Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random progression

ONE day at a time, enjoying

TWO House Monsters at play while juggling

THREE very different career choices and being sick for nearly

FOUR weeks with Ironmanitis and now taking a

FIVE minute break to just sit back take it all in and choosing one of

SIX bottles of wine to open while seeing

SEVEN pottery teapots displayed around the house while the annoying dog upstairs barks for

EIGHT minutes straight so I’ll just go paint my

NINE remaining toenails in preparation for Thursday’s USMC ball and dream about

TEN beautiful places I want to visit someday…


Missy said...

I love that cat - big as a dog, perfect. Good luck on all your choices to be made. Never easy.

Kim said...

:) cute post marit! have a great time at the ball!!!

Molly said...

Have fun at the ball tomorrow!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Ange said...

Love this. :) clever

Ange said...

Love this. :) clever

Pedergraham said...

it looks like your bike is trying to get on the bed, too

Teresa said...

I love your two kitties, they need to wake up like your bike there (looks like our room!). 9 toenails is great, they are overrated anyhow :)

Have fun!


Stef said...

I like this post because it's simple, makes perfect sense and is FUNNY!


Must confess to a curiosity about what three career choices you are considering. All the best in deciding -- Exiting times!!!!!

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