for the diet coke too....hehehehhe But love the pics ;) I felt like I was right there with you! But I've been meaning to email you just to get your insight on some stuff. Talk to you soon!

Shan said...

Awesome day Marit!! Now, you have that pony song in MY head too...arrrrrrrr :)

Trigirlpink said...

So freakin' cute!!! Loved that!!!!

Trigirlpink said...

OH MY oh my ohhhhh my..
THE CANDY! I keep looking at the candy section! YIKES!!!

What I Would have off that shelf (in this order)
Swedish Fish
Mike and Ike
Charlston Chews
Peanutarium Snickers bar(never do a long ride without a KING SIZE!!)
tootsie rolls
and then
some Trident to neutralize the plaque acids attacking my teeth from my candy binge!

spoken from a dental hygienst who loves JUNKY candy Ha!

Kim said...

you are a rockstar! what a difficult workout! great job.