Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend RR

Well, it was a busy race weekend for most - and for my part, I did a bang-up job cheering my guts out from Pensacola, Florida.


I actually didn't know how I would feel this weekend, as once a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away (or so it seems), I was supposed to race at the ITU AG World Championships in Vancouver. But perhaps because it's been nearly 3 months since my crash and I was in my final Ironman prep right before I broke my back... It was really hard watching Ironman Arizona, seeing the video and watching results and updates roll through all day. It felt so close to my heart; like the race that got away. It is yet to be finished, and I know that one day I'll have another date with Ironman, another opportunity to attempt this distance.

Vancouver was different. I don't quite know how to put my finger on it. Maybe I can disconnect a touch more, simply because I hadn't yet begun my short course prep. Sure, I had done some speed work, temp pacing; but the major focus was on Ironman. It was after Arizona was finished that I was going to begin my Vancouver prep in earnest. Thus, I guess that explains why I am able to feel a bit more disconnected from this race.

And if the opportunity arises to do another ITU AG World Championships, I would jump at the chance.

Believe me, I was sad to not be racing - as anyone would be. Did I miss the pre-race jitters? Well, perhpas not. But the other emotions - for sure.

So instead, I've decided to do a weekend recap. Not really a race report: what am I supposed to say? I didn't technically race. Minor detail, I know. Okay, okay - so there was no race. But I DID have a weekend, and that counts for something.

So enjoy MY recap and scoring system.

"It was bright and early at 6:15 am on Sunday the horn, er alarm went off for Blueberry Picking..."

Early Wake-up alarm(s): 2. Marit: 0 (Was up by 6:15 both Saturday and Sunday)

"It was down to the final 4 gals, as we tried to finish off 2 chocolate carmel brownie desserts. Spoons at the ready, the ice cream and chocolate didn't stand a chance..."

2 Chocolate Caramel Brownies + Vanilla Ice Cream Desserts: 1. 4 Girls who have no will power to refuse: 0.

"The House Monster chased Donna and Joanna from the front entry way, through the living room, and into the bedroom, as she hissed and threatened to attack."

House Monster: 1. Donna and Joanna: 0.

"How long can it take to install a new Zipp Vuka Aerobar? 2 broken cables and 6 hours later, the bars are on the new bike. But it still needs to go to the shop, as the bike is inoperable without cables. But I felt the pressure build as I transferred the bar end shifters from the old aerobars to the new ones..."

Vuka Aerobar Cable Consumption: 1. Marit: 0.

"The temperature rose early Sunday, and it was a race for Donna, Joanna and Marit to finish Blueberry picking. Another broken cable (on Donna's bike) kept the duo inside for a 3:15 trainer ride. Joanna joined them in the room, and the trio watched British Comedy and National Treasure 2..."

Bike trainers: 2. Marit and Donna's plans to ride outside: 0.

"Marit glared down her pool lane, stared at her watch, closed her eyes, and visualized the time she would swim on her final 200..."

Marit: 1. Final 200 getting-the-better-of-her: 0!

"Tabbitha glared down at the feeding birds, stared at the darned squirrel, blinked her eyes, and pounced at the glass French Doors..."

Birds and Squirrel: 1. Tabbitha

"The bag didn't stand a chance. The contents were soon picked through, emptied, consumed, and the bag was left discarded on the bedside table, not even a single piece left over. Marit sat back, full, content, happy that she had only chosen the small bag, not the 96 oz monster pack..."

Marit: 1. Peanut Butter M&Ms: 0 (never had a chance).

Congratulations to all this weekend! Hope that you got to eat (or in my case, defeat) many Peanut Butter M&Ms. Or whatever tasty treat you choose!


rr said...

sounds like a good weekend, without all that coldness in vancouver.. I was with ya, should have been there until injury stepped in. But I didn't miss it too much once I read about the cold!

I'm working my way through some PB m&ms right now.. yep, they don't stand a chance.

Kellye Mills said...

Sounds like the PERFECT weekend!! I hope you are feeling all better too!

Pedergraham said...

I'm sorry. I can't read entire posts that have the words "blueberry picking" and "peanut butter M&Ms" in them. I get too distracted and that's all I see popping off the computer screen. Your sushi posts on the other hand--I can read every single word and not get distracted. I wish I could like sushi as much as blueberries and peanut butter M&Ms.

Eileen Swanson said...

Hey Marit,
Can you send me your email address. I have some serious questions about the Adamo. It is nearly killing me, but so many people love it so I wonder what I am doing wrong. My email address is attached to my profile. Thanks and talk to you soon....