Friday, November 27, 2009


Hope the you and yours had an awesome Thanksgiving! The above photo is PROOF that I made TWO (count 'em: T-W-O) pumpkin pies for our festivities.

The one on the right is completely home made. Except for the canned pumpkin. Err...and Pillsbury crust. But everything else was from our kitchen, I swear.

On the left, we've got the "canned" pumpkin spiced version - essentially you just add evaporated milk and two (slightly) beaten eggs. The foil was my own touch - I didn't want my crust to burn. Hey - I've come this far... I might as well get it right. Right?

(Personally, I'm going for the home made version. The batter seriously tasted mucho better...not that I sampled a lot. But I'm just sayin'. Nathaniel will pick the eventual winner)

In other news - I'm excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nathaniel (on Friday). As he was working all day, I went solo. Which really wasn't that bad, as the house is miraculously clean, I got caught up on blogs, got some writing done, AND made TWO pumpkin pies. So there you go.

And lest I forget... Proof that hell hath indeed frozen over: I actually went OUT for a bike ride today. Under my own power. All by myself. And it wasn't directed by my coach. THAT in and of itself is a Thanksgiving miracle. Especially since - the week before Ironman Hawaii - I swore that I wouldn't ride my bike for 3+ months after the race.

Suffice to say... I got through six weeks, and just couldn't help myself. I had to get out for fun.

Naturally I had to document the event, as the proof is in the pudding (so to speak). In all seriousness, I had a blast bringing my camera, really enjoyed the OPEN roads on Camp Pendleton, and loved the feeling of the bike running under me. It was a great way to spend time on Thanksgiving.

(So really - in addition to everything else... I'm thankful for my bike)

Here's wishing that YOU had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Trusty steed
Excited anticipation
Shorter shadows
Bright reflection
Different perspectives
Longer shadows...
Open roads
Shadows from behind palm trees
Final stretch


ADC said...

I knew you couldn't stay away from the bike for that long. Love the photos. Have a lovely thanksgiving today.

Beth said...

Oh! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving Day. And now you get another with Nathaniel today! Enjoy!! And let us know the outcome of which pie he prefers... :)

Jen said...

Love the pics!
Enjoy your day with Nathaniel!

Runner Leana said...

I hope you are having a great long weekend! I love the "Different Perspectives" picture. Awesome!

runningyankee said...

fantastic photos! happy t day - whenever you celebrate hope its great :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Those pies look really delish!

Molly said...

Nice! I wanna ride where you do! I am sort of dreaming of all the rides I want to do with my road bike this winter...finally climb that big local mountain and all. But I'm not in a rush to get there :)

D said...

Hittin me right where it hurts, huh? I only wish I could go out for a ride just cuz I want to.

Missy said...

Riding because you want to ... isn't that the best idea ever?!?!

kerrie said...

that is awesome! so glad to see that you are enjoying yourself and trying new things(like cooking pies!!!)
how does it feel to be back in the saddle?

Angela and David Kidd said...

Looks like a great ride. Welcome back to the bike! I still can't bring myself to put my pedals back on the bike.

And nice work on the pies. I have never attempted a pie. I am a disgrace to my grandmother.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Yeah. It looks like you are preparing for the Julian Pie challenge. It's good times. Girls vs. the guys. I bet we can out ride them and eat more pie.

Anonymous said...

great pics! Interested to hear N's opinion on the pumpkin pies - I would usually lean toward the homemade, especially since it's already passed the "delicious batter" test.

Heidi Austin said...

yum yum i never get sick of pumpkin pie looks yummy! love the pics too and your new shades :)

Marni said...

Those are great pics!!! Love the shadows!

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