Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wounded Kitten - please help!


If you read the last entry, you'll know that today I rescued a kitten during my bike ride. Long story short: the Vet says that she will be okay, and is doing really well. Considering that she has two front broken legs. The Vet doesn't think the kitten will have any long term damage, and she's expected to make a full recovery.

The very sad part?

The kitty wasn't hit by a car. Either it fell out of a tree or was deliberately thrown from a moving vehicle.

Today was tough for me - many more tears than I'm used to (during a bike ride). But my little kitten friend - who the vet actually thinks is between 8-10 weeks - had it much tougher.

Nathaniel and I would adopt her if we could. But we already have our own House Monster to contend with. And this little kitten has been through enough as it is.

IF THERE IS ANYONE LIVING IN THE AREA WHO WOULD LIKE TO RESCUE A KITTY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Nathaniel and I are paying for all the vet bills, and the clinic has been great about trying to keep costs down. We would like for the kitty to have a good home, but because of Tabbitha can't offer her one.

If you know of anyone - please let me know. This little kitty has had a tough first 8 weeks of life. Please help to make the rest of it better!

Thank you for reading.


TriGirl Kate O said...

Oh, my goodness. That poor thing. I know she's found a good friend in you. I'm sorry I don't live closer, I'd take her. Have you talked to any rescue societies?

Mel said...

Oh I LOVE Cats....but I live too far away and I have 2 already...What about some of your triathlete friends there in the area??? That is great that you stopped and cared for the kitty!!!

Alili said...

Awww, I love kitties and wish I was able to adopt another one. You did a very good thing rescuing the poor little girl.

Damie said...

Oh Marit!!!!! You too! I am so glad you pulled over and helped. I am not in that area, but if I can think of anyone in the P'cola I will let you know. Keep asking- I know you will find a family for her. Thank goodness you came by when you did.

rr said...

Oh Marit, how sad that someone would do that to a kitty - I hope she wasn't tossed out of a car. I have two rescue kittens and we just rehabbed a broken hind leg on poor Sammy. I hope you find someone to take her soon. She's lucky you found her.


Pedergraham said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can find someone to love her.

Ryan said...

Oh Good!!!

You found my kitty.

I "accidentally" dropped her while I was holding out of the car window getting some fresh air.

I'm really glad she made it.

I would like to help, but there is one little problem.



D said...


Ryan said...

Marit, I thought about it some more.

The answer is still no, but since Mary says you are rhyming everything with Coeur d'lane, you could keep it and name it something witty like,
Cordy, or laney, IronKitty.

Just a thought. I'll ask around though.

Courtenay said...

you could put her on a plane to us? greg has been CLAMORING for a new cat, in the hopes of getting one that actually likes him. that's not really a practical solution though, i know. and it's not like kitties can go via media mail!

the poor little sweetie. thank you for having such a kind spot in your heart for animals, unlike whoever might have tossed her.

Kellye Mills said...

Ah... Rocky probably wouldn't be the most welcoming and I'm highly allergic to certain cats. But I really hope you find her a good home! You have a wonderful heart Marit!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Thank you to everyone for all the comments, support and ideas! They are all greatly appreciated -

I'll update tomorrow, but I've got a few promising leads on potential homes for kitty. I may have to screen people.

Then again, I've fallen in love with her...and you never know. A new sister for Tabbitha?

Nathaniel has already named her - he calls her "Meat Puppet" - as in Tabbitha would devour poor kitty. But we'll see.

A family with a love of cats would be most desired... or anyone who would love her as much as me.

Bob Mitera said...

Poor little gal!

That is how we got our dearly departed cat Rufus. My brother and I rescued his brothers and sisters from a flood. A box of kittens was floating down the river and we reached into the flooded river and saved them. We were able to get all of them except one...and he, somehow is related to the House Monster.

"Big boned" kitty...our vet asked if he (Rufus) was a wild cat he was so big. He imprinted on the dog and was a great pet.

Mel said...

Marit....I think you should keep the kitty...You two can heal together....You were the ONE that was meant to find her....give it a try with the house first I am sure it will be crazy...but I am SURE in a week, the house monster will be sharing the green chair with the new kitty :)

Marni said...

I wish I could adopt it. If I was closer or we could arrange to get it I would take it. please let me know if you find it a home.