Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Less Good

In an effort to stay as positive as possible in these final few weeks leading up to IM Hawaii, I think I'll make the following list. Enjoy!

Good: Arriving at the pool on time, happy and excited.
Less Good: Woa. Um...where are my arms? And legs? And...lungs...?

Good: Completing a spectacular warm up and pull set
Less Good: Exiting the pool 500 meters into the 2,000 meter main set.

Good: Kept my composure (mostly)
Less Good: There were tears (on the pool deck).

Good: NO tears while swimming!
Less Good: Trying to maintain composure when people asked if I was okay.

Good: Very supportive Masters coach who told me I needed to eat plenty of chocolate today.
Less Good: Lack of chocolate in the house.

Good: Well, there were plenty of chocolate gels.
Less Good: Ew. Chocolate gels.

Good: Giving myself permission to STOP the workout when it just didn't feel right.
Less Good: First time in recent memory I've cracked in a workout (that I can remember).

Good: First time in recent memory that I've cracked in a workout (that I can remember).
Less Good: It just had to be in front of other people (brilliant)

Good: Realizing that I'm almost done with this Ironman thing
Less Good: Woa. I'm signed up for St. George. Double shit.

Good: Its not like I have to do St. George
Less Good: Loosing more money to the M-Dot corporation.

Good: Realizing that I've been pushing so hard for so long, and that EVERYONE I know who is training for Kona is feeling this way. I'm not the only one.
Less Good: Why do we do this?

Good: Stonyfield Frozen Vanilla Yogurt!
Less Good: It wasn't the Ben & Jerry's that I was eying.

Good: Stonyfield Frozen Vanilla FAT FREE Yogurt!
Less Good: It wasn't the Ben & Jerry's that I was eying.

Good: Stonyfield Frozen Vanilla FAT FREE and GUILT FREE Yogurt.
Less Good: I give up...

Good: Tomorrow is a new day with a new workout.
Great: Tomorrow is a new day.


Kelly said...

Good: Only a few weeks until Kona.
Less Good: Only a few weeks until Kona.

Hang in there, Marit!! Love the blog.

wonderwoman said...

You are a silly funny girl :)

I'm not sure why you Ironpeople to this stuff.

Your Stonyfield Frozen Vanilla FAT FREE and GUILT FREE Yogurt sounds delicious, I may need to get some.

Anonymous said...

Oh Marit you are NOT the only one going through this right now. I spent 30 minutes calming one of my friends down who is also doing Kona for the first time! He is FREAKING out and BURNT out and SCARED to death of Kona! Funny thing is this will be his 8th IM, not like he doesn't know what its all about.

Remember what I keep telling you, you are AWESOME! And don't worry about your swim today, sometimes we have to make decisions like that, its SMART, NOT pathetic! Do you remember my 5hr bike ride 2 weeks out from Canada that turned into a 5hr nap... yeah, MUCH bigger workout to lose than a measly masters swim practice.

AND can I tell you how jealous I am that you get to eat many more calories than I do because I don't have much training time on tap :(

Keep your head up because its almost here and you can RELAX as soon as its over!!!!!!

Oh and you can think about St. George after the holidays, until then DO NOT worry about it :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

Training for an IM is hard! And you have been training hard for a long time. It is impressive that this is the first time that you can recall cracking in a workout. Kona is so are almost there. The tears on the pool deck are just a sign that your body is ready for the taper. You are going to have an AMAZING EXPERIENCE in Kona.

Kim said...

hang in there marit, you are not alone! you are such a trooper, and you will get through these next few weeks.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the morning laught, Marit! Hang in there tough girl!

Oh, I've got a Ben & Jerry's compromise for you: B&J Chocolate Fudge Brownie Fro Yo!!! It's not fat free, but the amount is wee (2.5 g per serving) and the calores (170) aren't bad at all for a B&J flavor that tastes exactly like the real deal!!! Give it a whirl if you need some choco!!! :o)

Missy said...

I can't imagine it, you're body had enough on that day, it was done. Mind over matter doesn't always work (I try it all the time) and sometimes it's just a sign to 'sit down.' It sounds like your surrounded by great people. That swim will not define your race.

KO said...

You'll be fine, and this point in the training the work is all done, but the stress just gets bigger.
But relax, we are thinkinng of u..

Charisa said...

Seriously - I crack all the time! :)

Soooo close - it's going to be FUN!!!!! You are very ready - the race is the fun part, you've already done all the super hard work!!

Can't wait to see you rock your first Kona!

Angela and David Kidd said...

All of this will make Kona that much more rewarding. And we all crack at some point - whether it's on the pool deck or out on the bike and miles from home. It means you are ready. And that you need chocolate.

Ange said...

Good: knowing when it's time to call it a day
Great: Your performance at IMCDA
Awesome: Qualifying for Kona at your first IM!!!!
That one workout will have NO effect on 10/10. Get ride of it. Move on. YOU ARe going to do Great!! We are so close!!
And...I DO understand!

ADC said...

You know there is not much else I can say that hasn't been said here before me. We all have those moments (and I am pretty sure I get there more than the others) but remember I have seen you in action and you are AMAZING. And you will do great.

Kim said...

Ahhhh.. I remember these days.. the ones where I didn't know if I was wayyy too in shape, way too tired, way too out of shapre, or just sick of the whole mess! You're right where you need to be. You've done everything you could to the best of your ability. These last few weeks don't matter a whole lot as long as you nail your taper (which shouldn't be too hard in comparision) so focus on the good (like you are) and keep your chin up. You're almost there and we are ALL behind you Marit!! Miss you! Love you!