Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The T List

Well folks, as the training winds down and the taper begins, I find myself epitomizing the 'creature of habit' motto. Sometimes it feels like my life is one big "T". And here's why...

TOFU: We have it, all the time. Well, actually Tofu Stir Fry. And while its delicious (and nutritious), I can safely say that post Ironman, I want nothing to do with this delectable soy product. And Nathaniel deserves an award for eating it as much as I make him.

TIME: I feel like I'm running out. Yet, I feel like race day will never arrive. It's just one big time warp. How fitting that one of my current reads is "The Time Travelers Wife".

TIRES: According to the bike shop, the tires on my bike are done. Finito. No longer safe to be ridden outside. (Thanks goodness that I'm using different race wheels!) Sure, one too many trainer-rides most definitely had a hand in doing them in... Bottom line - both the front and rear need replacing. And when the nice guy at the bike shop inquired what kind of tires I wanted, I replied, "Don't bother replacing them, because I'm not going to ride my bike for three months after Ironman."

THREE (months): Okay, perhaps that was a bit extreme. Let's make it two.

TABBITHA: Can definitely tell that something is up. The House Monster knows, with the help of massive piles of laundry and a bike box in the middle of the dining room, that something is most definitely up. Fortunately, Anabelle is clueless. But still cute.

TAPER: It has begun! Hallelujah!!

TIRED: Well, that's to be expected. Hello - Ironman training! But in all seriousness, I've been excessively fatigued the past few days and it caught up to me last night in the form of a slightly sore throat and general yucky feeling-ness. So I've taken today and tomorrow off, and given my body a chance to relax and fight off whatever it is I'm fighting. At this stage of the game, all I can do is take it easy, relax, and take care of myself.

THANKFUL: For great friends and wonderful support. I am beyond grateful to all the helpful advice, comments, well-wishes, and good vibes. THANK YOU.

TREMENDOUS: That would be my friend Donna, who had the race of her life last weekend. Congratulations Donna - you have such a BRIGHT future! Keep believing, have fun, keep it up because it is working! YOU are an inspiration!

TOTALLY (hungry): which is what I am now. So I'm going to eat dinner! Tofu stir fry?? Again??? Perhaps not...


Molly said...

How many miles CAN you put on your tires before they need replacing? I'm wondering if I will need new ones before IM.

You are doing GREAT! It sounds like you are managing your taper quite well and I KNOW you are so ready.

The tofu though...ick.

Nicole said...

You are going to do absolutely wonderful!!!

KO said...

Hey yeah that's alot of T's
well I'm Totally exciTed for you congrats

ADC said...

Nearly there Marit and you are doing awesome. I am so excited for you.

Train-This said...

How about Totally Aweseome to describe your amazing recovery!

Kim said...

Treats - you better treat yourself after Kona with beer, chocolate and real food! :)

Trigirlpink said...

TGP has never purchased the Tofu. Trust me.
Might Totally Terrific but Tired Marit inspire me to Toss Tofu into my Tote while teedering down the grocery tiled isle with a recipe? Thanks Tenfold.

Tootles :-)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am so impressed that your husband eats tofu! I don't think that would go over so well in our house.

GoBigGreen said...

I loveeee tofu but 1x week at most:) treat yourself to some nice eats and some wine this week-I don't buy into that "post race I can do/eat this and this." you will be fine and now you just have to believe and stay calm!
Fall est arrive a st Paul. C'est froid et raw:)
you missec your chance to visit so now you have to come when we have snow. Hee hee!

Mary Bradbury said...

Terrific comments!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Enjoy the big TAPER!! Hope it includes candy and lots of time for reflection and to rest up!

Marni said...

you will be fine for Kona! All the training is done and resting and staying healthy is the key!
We like to add tofu to pizza, crumble it in stir fries and crumble it in egg omelets. Just a few ways to "hide" the tofu and still get the fabulous nutrients into your diet ;)

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