Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off Season Perspectives

Thus far, my off season has been trucking along. True, I have the never-ending sinus infection and three weeks after my initial sore throat, I'm still dealing with the residual effects.

And if you think I'm kidding, sadly - I'm not.

In all honesty, I blame Ironman. I think I'm allergic. Seriously.

Even the thought of training sends me into a snot-producing frenzy. So in the meantime, I've pushed next season thoughts aside and have enjoyed easing back into my own routine. You know... stuff that I wanted to do MORE with Nathaniel, but didn't really get a chance to because I was:

a) Exhausted from swimming (but STILL happy and grateful to be doing it)
b) Exhausted from biking (but STILL happy and grateful to be doing it)
c) Exhausted from running (but STILL happy and grateful to be doing it)
d) All of the above
e) None of the above.

If you selected "e", I vote you off my blog.

What have we done...?

Well, I'm glad you asked.... Let me share just a bit....

(cue dream sequence music. probably involving a harp of sorts....)

Hiking! And yes, the topography is dusty. After climbing to the top of Mt Bernardo near Lake Hodges, my shoes turned rust colored. The dust that came from the laces when I untied them was classic!
Answer: A flattened penny and quarter! (But GOOD LUCK finding your flattened change. Nathaniel saw one of the pennies go flying)
Question: What happens when you put your spare change on railroad tracks?
Fall in Southern California means cooler nights (nothing like my Northern counterparts). But the fireplace adds to the ambiance. And its fun to curl up to while fighting Ironmanitis.
Stopping to smell the flowers...even if I can't, err, smell much.
Over the weekend the surf was a little high. Well, either that or the surfers were plain inexperienced. Or...that was a REALLY BIG SHARK. Couldn't tell you what exactly happened, but this was the aftermath...
Nathaniel enjoying the view from the top of Iron Ridge, just off Highway 67. Beautiful!
Tabbitha helped me change the sheets.
Nathaniel getting ready for the FIRST USMC Birthday Ball (ie - the one where he went 'stag'. I'm going to the next one though...but I couldn't resist a man in uniform.) Can you spot the UNPACKED bike in the shot? I know...the winds are changing...
Ooooh Boy! Someone managed to sneak a chocolate bar in our day hike bag! Nice reward at the top (note the mail box down to the right...I LOVE how people can leave notes and write accounts of their ascents. VERY fun stuff while hiking. Kind of like seeing a stuffed toy goat at the top of the first indoor rock wall that I climbed a few years ago up in Wisconsin... Very off topic... sorry...its the Nyquil)!
Proof that the House Monster and Mini Monster CAN share the loveseat. Sort of.
Nathaniel, making dinner. And it was GREAT! I had my doubts - about the cold salmon pizza (who wouldn't?) - but in the end it tasted like a really good lox bagel. Add a bit of wine and...mmmmmm. I think I'll make him cook more often.
BEAUTIFUL San Diego County (looking east towards the Cleavland National Forest). I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous when Nathaniel told me this view was akin to what he sees from his helicopter. Except he's going really really fast. I LOVE it out here!
Trying to not trip on a rock at the top of Iron Ridge Peak. Yes, coordination and grace were never my strong points. Hey, at least I didn't fall off the top.
Beware of: Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes, Poison Oak, Sharks, Scorpions, Monsters, and anything else that could startle you at Penasquitoes Canyon. But I would rather know that not know. Right...? Or is ignorance really bliss? Oops - sorry, its the Nyquil talking again.
Also - Beware of husband with camera!
And GIANT cacti (oh - you know how he loves succulents).
Once in a while, my balance is okay... Still, I have no interest in climbing Mt. Everest and going over the ladders that the Sherpas place over crevasses....
Me and Nathaniel, top of Mount Bernardo.
Part of Lake Hodges...what a great trail system!
We made it to the top! YEA! EVEN though I sound like a freight train climbing. Is it just me or am I really out of shape? Nope - not the case. Just being sick and the Ironmanitis. Yeah...that's it. The good news, was that every Mountain Lion in San Diego County heard me approaching and was scared away.
You never know what you'll see if you keep your eyes open. For some reason, I just thought this was beautiful.
Now we're talking...Pizza Port on a Saturday afternoon...this is what its like when I'm not on my bike for 7 or 8 hours...Wow.
Searching for dolphins along the coast...
Um...I think they missed the tide. The people in the boat (thankfully NOT the dolphins)
Different view, different perspective, but still the same person. And HAPPY - even though I'm still fighting off my cold/sinus suff/Ironmanitis.


ADC said...

That looks like a very nice offseason to me.

Mary Eggers said...

So proud of you for taking al real off season girl!

Pedergraham said...

I am shaking my fist at your sinus infection. And thinking that the cold winters here are probably worth not having too many poisonous things in our woods. Keep enjoying that off season and sharing your photos. It is fun to see landscapes so much different than the one here.

Kim said...

i want your off-season! look how much fun youre having. hope you feel better!

cherelli said...

you live in a beautiful area Marit - great to see you're enjoying life! (minus that "iron-itis" thing)

Mama Simmons said...

The picture of the broken surfboard cracks me up. We see that a lot on the north shore every winter.

Heidi Austin said...

i'm glad you are taking advantage of the off season. sounds like you know how to do it right :) lovely pics !

Charisa said...

Sounds like you're having an awesome off-season with Nate! So happy :)

runningyankee said...

cheers marit. hope you kick that cold soon!

Ange said...

Hey...nice shirt! :) saw that Kona shirt go by!
Your pictures are great. I'm glad you're getting out and doing some other things.
It's SMart!!!

wonderwoman said...

Looks like you have great off season going. Love the house monsters pics :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Looks like a great off season and I'm so happy to finally be joining you! Although we don't have any of the hiking or other fun stuff to keep us entertained. And I don't know why, but I'm always a sucker for pictures of shadows. Love them.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.