Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 Things

Self-explanatory. Here we go!

10) My pumpkin pies turned out great - really. Stuffing...not a problem. However, there was the bit about the frozen cranberries, singed sweet potatoes, and undercooked turkey. The turkey should have been the easiest one to solve, but seeing that I only discovered the inner-pinkness an hour after removing it from the oven, well....


Long story short, I turned the oven BACK on, recooked the darn thing for another 90 minutes, basted the sucker every 10 minutes in chicken broth...and it turned out mostly okay.

Nathaniel named it "Vlad Turkish", after the Vlad the Impaler-like widow's peak our bird attained from the oven. Anyone who knows their history about our 15th century friend though, will know that he didn't have a great relationship with the Turks.
I know, I know - we are nerds. Sorry. But in the end the turkey turned out GREAT. And just by the fact that neither of us have thrown up or developed horrible food poisoning - I *think* its safe to say that everything was/is/will be okay.

9) Nathaniel may or may not have had the swine flu. Its been ugly and I've never seen him so sick...we've taken to carrying around hand sanitizer. Between the throwing up and cough fits - he's been pretty miserable. Luckily it wasn't from my cooking. Speaking of which - he didn't really regain his apetite until Sunday, and I'm happy to say that he's feeling much better. Overall he didn't have the best holiday weekend, but was upbeat enough to eat leftovers and decorate the tree.

8) I'm developing a Buddha belly. And by saying that, I mean absolutely no offense to any individual or their religious beliefs - its just a statement of truth. Sporadic workouts since Kona coupled with my never-ending Ironmanisits + eating Halloween and (now) Thanksgiving food has left me feeling unlike my usual athletic self. I keep reassuring myself that my body will return the way I want it to when I start working out - I'm just tired of being sick. And not working out.

But it's all part of the cycle, right?

7) During my beach walk this afternoon, I saw no less than 4 different photographers taking pictures of 4 different families. The beach was gorgeous and everyone looked great. Similar, but great. They were ALL wearing white linen (except the photographers). When I saw a little kid face plant while running after his dog, and ruin his linen outfit, I wondered HOW something like that is cleaned. Thankfully, he was okay - and actually seemed a little amused at his messy self.

6) I think the tree will stay upright for 8 days before one (or both) of the cats knock it over. It would be a Christmas Miracle if it lasted any longer. Hopefully the 45 pounds of assorted weights at the base will help. But when you've got a 19 pound House Monster launching herself from the Ugly Green Recliner, all bets are off.(Demon Kitty, getting ready to wreck havoc)

5) I get to start working out tomorrow! For real!! I have my schedule, I've got my workouts - and I'm excited to go. And... I never thought I would say that.
(And who DOESN'T have a shark ornament? I'm excited about that too!)

4) But I'm still following up with a pulmonologist tomorrow morning. I'm downright annoyed at my chest tightness while working out - I know my body well enough to know when something isn't right... The feeling combined with my coughing and blood work confirm that something is going one. We just need to pinpoint it exactly.

(So...I may put the working-out thing on hold... but I'm still excited to go! Whenever it happnes! YEA!)

3) There are still 1.75 pumpkin pies in my house.

2) I think it would be fun to "donate" one to the Punkin Chunkin World Championship Challenge and see how far it could be tossed. Well - I'm MORE interested in seeing the crater it would make upon impact. Because that thing is dense. Another reason why I don't like pumpkin pie...

1) Its going to be a White Christmas! Nathaniel and I have our tickets to Wisconsin and Minnesota for the final 2 weeks of December... And I CAN'T WAIT!!! Home sweet home - here I come!


Missy said...

Sounds like both of you aren't quite 'right.' That sucks. I was only down for a day, nothing like the shiz you've guys been dealing with.

My buddah is growing exponentially and I'm still working on left overs.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I hope you guys get healthy soon! What a bummer to be feeling out of sorts, I hope the pulmonologist can figure out what is going on.

TriGirl Kate O said...

We were joined on our ride yesterday by a pediatric cardiologist who had a lingering cough. She had pneumonia over 6 weeks ago, and was still trying to regain full lung capacity, even going so far as to use a rescue inhaler. These bugs are really lingering this season, so yes yes yes take care of yourself and get ALL checked out. Glad Nate is back to relative health too. I'd help you with those pies if I could! Yum!

Maria said...

It's exciting that you get to start working out soon, even if it needs to be briefly postponed. I'm hoping to start in the next few days as well.
...yea...about that white Christmas, so far, there is not a lot of white anywhere in the Midwest! It's kinda weird, I do hope there is some for x-mas, but it can disappear after that!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad Nate is doing better! I saw he was sick on FB. :( What a mess!! And, I sure hope you can get back into the workouts lightly tomorrow - HOPE that darn sickies leave your apt soon!

AND home to MN for the holidays??! YEAHHH!! :)))) That is good news.

Teresa said...

Awe! White Christmas is so beautiful. That will be so much fun. My training starts today too, with three workouts....what????
It's the memory of making the turkey that counts, right? Good job and plus the pumpkin pie is what Thanksgiving is really all about :)

Stay healthy and train on!


GoBigGreen said...

OMG you are kidding me. really?
We are bare and boring here, hope we get some snow for have to swim with me!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

I love the picture of the beach and I really do hope that little kid in the white linen suit enjoyed his romp. Honestly, you dress a kid in white and take him to the beach.....and well that's what you expect. It he was dirty in the picture it will turn out to be the best family photo ever.

I would bet Nathaniel had swine flu. Good luck at the Dr's. and get healthy too. At lot of these cold/coughs have been lingering. If you have asthma it's just that much worse. Soon when you are better we have to ride.

Beth said...

I'm so glad you get to go home for the holidays!! A proper COLD, SNOWY holiday is in order for you two. And Nathaniel will have an easier time watching his Packers. Hope you BOTH get back to 100% soon in the health dept and enjoy getting restarted on training (whenever that might be!).

Charisa said...

Love the Christmas tree!!

D said...

And here I am praying I DON'T have a white Christmas!

wonderwoman said...

Glad your Turkey day turned out great! I hope the house monsters stay out of the tree!

Heidi Austin said...

feel better soon and hope your tree survives longer than 8 days...1.75 pies =is a sin! i would so be eating pumpkin pie for breakfast especially after day 1 of training. But i guess that would be the last thing I would want if i had swine flu!

and yay for a white christmas :) I'm going to have a jazzy christmas in the big easy hahaha

ADC said...

Hope Nate is feeling better. So not long now and you will have your white Xmas. Is the tree up yet?

Trigirlpink said...

Dear Santa

Please bring Marit a oven thermometer for proper meat temps and for me...

a shark ornament.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Nothing worse than the sickness that just will not stop. Hopefully Nathaniel is on the mend and the doctors can figure out what's going on with you. Nothing worse than lots of testing with no answers (hello....I had to have a colonoscopy that turned up nothing).

And my cousin every year makes a contraption that shoots pumpkins. He got second last year. I'll let him know your pie is available.

Marni said...

Looks festive at your place!
Do you have any good czech recipes? Maybe any gingerbread recipes from your family? I think you have czech in you from our phone call that one time...just thought I'd ask :)

runningyankee said...

love your "list" posts! so surprised at the shark ornament! bet you put him at the back of the tree though... have a fabulous time in MN. there is nothing better than a white christmas. especially with family :)

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