Friday, November 20, 2009

Night and Day...(in photos)

By day...

And by night...
And a few others, just for fun... enjoy!

Just in case you were wondering...this is what a pretty typical Marine Corps Ball table setting looks like -
Usually every guest is given a celebratory birthday glass (this year's were the centerpiece of the table) - I'm happy to say that Nathaniel and I still have our glasses from the 225th Birthday Ball. Oops - I just dated us.

In our hotel room, before walking down to the ball. Though I'm smiling in the picture, I'm still trying to figure out how to keep my dress straps from falling off my shoulders. Somehow flashing my table while reaching for my wine glass doesn't seem appropriate (hence the funny arm placement).I'm extremely happy to announce that the dress stayed properly in place all night.

Birthday Cake! YEA!Happy 234th Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

Hiking up Volcan Mountain, morning after the ball.

Trail entrance - stonework, iron, and wood carvings designed by (local) Julian artist, James Hubbell.Another interesting fact, is that the Elsinore Fault, a major splinter off the San Andreas Fault, passes almost directly under this spot. And nope, we didn't feel any earthquakes.

Yes, I am WELL aware of the local wildlife. (Look - there's Tabbitha in the upper photo. Sort of)

We only had to hop one fence to get to the actual top.

Getting closer!It was VERY windy, and about 20 degrees cooler than where we parked the car. The lack of trees made for epic, Alpine meadow views. And lots of wind!

Marker at the top. (At least we think this was the marker - we searched for a bit...and this is what we found on the highest hill, bot not exactly at the highest point on the highest hill.)

Folds of green mountain, just East of Julian

Nathaniel, a little chilly, near the windswept peak.

California desert - with the Salton Sea barely visible at the top.

Um...yeah....perhaps Tabbitha's cousin was around after all. We were a bit more cautious on the way down.

I LOVE the colors out here!

It was a great night, even better day - and the two of us had a blast! Great times were had - between the ball, breakfast in Julian, great hike, scenic drive back to Carlsbad, and late-afternoon beer sampler... Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps and let's remember that ANY day with cake is a great one!


TriGirl Kate O said...

You wrook mahvelous! (in my Billy Crystal voice...)

Jennifer Harrison said...

See Marit, you clean up very well! Glad you both had so much fun! Sometimes WE MUST do that!!! And eat cake too! YUM.

Rebecca DeWire said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that stunning dress! Looks like you had a great time both hiking and at the ball.

Roo said...

Your hair looks great! If I ever need something done with this thin, stringy mess of mine I'm calling you!

Heidi Austin said...

BEAUTIFUL! i'm glad it was fun :) I wish the coast guard had a ball like the marines.... ahhh just another reason why marines are better right? I'm digging a hole lol. thanx for sharing :)

Beth said...

You guys look great!! (as does that cake :) Glad it was such a great few days! :)

Ange said...

ahhh you look Beautiful in your ball gown!!! Very nice!!! The hike looks wondeful. and yikes about the big kitty print! look out is right!
Glad you had fun. :o)

Kim Schafer said...

Hey Marit! You sure do clean up nice! :) The picture of the folds of green mountain looks so much like the Na Pali coast in Kauai. So pretty!!!

Glad you guys had a great time! And, very glad you didn't encounter a cousin of Tabbitha. :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

You look fantastic. Did you end up giving up on the curlers since it looks like your hair is pulled back or did you really go out and combine an up do with curlers. Either way, the end result is very impressive!

Marni said...

You look so beautiful! Looks like fun and love the pics. Your outdoor adventure looked fun as well!
*Btw-I feel ya with noisy neighbors!!

Kim said...

GORGEOUS my dear! looks you guys always have so much fun!

Mary said...

Congrats! You did it and with flying colors! Glad you enjoyed the weekend!

Anonymous said...

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