Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
On this wonderful day
There’s fun and there’s food,
And plenty of beverages, if you may.

We’ve got turkey and stuffing
And pumpkin pies, can’t you see?
Let’s hope the bird has completely defrosted
Otherwise – oh shoot! – Time for Plan B.

Don’t forget the spiced Egg Nog
That wonderful, heavenly brew!
Beware of overindulgence…
Otherwise you might vomit on your shoe.

I’ll make one pumpkin pie,
But have ingredients ready for two,
Knowing my cooking…
I’ll be lucky to pull through!

But the food matters not
Compared to the rest,
There’s so much to be thankful for
For this, I’ll not jest.

I’m grateful for my family,
To me you are the BEST
I’m lucky to have you all,
My life is truly blessed.

I’ll always love my kitties
Though a crazy cat lady I’ll NOT be!
They are my furry companions
Even if they (occasionally) pounce on me.

Then there are the friends,
And to them I say HOORAY –
You guys are simply awesome,
You always make my day.

Other (food) things that I’m thankful for…?
There are many, don’t you see.
Peanut butter, coffee, sushi, diet coke
And always Peanut M&M’s – YUMMEE!

And I would be remiss
If I forgot to mention the chair
Nathaniel’s Ugly Green Recliner
It’s still with us – and ugly...and ugly...
(There is nothing I can say about the chair. It will forever be a part of our lives because Nathaniel and the cats love that thing. But it is still ugly. Even if it has character. But there are those in our household that love the thing. And because I love them, well... I'm willing to be patient.)

I love my bike, and my running shoes,
And, yes, even the chlorinated pool.
Though when my technique is ‘off’,
I feel like a bewildered fool.

But I will always keep trying
No matter the time,
And for that I’m thankful,
Because the journey is truly divine.

Sure there have been hard parts
I’ll be the first to admit
But they didn’t get me down;
I refused to quit.

There is so much support
From everyone ‘out there’
Thank you to ALL
The kindness you did share.

On this great Turkey day,
Remember to give your love
To the many who have meaning
In your life and those who are eternally above.

And never forget those who serve,
In countries near and far;
We will forever be grateful
Whomever and wherever you are.

Back to the lighthearted stuff,
Too serious, I sometimes can be
This is a day for food and family,
Let’s jump and shout with glee!

The turkey’s not ruined
And everything’s all right
Time for football and beer…
Let’s hope it’s a great night!

Our team is playing
It’s bound to be a great day.
Celebrate the Lambeau Leap!
Let’s go GREEN BAY!

Back to the food –
Aren’t you full? Not just yet?
Grab a chair and pull up close
Tuck in! Don’t you fret!

After the festivities
It’s time for some sleep…
Get cozy, get comfy
It’s silent! Not a peep!

When you awake,
Leftovers are all around…
Though you’re stuffed like the turkey
It is time for the second round.

Also classic Thanksgiving-day television
Remember the shows?
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Where Clark Griswold goes, “Ho ho ho!”

So many memories
From Thanksgivings' past
I’ll treasure them forever
In my heart they’ll always last.

Okay, okay – I’m cheesy
It’s just who I am…
It only adds to my charm
(Akin to the holiday ham.)

So wherever you are
I’m wishing you a GREAT day -
From me, Nathaniel and the House Monsters…
Happy Thanksgiving – YEA!


ADC said...

:))))) Have a wonderful day.

Missy said...

YOU guys have a great day too! We are getting our packages together to send over to the guys in Afghanistan (thanks for reminding me!). I think about them all day, as they are away from their families and I am cuddled up with mine.

Mary said...

Nicely said, you ham! ;)

D said...

Good lord, woman. Even your poems are long!