Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swim Irony

Marit's definition of Irony for Tuesday June 17...

Irony is:

Getting FIRED UP for your 10 X 100 Long Course Meter Swim Test by going to bed early, skipping the chapter in the book you've been dying to read, writing motivational notes along the lines of "I LOVE swimming" and "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit...", watching YouTube videos of Kona 2007 and Bevan Docherty's "Heart of a Champion" at 5:45 am for your 6:30 am expected swim start, becoming mentally prepared to mow down, er swim over, er avoid the "blue hairs" in your swim lane, and actually looking forward to said LCM test because this is the first test since the crash - only to show up and find the pool set up for Short Course Yards.

Bloody Hell.

I don't know who is more dissapointed - me or Coach Jen. And as she's the swimmer of the two of us, that's saying a lot.

All I know is that I've got some unfinished buisness with the pool this week. To be continued... (for now, the old people and Japanese tourists are safe...)

Just goes to show that I'm ready and I want this test. And that - for now - is a good sign. But I had to smile - in spite of my jitters, in spite of the nerves and nervous energy, I was (timidly) excited and (more firm) looking forward to this test. So when it didn't happen, when the pool was laid out with 20 lanes of 25 yards each, I couldn't hide my dissapointment.

I even suggested to the 18 year old guard that we take out the SCY lane lines and put in the LCM lane lines. He looked at me as though I was crazy. And then backed away. The other swimmers - who had gathered around to find out why the pool was set up the way it was (as it turns out, the GPAC Youth squad didn't have practice, ergo they didn't set up LCM...) - heard my suggestion and looked at me as though I was crazy.

There I was, messy hair up in a ponytail, my early morning self in all of my er splendor, suggesting that we set up the pool LCM. Perhaps I was high on toothpaste.


I was laughed out of the building.

And my swim test, all 10 X 100 on the :10 rest interval (nice ring to it, don't you think?) is on hold. For now.

But you had better believe that one of these mornings, I'll be swimming my heart out completing my test. If you want a good show - swimmer derby and all - show up one of these mornings at the UWF Aquatic Center. Even better - hop in the water with me. It'll be fun, I swear.

Get FIRED UP baby - my test is unfinished!


Anonymous said...

GO Marit Go! It's my off day and now I am suddenly fired up to go swimming. Dang it!

Ashley said...

HA! I actually got booted from the pool last night because of a thunder storm. What's up with this swim thing? Good luck when you get some LCM!

Eileen Swanson said...

You ARE fired up! Super motivated MARIT!! You are going to ease this test and pull off some very fast times ;-) I know it....

Chat soon,