Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fit, Fly, Flat, Fear, Food

The past 40 (Forty!) hours or so have been more than hectic. Between PT sessions, thunder disturbing bike sessions, indoor trainer rides, track runs, more PT, trips to not one but TWO other states, and more thunderstorms, I'm downright tuckered out. Suffice to say, you know I'm busy when I haven't updated my blog in more than 24 hours. Not that I feel that I have to write - it's just something that I love doing.

Like breathing.

Or eating sheet cake....

Or sipping early morning coffee while reading the paper....

In bed with the Other Half and The House Monster....

But I digress.

So the 5 F's. Here we go:

FIT: Yesterday, Donna and I drove 2+ hours past Biloxi, Mississippi (yes, I DO know how to spell, as I grew up in the TWIN CITIES... the good old Mississippi runs right through the two....) into Gulfport, MS - to pick up her NEW AWESOME SPECIALIZED TT Bike. And to get fit. Her, not me.

The bike is beautiful! The exact kind that Macca and Tom Boonen (heartthrob of Quickstep cycling team) - except one notch lower. They have awesome machines. And Donna's New Specialized (The Transition, I think, but I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that!) is beautiful. And it was great to see her get fit.

I was so impressed with the fitter, that I'm taking my SCOTT Plasma next Thursday for a fit of my own. And it would give us another chance to pronounce the Tichatacabouffa River as we drive over it. (I think that's how its spelled....)

Now say that 3X fast.

FLY: Donna and I headed out at 5:45 this morning for our first ride together on her new bike. It brought back memories of my very first time on my Cervelo... I nearly peed my pants the first time I tried to get in aero, and I think Donna felt the same today. When I told her to, "ride ahead so I can see you hold aero!" her response was:

"No! I don't want to crash and then make you crash again!"

I laughed and rode ahead, all the while sneaking peeks over my shoulder as she eventually worked up the gumption to ride in aero. Riding along the Blackwater Trail has never been so fun.

After 2 hours, I dropped Donna off at her car and ventured out on my own for another hour or two (but according to JHs explicit instructions, no more than 4 hours!).

FLAT: It was 28 minutes later, that I came across one of my morning swim companions. This particular gent is a spry 87 years young, and on this particular morning, was out getting his weekly 25 miler in. I was so impressed! Unfortunately I came upon him just as he flatted his rear tire.

After a few minutes of chatting, I had fixed his flat, taught him how to use the CO2 cartrige (It's cold!), why plastic tire levers are better than metal (the metal rips the tire tube - something that he's had a problem with in the past) and was just about to get on my way, when he decided that he wanted to keep talking away.

I quickly replied that I would see him "later" and needed to finish my workout. He looked so happy, and said that he would be sure to "share my lane at the pool Monday morning."

Great. I called over my shoulder that, "I'm sorry if I run you over in the pool, but I kind of loose my way when I swim!"

FEAR: After leaving Mr. Flat Tire, I rode on for another 30 minutes or so, for a whopping total of 2:50 or so. It was then that I began noticing the clouds. They were beginning to billow up, growing in intensity, size, and gradually turning darker and more foreboding.

I figured that I would have at least another 60 minutes until it turned into a "whopper" of a storm.

That would have been nice.

But I was wrong.

So, a la Beth Sutt, I time trialed it for the final 4 miles back to my car. Thunder booming overhead, and a horizon of thick blue and black clouds interrupted with lighning flashes remained in my perpheral vision.

It was not the best way to end the ride, but it's always great knowing that you CAN ride fast when needed. And because overhead, it sounded as though the angels were bowling, I reconcilled that I would not be able to get in my T run.

And that leads to the final "F".

FOOD: I just ate the first real food of the day. Oatmeal and egges and coffee with creamer. And it is delicious.

Things have finally settled down, althoug the thunder is still booming. I know that eventually I'll get in my T run - but it'll have to wait.

It's time for some MARIT time. And I can't wait to curl up with Nate and the House Monster, grab a second cup of coffee and read in bed.


rr said...

Great day - I was wondering where you'd been! Sounds like an awesome ride, I love seeing all this healthy training you're doing.. someday, I'll be with ya ;)


Anonymous said...



T-Bouffa for short.

from: You know who this is. the girl who might need training wheels.

i love my bike!!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Sounds like a good day. I channelled my inner Marit today for the 1 mi ow swim--placed 3rd in my AG!

Train-This said...

I am so happy to hear these numbers like 2 hurs and 4 hours! Way to go sister maybe you can Talke Donna into IM CDA 2009!


Kellye Mills said...

Coffee, Oatmeal and eggs sound SOOO good right now! :) I hope you enjoyed your Marit time!