Monday, April 20, 2009

Day at the beach

After Saturday's long, long, long workout, I was due for an easy day (small laugh. why? Because in Ironman training, I'm finding there are no easy days. Only days with less work.) And thankfully on Sunday's schedule was (only) a small swim and easy run.

So, for the FIRST time since moving out to beautiful Carlsbad, California, Nathaniel and I packed up towels, drinks, beach books, slathered ourselves with sunscreen, and headed to the beach. A 10-minute walk later, we were trudging through the sand.

And yes, SPF 50 DOES work to prevent sunburn. I can attest to that, as my stomach has not seen the light of day since...since...well, gosh. I don't really remember when I last wore a two piece. Even during Masters swimming, I'm partial to the one piece, as I don't know how the bottoms would stay on. I mean - let's face strong push off the wall and there go the bottoms...

So I made a special effort to keep the whiteness of my abdomen from becoming red. Sunburn is not fun, and tummy sunburn is simply awful.

The beach itself was great. Lots of people, plenty of sun, low tide but some nice waves, and even a few dolphins past the breakers. Nathaniel and I spread out our towels and books, dipped our toes at the water's edge (holy COW that's cold!), and settled down to read and relax.

At one point I asked Nate to snap a few pictures, "...for the blog!"

"Okay...hold on," he replied. " wouldn't like this angle...or this one....oh, you'll hate this shot...."

Before he could finish the task, I had snatched the camera back. "Clearly, if it takes you THAT long to find a decent shot of me, either 1) I'm unattractive or 2) your camera skills suck. You be the judge."

No more individual shots were taken after that.

But the rest of the day was great. The sound of the surf lulled me to sleep, my book covering my face, occasionally awakened by shrieking children or the guys a few meters away playing Frisbee.

It was quite the contrast from Saturday's ride. I was grateful to Shannon and Stephen for joining me in the first three hours. We set out from my place (they were super great, willing to drive from La Jolla and ride at 7 am!), cruised down the coast to Solana Beach, rode up through Rancho Santa Fe and up Del Dios Canyon, pushed through Elfin Forest (where we saw the Swami Ride coming from the other direction - absolutely incredible how fast and how hard they were riding!), past San Elijo Hills, down La Costa, and back to Carlsbad...Then I dropped them off and (gulp) did the loop in reverse.

It was long, and at times I wanted OFF the saddle, OUT of my shoes, and to be DONE with the ride. And believe me when I say - that biking 100+ miles in the hills of California is VERY different from biking along the Florida Panhandle. But in the end, the miles were covered and I spent the required time in the saddle on the bike. The run afterwards was interesting - after 5 or 10 minutes I found my feet and my legs no longer felt like jello.

And the hardest part? NOT detouring into the ocean during my T-run along the beach. Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I'm (slightly) afraid of sharks - so I'm not one to voluntarily jump in and swim out unless totally necessary. But Saturday afternoon, believe me when I say that stopping and wading out into the cool waters, felt necessary. But I held back, marveling at my own restraint, and finished my run.

Later, the ice bath was not too horrible, and the sushi that Nathaniel and I enjoyed absolutely spectacular.

And the rest, as they say - is history.

It was a long weekend, with lots of great training, time spent with friends, and some quality R&R on the beach.
(I guess Nate did get a picture of me at the water's edge. Wow - if you look closely, you can see the tan lines. But really? I'd much rather spend time swimming in a one piece than lounging around in a two...)


Runner Leana said...

Nice job on the 100+ mile ride! Sushi afterwards sounds like it would have been a great idea. And yes, sunburn on the stomach is definitely not fun...

So glad that I've found another blogger who is going to be at Lake Stevens. Hopefully it will be a fun race!

Molly said...

"Clearly, if it takes you THAT long to find a decent shot of me, either 1) I'm unattractive or 2) your camera skills suck."

I am laughing really hard at this, only because my TP report on yesterday's swim included some choice words on how cranky I was and Liz wrote back to say "ooohhhhh........bad mood. love it. good practice for ironman training :)" LOL!

Fantastic job on your weekend workouts! I alternate between excitement and fear of getting to that stage, but I do so love the hard long training weeks1

Train-This said...

Way to go Iron sista!

Jen said...

Wow Marit. Great job with the workouts this wknd! You know what they say...The only EASY day was YESTERDAY :) It will all pay HUGE dividends come Ironman time!

Sushi...Mmmm. Great recovery meal.
Have fun out there!

Oh husband takes CRAPPY photos. My 10 yr old does a much better job :)

Mary B said...

Your weekend sounded fantastic! Good for you! And you have just the right attitude for all of it. Go diesel!

GoBigGreen said...

Ah...Lajolla...public beach or the LJBTC to the pier. I MISS THAT:( Say hi for me and good job on the uber training...I cant imagine riding 100 miles and having jellly legs GONE in 5 minutes. You are strong..and loving it!!

Mama Simmons said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you're taking advantage of the benefits of living in California!

And btw, you can swim in a two-piece. Just TIE the string on the bottoms and they won't come off. I promise. :)

IAN said...

Sounds better than mine. A great beach day weekend though. On Sunday I had the same Ocen urge but was almost willing to ride my bike off a cliff to get there.

Nice work

Missy said...

Thank you - everyone thinks I'm on crack - I'd much rather swim in a one piece than hang out in a two piece ANY day of the week, thank you very much.

I think they're all can't really swim in a two piece;)

ADC said...

10 mins wakl and you are at the beach?? I am jelaous. Ha ha, I can just imagine Nate trying to take the photo.

Trigirlpink said...

ahhhhhhh. a well deserved day at the beach. Have to differ Ms. Marit (but only slightly) I would like to plop myself on the beach, book, snacks, you get the picture but ONLY after that hard swim workout in the one piece. :-)

Bob Mitera said...

100 miles in California is really tough for sure.

I love the ride you did and have seen Swami's going the other way, dude.

Charisa said...

Ohhhh beach days are fun :) Nice job on the bike!

Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! Lots of hard work balanced with some good R&R too. :) I love the pictures of the beach by the way - those will hold me over until I get to see it with my own eyes again! :)

Great job Marit!