Friday, April 4, 2008


Holy Cow - it's late! Well - not really, but the combination of a long week of "excitement" and recovery have taken their toll. I am beyond tired, my butt aches, and I'm getting ready to fall, er, relax in bed. Today's intended post is half finished, but because the photos are taking forever to upload (bugger!) and my patience is running low (bloody hell!), it'll have to wait for tommorow.

Nathaniel is reading in bed, Tabbitha is cureld up on the futon, and I'm currently on the bedroom floor, changing postions every 5 minutes in effort to get comfortable. FYI: If you can help it, I don't in any manner, recomend breaking your sacrum or lower back. Not very fun.

Believe me!

However, I have gained sympathy points with myself, and for just about the first time in my life - ate an entire bag of M&Ms guilt free. Oh yes - rest assured, it's happened in the past. But yesterday I gave myself permission. And I enjoyed every single M&M. Fantastic!

And just think... I've still got a Reester Bunny left over from Mom and Dad....

Holy Candy Overload Batman!

So, in lieu of the blog that I was going to publish, here's a list that I compiled of 10 Random Events/Things/Lessons from this past week. Enjoy!

Tales from The Extendo-Crack Girl:

10) I went on not 1, but 2 power walks this week. The first after I recieved my wonderful care package - I was so inspired, so motivated by my friends, and just wanted to get outside and start pushing my limits. The second was today, and I ducked thunder and lightning all morning. Magical! The mamatus clouds were a bit worrysome - but the woodchip trail that I walked on was near to the car, so I was within a 5 minute uber-speed-walk at any point.

9) Shopping at the grocery store is so much less stressful, if you're not worrying about a second and/or third workout to finish. Suddenly, I can take my time, not be rude (not that I'm rude, but let's face it - how easy is it to be nice when people are being slow and blocking the isles? The first two or three isles are okay, but after 30 minutes, it really begins to look grim), and get the best produce. So three cheers for that!

8) I have time to read the NY Times and be current on "current" events. Wow - lots of stuff going on. Wow, was I behind. Additionally, I can read all of my favorite blogs again, AND comment. That's a big one for me - hurrah!

7) My clothes are fitting again. My post-surgery swelling is finally going down - but not quite back to normal. However, if I continue eating M&Ms at the rate I did yesterday, this will no longer hold true. Yikes!

6) I am not obsessively checking the weather or weather radio. Now that I don't have to worry about getting caught in the middle of a peanut field during a lightning storm, I kind of enjoy the afternoon Thunderstorms. Neat-o! Especially while curled up on the couch, reading and writing. Excellent!

5) I just got a box of Vemma from my Ironman Soul Sister, Leslie! Thanks Leslie! The stuff is a great nutritional product, is a fantastic source of multi-vitamins, has plenty of antioxidants, and I will take it every day to help my body with my recovery. Thanks Leslie!

4) Speaking of otehr THANK YOU wishes - thanks again to everyone with the care package. A blog is in the works for you all..... :) Just know how touched, how grateful I am. Love to you all!

3) My body is able to tolerate speed bumps. I've gone over a few since being in Florida (while driving!), and so far so good. California speed bumps are crazy, not fun, and number way too many. Yikes! But I'm okay, all is good - and no stitches are broken.

2) I saw my first live tennis match on Thursday. Ludi's friend was playing - an incredible player for UWF. It was beautiful to watch: the passion, the brilliance, the fast moves, the emotion. I found myself sweating, on the edge of my seat just watching. And it made me think about the emotion of triathlon, of sports in general. I miss that, miss the feelings associated with swimming, biking, and running. I can't wait to find myself, find my emotion when I return to these three disciplines.

1) I still hate prune juice. But I'm still drinking it. Sigh.

So there you have it. Not very exciting, not very funny - but true to how I am right now. Hope that everyone else has had a safe and productive week.

Next week - perhpas, if the stars are aligned, if everything goes right, if my Coach okays it, if the doc gives it the thumbs up - I may be in the pool. And I can't wait!


AddictedToEndorphins said...

Sounds like you had quite the week!
Congrats on the power walks! Still sending *get better vibes* your way

Chad Holderbaum said...

Wow! You might be swimming next week. This is GREAT news. Sounds like you're well on your way to a great and speedy recovery. Chad

Beth said...

Great news about the walking/swimming Marit!! I know it doesn't seem like much but it is a HUGE step forward!! YIPPPEEE!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Awesome about the swimming!! It's all your good spirits...your body is responding to all of your positivity and enthusiasm. :)