Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to send you a VERY happy birthday! I wish that we could ALL be together to celebrate...(very small sigh!). But, given the fact that you're up in Minnesota and I'm in California - that's a bit tough. Instead, I pulled some of my FAVORITE shots of you during our Alaskan cruise, and in doing so brought back some really happy memories.

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday with Mom...and if your birthday present hasn't arrived yet - it SHOULD be there Monday. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that I didn't forget.

Thinking of you, love you, happy birthday and ENJOY!


PS - Thanks for being my Dad!

Inspired by Dad (aka The Birthday Boy!) and his love for all things map, travel, and adventure-related!
But brought to you by Nathaniel and Marit
Public transportation is A LOT of fun! Especially from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. We all loved the ferry, especially my Dad. Some things never changes...
Mom and Dad, so cute for formal night.
Dad + the two daughters. Yes, we were all smiling and no, Karyna and I weren't marking a dividing line down the couch. Some things (thankfully!) DO change!
Perhaps this was the best - Dad, Nathaniel, and Gentleman Jack.
Or perhaps this shot... the last one of the night. Too many photos...? You can NEVER take too many photos....right...?
Beautiful Alaska. (Yes the water really IS this color!)
The older one with her father. Note the sandals on the offspring.... Clearly she lives in a warm climate as has NO SENSE OF WHAT 20 DEGREES ON DECK 14 FEELS LIKE. Or maybe she's been away from home (Minnesota) far too long.
Obviously Mother and the younger one know what cold can do. (ppsst: they were the smart ones...)
Svacina anyone?
Discussing the 'Great Ideas' on sea...(forget about the GLACIER in the background...)
...And by land.
Oops! Perhaps we lost something...
Waiting for the womenfolk to return from shopping. Waiting...waiting.....waiting...
Cheers and pivo all around!
...And discussing....
We love Wimston! From the three women in his life! Salute!


Pedergraham said...

All things travel, map and adventure-related, huh? Three VERY FINE qualities. Happy Birthday to Marit's Dad!

ADC said...

OMG you know word "pivo". Yay!

Say hello to your parents a huge happy birthday to your Dad from Shaun and me. We hope to meet again some time soon.

Ange said...

very nice marit.
you guys have pretty names.
Happy Birthday to your DAD!!!

Kim said...

your dad is absolutely adorable. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. We look like a happy family and the pictures got it right. Thank you so much.