Monday, April 7, 2008

Good, Bad, What?

The Good: Great support from wonderful people all over! (THANK YOU – all the comments from yesterday, wonderful support, and Katie Thatcher – thanks…)
The Bad: I can’t hug each and every person out there!
What? Tabbitha would attack, if she could. (Remember, she’s an attack cat!)

The Good: A better idea of what my ’08 and ’09 race season will look like
The Bad: Not 100% sure where we’ll be living for the ’08 and ’09 race season (Nathaniel’s job – we’re in for a move)
What? Hello San Diego, CA OR Jacksonville, NC. (Can you guess what we want?)

The Good: Finally withdrew from IM Arizona. It’s official.
The Bad: Finally withdrew from IM Arizona. It’s official.
What? Would have been #1952. sniff.

The Good: I found the Reester Bunny
The Bad: It was the BIG Reester Bunny
What? Sianara Reester Bunny!

The Good: Hour long Power Walk at UWF Track
The Bad: Watched UWF Distance Running Team lap me lap after lap after lap…
What? Was really happy I wasn’t running the 1,000-meter repeats they had to do. They looked like shit. And sounded like it too.

The Good: Smooth Legs!
The Bad: 3 weeks, 2 days since last time I had smooth legs (pre crash!)
What? Nathaniel said I had the “French Thing” going on. Humbug (FYI – I didn’t have the dexterity to bend over in the shower to take care of it! Sheesh! Men have it easy with this part!)

The Good: Mom is arriving in Pensacola for a week on Wednesday
The Bad: The apartment is still messy from when Nathaniel was a bachelor during my trip to California.
What? Tabbitha will attack. (Remember, she’s an attack cat!)

The Good: Light Vanilla Silk Soymilk
The Bad: Having Nathaniel compare it to Vanilla protein shake powder.
What? Realizing he may in fact be right.

The Good: Sushi!
The Bad: Too many choices to decide.
What? Was that a spicy tuna roll? YES, it was!(sweating slightly) (check ahead of time before chomping down – use Nathaniel to screen the spicy stuff.)

The Good: Nathaniel’s favorite TV show “The Soup” was on tonight
The Bad: Momentarily, I lost my husband to the TV
What? Nathaniel wasn’t studying – wow… NO FLIGHT tomorrow! Now it’s Comedy Central. WOW – my hubby is normal.

And that was my day. A series of “Good”, “Bad”, and “What?” Only the “what” were often times filled with one of many choice four-letter words. (The most frustrating talking to the NA Sports rep about withdrawing from IM Arizona.)

Thank goodness for the Reester Bunny.

One more, and then I’m off to bed. Enjoy!

The Good: Tomorrow is another day.
The Better: One more day has passed…


Kellye Mills said...

Yeah Marit!! That's right! One day closer! And I've already shared with you my Reester Bunny story and my consumption of the ENTIRE thing in the car!! So I hope that you enjoyed it enough for the both of us!

Have a great day, and know I've been thinking about you!!

Ashley said...

You're so right. We've got to take 'em all: the good, the bad, the ugly, the painful... to really appreciate the WONDERFUL! Keep counting down the days kid, you'll be there soon.

Anonymous said...

Bree would tell you "one step at a breath at a time, one step at a time" are getting closer!!

Great blog today! I enjoy reading each and every day. You inspire us with every post!

Audrey said...


you are definitely one day closer. i can't believe you're power walking!! that's dedication for real. you are a super stah!!!

Courtenay said...

what is "the soup"? that sounds like something on e! ?

greg basically just likes comedy central and sports center. which is good for me actually, because i wouldn't watch either on my own but both tend to be more edifying than "real housewives" or ANTM reruns. BUT, we both like animal planet, so that's good.

turtles are sooo cute. so are you! so is tabbitha!

Alili said...

One step closer and HURRAY for power-walking:)