Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragon, Leonitas, Pepto

Nathaniel and I had a great day, bumming around Encinitas, window "shopping", sipping coffee and the Java Hut, talking, more walking, and then enjoying some sushi at a little hole-in-the-wall spot.


This guy came along.

The Dragon Roll.

(Cue scary music).

I guess that any restaurant that feels the need to create a dragon-like head for the front, and hair-like garnish on top of the roll, should be slightly suspect. Because they certainly weren't winning us over with the taste. And besides - I thought they were going to use *fresh* sushi on the top. NOT the stuff they served us. Oh well - we ate it anyway.

Octopus eyes and all.


About 90 minutes later it hit. My tummy gurgled, and then lurched...and I could feel my ears getting warm and body beginning to sweat.

A quick glance throughout the bathroom confirmed my worst fears: we were OUT of Pepto.

Now would be the appropriate time to swear. Go ahead, make my day.

I told Nathaniel I was headed here:

And that he could go with me if he wanted...

Quick as a flash, we drove to the store, Nathaniel ran in and retrieved the pepto, and was back in the car before I could turn any greener.

JUST as I wrenched off the safety seal and was about to take a drink - we saw this little guy running across the parking lot and looking a little lost.

Luckily, he was very friendly and Nathaniel and I contacted the owner. The kitty's name was Leonitas - "A King's name" - according to my Resident (Military) Historian Nathaniel. And he seemed very curious in the car.

The cat, not my husband (just in case you were wondering).

"Leonidas was a Spartan King who died at the Battle of Thermopylae. But the guy who named the cat probably named him after the 300 Movie. You never know." Nathaniel commented, after dropping Leonitas off and heading back to our place. "Although, the cat's name is spelled wrong. Yeah - I'm pretty sure the guy saw the movie. But its still a cool name. That was a good cat! NO attacking!"

I think I tuned everything else out, as I was waiting for the Pepto to kick in.

I'm still hoping it works - even after I took this photo (and downed half the bottle a la Mark Whalberg in "The Big Hit") Don't ask me how I know about that movie. I'm not proud.

Yes - my Other Half spouts off information about Greek, errr, Spartan Kings. And I'm referencing old Marky Mark movies. Classic.

Let's just hope this kicks in sooner than later.


Concluding thoughts?

IF you're going to let your kitty/pet run free - PLEASE make sure they have tags and contact information. And whatever you do - DO NOT eat the dragon.


D said...

If I hadn't immediately noticed the collar, I would have thought there'd be a new addition to the family ;)

My kitties don't have id, BUT they aren't wanderers and know this area well. One of them won't go near people and the other only gives you 10seconds. If you're not gone within those 10, she will be. If you don't let her: it's on! Gotta love em :)

ADC said...

Hope you are feeling OK. That cat is veeery cute :))

Kim said...

OMG just looking at the dragon roll makes me want to go run for the bathroom! yikes!!!! thank goodness for the Pepto - it certainly seemed to save you!

im afraid of kitties :(

Molly said...

Completely funny random post :) I hope your tummy is feeling better by now! I've had bouts of that a few times lately and it suuuuuucks. I'm starting to think maybe I can't handle the caffeinated gels as I've gotten it after 2 long runs...

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,

Please go to my blog and pick up your award.

Trigirlpink said...

Ok Mz Marit
TGP is gonna be honest here. BEFORE I even scrolled down to learn you were sick after eating mr. dragon, I looked at that and said, "ick" I'm not a sushi girl. Well maybe the non raw fish kind. I call it "The Mild Sushi"
At least you got a good colon cleanse out of it!!!
Leonitas is a cutie and for a minute I thought you found another stray!
Orca kitty is doing ok. He doesn't like that I'm not around on a daily basis now and hisses and growls at Paul occasionally.

Ryan said...

I know you don't want to talk food right now but I just made some Spam Musbi. Think, cooked spam with sushi rice and nori...yummi. Its a kona treat.

I am so stoked!!!

Oh, don't go back to that place EVER!!!

Ryan said...

Oh, How's the Marine?

Does he have an Iron Gut? "Ahh what's a little spoiled fish? Ohh Rahh"

Beth said...

Oh no. Bad sushi is never a good thing. I hope you are feeling better by now!!! UGH!!!

As for the kitty - you guys are so kind to find him and take him home. Poor guy!

Runner Leana said...

Oh no...shame about the sushi! Hope the stomach has settled by now!

Roo said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Missy said...

I love sushi but that is my biggest fear, funky fish. You can't mess with funky fish. Oh man.

I love that little kitty.

Trigirlpink said...

Oh yeah...
I actually cleaned Mark Wahlberg's teeth. Not kidding. He was in town to start some movie and was referred to the dental practice I work in.
Where else are you gonna find a damn good hygienist in Boston? Ha!

Charisa said...

CUTE kitty! poor tummy! :)

BreeWee said...

Marit, I have an idea, when you get to Kona lets go for sushi on me :) ha ha ha, hope you are up to some fun with the training, very happy you will be here soon and racing! wow! still feels like your accident was just yesterday...
what a long way you have come!! :)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

isn't the dragon sushi the fried one? because i like the fried one, whatever it's called. glad you guys found Leonides' home, poor scared lost kitty!