Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another race bites the dust. No St. Anthony's weekend for me

Hey there Sportsfans!

Well, a bit of bad news from my part. But from the point of view from my sacrum and surrounding area, the news is actually good.

At my doctor's appointment earlier today we discussed my recovery, how I was feeling, and my general state of being.

For the record:

1) Recovery is going great. I'm 5 weeks out post crash, and recovery is going faster than can be expected. My body is getting stronger day by day - and although I can't do nearly as much as I would hope (swimming, biking, running), I'm throwing myself full stop into my physical therapy. The aweseome PTs at the spot I go to are really wonderful, and I am challenged daily by the new exercises that I get to try.

Who knew that balancing on a core board could be so much fun. Especially when there are no grips to hold onto. Yes - my days of rowing - from the Minnesota Boat Club to the US National Team - have played a big role in my ability to balance in silly positions. I have volunttered to balance on a Swedish Ball - with my knees of course, not standing like I prefer.

I have never seen or heard 3 physical therapists shout, "NO!" all at the same time.

2) Most of the time I'm feeling great. I'm off the pain meds (wow - my clarity of thought is so much better - hooray), except I have some in reserve incase I start experiencing break through pain. Which - as I experienced Saturday after the Mullet Man Triathlon (local sprint) - was great to have in reserve. 5 hours on my feet probably wasn't the best thing for me. So yes - feeling generally great, upbeat, happy... although I do have my few moments.

I found myself bursting into tears after stubbing my second toe on the corner. Have no idea how it happened. But it certainly took my focus off the sacrum/rear area.

3) General state of being - see #2. I guess my doc wanted to cover all grounds. I have my good days, my bad days, my inbetwen days, days where I want to eat all the unk food in the house - but upo0n finding none get a bit more pissy than ususal. Then there are days where everything seems to go right. It has taught me patience and understanding - most notably with myself.

Now - for the bad news.

When Doc asked what my weekend plans were, I told him I was driving down to St. Petersburg to cheer on a race.

And, just as he did when we talked about how pee-filled the pool at UWF was - he peered over his glasses and flatly said that a 7 hour communte both ways would NOT be good for my back. He assured me that it could be done, but I was really putting a risk to myself, my back, my recovery, my health and my pain level. He reminded me that the bone damage was mereley a small portion of what's going on. Nerve dameage is still quite prevalent, and even sitting for hours on end could compromise the healing that the nerves are constantly undergoing. And further more, a whopping total of 14 hors in the car, coupled around with walking from one spot to another would be more than tiring.

So after much tears, much soul searhing, much dilema - I have decided to skip St. Anthony's. I am SO SO SO SAD! Beyond tears, beyong wiping my nose, beyond eating half baked brownies (none left). I love this race, love what it offers to the spectators and athletes, the challenge of the course - and I was superbly excited about meeting other tri boggers, online friends, seeing old friends, and cheering everyone on. You guys have all been like an extended family of sorts - and know that I will be with you all in spirit as you race around the course! Good vibes will be flowing across the Gulf straight into The Pier.

I know that everone will have AN INCREDIBLE weekend, and I wish you all the BEST! I whish I could be there in person, but I'll be there in spirit, with my heart!

Happy racing - I know that everyone has worked so hard for this one. It really is an amazing course, and the feeling of swimming in the calm water's off the pier as the sun rises orange above the horizon, the thrill of tight turns in downtown St. Petersburg on the bike, and running through the beautiful neighborhoods simply can't be beat. Love to everyone headed to all the fun of St. Anthony's. Have fun - enjoy the opportunity to race, race hard, and remember - don't leave any question unaswered. No regrets.

A wise person once gave ma a pendant that read: "Nothing is impossible if you believe."


CAMI said...

Stand on a swiss ball? Can that actually be done?!?! You rock!

Take care of yourself and listen to the doc - even when it hurts. It's the only way to get back to doing the things you love.

Beth said...

Major bummer about St. Anthony's!! Oscar and I were really looking forward to meeting you!! But I would do the exact same thing. Getting better is MUCH, MUCH more important. And it would be much more fun to meet you at a race that you are actually racing (because you are all healed up and better!) than just watching. SO HEAL and have a great weekend!! Glad things are moving along so well Marit!

Carole Sharpless said...

Hey Marit!
Thanks for your sweet note on my blog. Very kind of you to take the time to write and to offer support amid your own hellish trials. Keep hanging in there, as best you can ... I can't begin to know how difficult it's been for you - I am so sorry.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help....
One day at a time, sister.

RR said...

Marit - I love your blog! And I love the woman who posted about me (hi Sharpie!) Yours was the cat I was referring to in my :) Thanks for dropping by to say hi! I was sad about your crash and bummed I didn't get to meet you at AZ.. but keep up the positive thinking and you'll be back in no time. Hang in there!


RR said...

Umm, I meant "above" me. Though you gotta watch Sharpie, I know she said something "about" me somewhere, sometime.. oops.

Alili said...

This absolutely nothing to do with your post...I just noticed 'Babette' and spit coffee on my computer:)

Cy said...

House Monster Photo is the best! She is bound to keep you smiling this weekend! Way to listen to the DOC-as hard as that is sometimes.

Mel said...

HA HA HA....that photo of the house monster/ elephant cracks me up :) Marit I am so sorry that you are missing out on all these races and I am sure it is so hard to just sit back and watch.....BUT when you do come back you will be STRONGER then EVER

Mira Lelovic said...

Girl, seriously, think about it. As much fun as it'd be to watch the St. Anthony's triathon, how much more fun will it be when you can do your OWN triathlon. Be patient and listen to your PT's and doctor. I love all the PT comments. I can totally see it and know all their fears. You are like the "too" motivated patient, but we'd rather have those ANY day! Hang in there girl! Your patience will pay off more than your eagerness to train.

Kellye Mills said...

AHHHH!! NOOOO!! What am I going to do without you?? :(

In all seriousness, I'm super bummed! I guess this is just going to leave us with no choice but for me to come train in pensicola and stay at your house sometime soon!

I'm still going to need my pre-race Marit pep-talk! I have a LONG drive tomorrow, so I'll give you a call!

Marni said...

Don't worry about St.a's. Your competition is saying "I am worried when she comes back even faster!!!"..that is a threat that you will be back stronger than EVER sooner than you think!! Give me an email when you have a chance,, I have something to talk about :)