Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Update!

Well, it's a mix bag of news today.

After talking with my doc (primary care, family doc), the word was that he would really prefer if I waited to jump in the pool. And while he's no spinal expert, he did give me a rather gruesome rundown of staff-related, MSRA, and other bacterial illnessees that are floating around in the pool.

And then he looked over the top of his glasses at me, peering down as though he could just tell that I've guilty of peeing in the pool.

Humbug! (Is it THAT obvious???)

But, I have to say, I agree. Even though my wound is closed, the thought of an MSRA infection on my spine, just seems beyond gross.

So wait I will.

And it's back to the power walking.

The rather FANTASTIC news though, is that my referals finally came through, and I've been refered for my post-op Physical Therapy at the Andrew's Institute. They are a fantastic facility located in Gulf Breeze, FL (about 20 min away from where we're at), specializing in athletes and treating athletically-minded individuals. They treated Floyd Landis after his hip surgery, and a few other athletes to boot.

So that makes me jump for joy - if only in my head.

So - for now I'm waiting on my ortho referal, there's no pool YET, and my PT is at a world-class facility. Bonus - my Mom is arriving in less than an hour.


Life is good.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go clean the aparment... to be continued...


Pedergraham said...

Truly a mixed bag...but wonderful news about the great PT facility/referral. Have a nice day with your mom.
xoxo Danielle

Beth said...

"And then he looked over the top of his glasses at me, peering down as though he could just tell that I've guilty of peeing in the pool." Okay - when I read this line? I laughed so hard I snorted!!! :)

Anyway, maybe not the news you wanted about the pool but it seems like the SMART choice. And GREAT news about the PT!! That place better watch out because Marit is on her way!! Floyd Landis who?! :)

Have fun with your mom!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Have a great day with your mom!
Glad you're being smart about the pool thing. The PT stuff is pretty cool. :D

Anonymous said...


Keep Mom under control, and I know you will stay out of the pool.


Sarah said...

OOOOOOOH, I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT! Well, not that you have to wait a little longer for the pool, but after thinking about nasty infections, it suddenly sounds reasonable. Still, the fact that he said 'soon' is also good. :)

But that is SO AWESOME to hear about the Andrews Institute. I'm just so happy to hear that you're going to have top-notch PT. I really believe it makes all the difference in the world.

Jumping for joy for you!! :D

And THANK YOU for your very uplifting comment. It brought a smile to my face and was exactly the type of perspective I was looking for. Interestingly enough, as I caught up on a couple of your posts after writing that, I had a very good sense of WHY we do this; through the inspiration and passion that comes through in your writing, it was then I realized that we do this for all of the wonderful things you've written about longing to experience lately. The reason your posts resonate so much with me is because you have a true talent for beautifully verbalizing all of those amazing experiences we have out there. So for that I also thank you. :)

Courtenay sent words from a coach along the lines of what you had to say: "you have to finish last before you win - the more you come in last, the more you will win later!"

We definitely learn more from the races we don't win than the ones we do...

Have fun with your mom!

Kellye Mills said...

Well... I know you may be disappointed, but don't think of it as bad news. He's right! I had PINK EYE earlier this year!! I mean I haven't had pink eye in forever, and the thought is that I got it from the pool. So better safe than sorry!!

Think of it this way, when you're better, you won't be allowed to go on walks!! So relish it now. :)

It's like DYING to be 16 and then once you turn it and the coolness wears off... well then you really don't want to go to the grocery store for your mom anymore!! :)

Anonymous said...

The docotr knows best even if we don't want to admit. =) At least you can continue to hit the track for those power walks. Plus the news about PT is awesome!

Have fun with your Mom!!

Trigirlpink said...

The thought of MRSA in the pool with a spinal wound is motivational enough to keep away, huh? I hope attack kitty didn't attack mom! :-)

Mira Lelovic said...

So cool about the PT referral! Wish I could go with you to watch and learn. Hope you'll post about all the cool stuff they'll be doing with you to get you well and strong.