Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dream.

I woke up this morning feeling grateful: It was ONLY a dream!

T-42 hours (at this point), or something like that. And then I get to jump into the water's of Oceanside Harbor and start my race! Yeah!

Not that I'm counting, though....right?

But the dream. Yes. That's important.

Last night I dreamed that I arrived at the race site and had forgotten my wetsuit. (cue scary music). Not that the wetsuit had holes, or wouldn't zip up. Just NO wetsuit. Additionally, I had no gels and rather than living a mere 10 minutes from the race site, we lived over an hour away.


So retrieving the wetsuit in a timely matter just wasn't going to happen.

Courtenay Brown - who is actually staying with us for the race - was really helpful and took me to various people, pleading for them to lend me their wetsuits. We even went to a special wetsuit rental place, but they were out of suits.

And then it hit me, and I can still feel the emotions of the dream as though it had happened in real life... I was sad to NOT be able to race. The thought of watching my wave go off without me, made me feel awful. I wanted with all my heart to be out on the course, celebrating my return to the sport. The hard work, the climbs up Palomar, the German-swim-thrashing, the mile repeats on the coastal highway...all this work and to not race.


I think part of me is still referring back to my bike crash last year. Because believe me: I know what it feels like to stand on the side and watch your friends and fellow athletes run into the water during a race start. And the most I cried after my crash, was while watching the races I didn't do.

Thank goodness it was only a dream!

The first think I did when I got up, was to check my wetsuit. Yup - still there. Ready to go!

And then it hit me - how much I want this race. How much I want to simply be out there, pushing beyond what I thought possible and making the impossible probable. Or something like that.

Maybe its my taper, maybe its the excitement of having Courtenay and my Mom here, or perhaps knowing that I'll get to meet so many new people over the next few days - I'm just ready to go, ready to race, ready to have fun!

T-42 hours or so? Let's get this thing started! Bring it on, here we go! No regrets, and in reality, I'll REMEMBER the wetsuit!


Molly said...

Race dreams are certainly going around, aren't they?!! But yours had no monsters? Where's the fun in that? ;p

You are going to do GREAT!!!!

runningyankee said...

take that energy and motivation and WANT with you on sunday and let it make you shine! (oh and can you send just a smidgen of it to me ??) GO GO GO!

D said...

I forgot my goggles at IMC last year. Got everything ready was about to put on wetsuit: no goggles. Yes, I did get them by race start time. Debocle.

I, also, had forgotten my bike shorts at home - and home was 5 hours away. I rode in my run shorts. Actually didn't turn out too badly, though I only actually rode for half of it so who really knows what might have been lol.

Missy said...

Wetsuit, check, gel, check!!! Have you gone through the actual get dressed drill yet? Works for me..pain in the arse but it works. Best of luck!!!

ADC said...

I dreamt once that I forgot to rack my bike. You will be brilliant. Can't wait to get all the reports. Good luck.

Laura said...

I had a forgot my BIKE dream one year before Gulf Coast. I had planned everything out to fly down there, made sure I had my wetsuit because I knew I would forget that, and just completely forgot to have someone drive my bike down. I have a major list of stuff I check off when packing for half iron distance races after that dream. Yup, bike is on it!

Good luck! Enjoy the race... Your hard work will get you to the finish line - and fast! :)

Maijaleena said...

I do a checklist where a mentally run through the race to make sure I have everything I need. I was doing this before a race and I was going through it in my head to realize, I had no trisuit on under my wetsuit because I hadn't packed it.

Maybe the dream prevented you from actually forgetting your wetsuit? Or maybe you are just really nervous/anxious/excited and really want to race? You are ready and will do great!

Terri said...

I always have a dream that I forget to bring my bike - how do you do that?

Ryan said...

You can borrow mine :-)

You could always go "tough girl" and go without 56 degree water!

Tony Lafferty said...

Good dream..I think we have all had that..Now true story. Three weeks ago at Way Too Cool 50k..I was helping out at the start area. A half hour after the race start a guy with a bib on came walking in to the area..He asked if when the race started! He overslept! At that point they cut off his chip and he turned to his friend and drove away...EEEESCH

Looks like we are both racing this weekend! Good Luck..My time will be purposely slower and 50miles of running gives one a lot of time to sort through a whole lot of things..Funny though time seems to pass along fast even after time on feet being 9 or 10 hours...

Damie said...

I am so glad you get this opportunity. I know you will make the most of it!!! :) Enjoy this weekend like I know you will!

Charisa said...

Time to have fun :)Go get em tomorrow MCL!!

Kellye Mills said...

Go Marit!! I am going to be thinking about you all weekend. I hope you have SOOO much fun. You've earned it!! :)

kerrie said...

ugh, i have those dreams all of the time!!! i am so excited for your race tomorrow - that you are healed up and back in mixing it up with the big girls :)

BreeWee said...

Have an incredible race Marit! I will be cheering for you and hoping all the best to you for a GREAT day out there! HAVE fun chica.. and don't forget the wetsuit!

Missy said...

Can't wait to get the full report BUT WAY TO GO MARIT, holy crap! You smoked em!!! I'm sure it feels great to be back on top again. Huge Congrats!

Marni said...

Great job!!! I just looked up your smoked the course! Awesome job and congrats on the kona slot!!! You are amazing!

Cy said...

Great job today-What an inspiring comeback!!

One of my classic prerace dreams: I only had high heels in my T2 bag and shoes were required...that sucked!