Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things! GREAT things.

Regardless of the many ups and downs of life, there are many MANY things that I'm thankful for. And when times get tough, I try to keep 'stuff' in perspective as much as possible. I do the sport because I love it, I think the people are really great, and the lifelong lessons I've learned about myself and, err, life in general are truly spectacular.

So when times get tough, when the legs feel awful and the heart isn't 100% into it, or when I'm just plain tired I remember the good things.

The GREAT things.


-Foggy mornings and calm ocean waters

- Watching the sunset, bright colors spreading across the sky

- Snuggling in a warm, comfy bed with a great hubby (and sometimes a random kitty who wants to be fed)

- A bike seat that I LOVE (thank you ISM Adamo Saddle!!!)

- Fantastic friends...there are too many to thank.

- Having the ability to do something that I love. Correction: the ability to do MANY things that I love.

- Sunday Football, and all the fun that goes with it.

- A quirky sense of humor - hey, its kept me (mostly) sane.

- British Comedy. The ONLY problem with "Fawlty Towers", is the lack of episodes. Only 12 were ever made. And for the BEST comedy series of all time, I find this unacceptable. But I still LOVE the show. Brilliant!

- Alba cocoa butter hand and body lotion. Sure, it makes me crave a Pina Colada, but it also makes me feel nice. So there.

- I have a roof over my head, people who love me, air to breathe, and...all that good stuff (as both my Dad and now husband tell me when I get a little overly stressed).

- Dude - I'm going to Hawaii in a little over a week. Sure - there's a race involved. But seriously - I'm going to Hawaii!

- Pink compression socks.

- Toothpaste - because I like my teeth. In my mouth.

- Meeting Soren Trowbridge for the first time a few weeks ago. There is nothing like a newborn baby. He was absolutely adorable. And while I'm not quit ready for one of my own (YET), he gives me a very convincing reason to want a little one of my own. Congratulations again to Dave and Meredith!

- Survivor! And while we're at it: The Amazing Race!

- Grocery store items with the expiration date AFTER IM Hawaii. It is always nice to know that life continues after this race. And to see it in print just adds another dimension.

- Baked goods!

- Deck chairs, surrounded by flowers, with a good book waiting.

- Knowing that there are good people in the world, who do wonderful things. Getting to SEE that is even better.

- Tabbitha's vet, who told her, "Tabbitha - you're a new woman!" after she lost a little bit of weight and got rid of her fleas.

- Succulents. Because they're really neat feeling and Nathaniel has an odd fascination with them. Plus - the word 'succulent'.

- A wonderful family.

I feel TRULY lucky. And extremely fortunate to be able to participate in a sport I love so much. A little over a year ago, I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to, let alone be able to. So even if it means a few tough workouts here or there, a bit of tiredness, and the same dinner repeated over and over again (because I lack creativity in the mean planning department when I'm trashed from training), life is really pretty good.
A very relaxed Tabbitha. Can't you tell she's lost a little bit of weight?? Yes!?!


Nicole said...

Love the post!! Tabitha is adorable! As far as the Brit comedies go, you forgot, "Are You Being Served?" Funny!

ADC said...

That os one big kitty ;))) Only joking.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Gotta love Tabbitha for demonstrating the proper way for a lady to relax! You are so right about that tunnel vision that happens when focused so hard on your goal. keep a lookout for a little sumthin' sumthin' in the mail.

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,

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Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great.
Any time Tabitha makes an appearance I share it with my 12 year old daughters.
They love Tabitha. We think she needs her own blog :)

IronMatron said...

oh I love Tabitha! I'm a little scared, though, that this is her "after" photo...
One week til you go! I can't wait to track all of you guys!

Laura said...

Who hoo Hawaii!! Maybe see you in a week and a half? And I promise I'll pronounce your name correctly this time, every time! ;)

Charisa said...

Your cats crack me up! And Toothpaste - yes, what a nice invention :)

Amanda said...

Great post! Even better picture. Isn't that how we feel after training some days? ha ha!

Blessed, indeed! Can't wait to hear all about Hawaii...and track you on race day!

cherelli said...

Great post Marit - so looking forward to see how your Kona race shapes up, I hope you enjoy the scenery as you get a good tan :)
Have you ever watched "the Worst Week of my Life" or more particularly "the Worst Christmas of My Life"? My parents love British comedy and showed me it 2 years ago - it is hilarious, check it out if you can track it down somewhere. have an awesome taper and an enjoyable race in Kona!

kerrie said...

yes, two weeks to go til race day! i can hardly wait to get there. and like you, i feel incredibly fortunate to even have this opportunity :)
i think tabitha needs some outfits or halloween costumes to celebrate the "new" woman that she is!!

Roo said...

After what I've done to myself with all this riding. I think I need to get that adamo saddle! I'd love to be thankful for a good saddle.

Today I'm gonna be thankful for awesome people like you who remind me to appreciate what I've got!

Heidi Austin said...

Great post as always :) And don't forget you have an awesome PINK saddle. ( i have the same one lol) Good luck in your final taper. You can do it Marit!

Ange said...

ok, that cat is cracking us up!! (hubby and I...I shared some of your post w/ him.) Tabitha is too cute. Lookin' like she just finished a workout with you.
Yes---LOVE Things dates post 10/10!!!! I get that oh yea!! And also..dude..we ARE going to Hawaii!! Pretty cool huh. My suitcase has a funny random mix of things: gels, bikinis, racing kit, cute summer dress.... :) love it.
see you soon!!!!

Mary Bradbury said...

Great attitude Marit! Soon enough you'll be resting and eager to get back at it. Enjoy these last couple weeks while I sit here in my off season stuffing my face. ;) You're gonna rock!