Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cute, defined!

Welcome to the world, Anabelle! Aka "Meat Puppet" as your Dad likes to call you. For now, I've been referring to you as "Gimpy Kitty". But Anabelle suits your sweet nature. PS - Don't listen too close to your Dad, as he wants to call you Neitszche.

Or however its spelled.

Because for the record, I don't want our female kitty named after an eccentric German Philosopher.

Got it?


And now, the pictures. Worth a thousand words, if you ask me.

Before you inquire, no - she's not up for adoption. She's ours! :)

At first glance.... Oooohhhhh!
Yes, that IS a shark triathlon shirt I'm wearing. From the Goldsboro (NC) YMCA Sprint. I didn't do the race - instead I cheered on a friend. But the race shirts, with their sharks and all, were too perfect. Little does Anabelle know, but she'll face her own Sister House Monster when she gets home...
Yes, Nathaniel does love her. Quite a bit. He is so happy to have a non-attack kitty!
All done!

There you have it!

And lest I forget the Original House Monster, here she is. Ready and waiting.

We'll bring Anabelle home on Thursday or Frida. Until then, Tabbitha will get the run of the house... a dangerous idea indeed!

Next time YOU go out riding, running, or doing anything, beware of what - or more importantly WHO you may find. You may just have another family member to love and enjoy. We do!


Anonymous said...

Dear Darling Anabelle,

I love you.

Can I come over to play?

I promise to be very sweet and loving.



Anonymous said...

It's spelled Nietzsche.

rr said...

Oh my gosh, I am in love. I have never seen anything cuter. Love her.. she is so lucky you found her. More pictures :)

Pedergraham said...

She is so tiny--just a little sprite with gorgeous eyes. I love the name!

LZ said...

Sooooo cute!!!

And Pillars of the Earth sequal??? Which one is better?? I haven't even started Pillars yet as I am reading 3 other books right now. But it is next.

Take care of the cute new kitty!!
-Laurie Z

Alili said...

OMG she is precious! I just want to give her a big smooch:) And don't worry about her and the House Monster-she looks like a calico/tortie, which means she won't take crap from anyone;)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Donna: You know that you are welcome anytime... :) Anabelle could use all the loving in the world. And come to think of it - so could Tabbs...

Laurie - hi! Okay, both Pillars and World Without End were really great... they don't need to be read in sequence, but if you've got the opportunity, you might as well. They were similar in how they followed the lines of good vs evil... Both great reads and interesting if you like the history of architecutre and buildings and stuff. I enjoyed the character developement more in Pillars... but World Without End follows the lines of 4 main characters - very important to pay attention in the first 100 pages or so... becaus thats when the background is laid and stuff. Anyway - enjoy the books, they're great!

Trigirlpink said...

omg! omg! omg!!!!!!!

Anabelle is..well... I'm lost for words!

Orca kitty sends good vibes that House Monster will be a good hostess? lol
Good luck with the introduction and getting her home.
She's soooo sweet!

Cy said...

Those are the cutest photos! A match made in heaven!!

Congrats on taking the STEP and signing up for IMCDA-That is So exciting.

Meow ;-)

Mel said...

SO could anyone not LOVE her :) You did a GREAT thing Marit....and her little casts, awwwww ....Happy healing to both of you TOGETHER :)

Anonymous said...

that is perhaps the cutest thing i've ever seen.

Shan said...

OMG that's the cutest little thing I've ever seen!

Marit - I love your blog!!! Thanks for being so inspiring, and sharing your story with us all! :)

Amber and Eric Rydholm said...

Our dog and cat get along great, now, but there were at least 3 months in there where they could not both be free in the house, unsupervised, for fear of total death and destruction of one or the other (I think the cat was a good bet for the win there). More than once I was certain one or both of the pets were going to have to go back to the shelter. They worked it out, though, and are now friends, so hang in there when/if things get rough with the new Little One and HM.

Sarah said...

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! OMG!!! That is so awesome you guys took her in. Ohhhhh, so adorable.

:) :) :) I can't stop smiling!

Brooke Myers said...

Both cats are adorable, but the little one with her legs... OH my goodness that is too cute :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi Marit,
Wow, you are amazing! Thank you so much for being you and rescuing Anabelle. I just read your blog about when you saved her and I was totally in tears. This touched my heart and I am so happy and so grateful for people like you! Truly sweet!! I love Anabelle and love that her name is so similar to Belle's ;-)
Talk to you soon,