Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day for Mom and Marit

How does a day start with yesterday?

Well, it began at Target, when Marit and Zora were shopping for towels, of all things. Marit’s new Physical Therapist called while the pair was discussing the merits of differing shades of blue. Pirate’s Cove or Turquoise?

(Is there a difference?)

Apparently, for the folks at the Target Towel Department, there is. Along with dark blue, deep dark blue, emerald blue, light-cloud-color blue, sea blue, among others.

In the end, they opted for the Pirate’s Cove.

In the meantime, while Zora’s eyes were on the towels, a young man dressed in the telltale red Target shirt, as she discussed her crash, surgery, and subsequent diagnosis with the newfound Physical Therapist.

Target-boy was especially flustered, when Marit’s discussion turned to catheters, folly bags, bowel movements, range of motion, bladder control, and urinary flow. He soon left the scene.

However, at the end of the conversation, Marit and her newfound PT set up an early-morning rendezvous at his clinic to begin her immediate physical therapy and rehabilitation…

Recovery was imminent!

The countdown had been started, and all systems were go for launch!

This morning I got up bright an early at 6:32 am. Before I loose you, gentile reader, please remember that I’m still on “California Time”, (or at least that’s what I like to tell myself), and currently, I have absolutely no reason to wake before 7:00 or later, as I am no longer swimming, biking, or running.

(Milking it for all it’s worth! I might as well do it now, while I can. Because before long, I know I’ll be at it, just like I was before. Without a doubt!).

However, up and at’em, I was – raring to go for my very first physical therapy session. And knowing how I hate to be late, I arrived a full 10 minutes early. Go figure. I am my father’s daughter. Can you tell I’m literally chomping at the bit for this?


The day was a complete success, but busy at the same time. Instead of writing a detailed recap, Mom and I are enjoying brainstorming and cracking jokes together. There is much laugher, as I lay on my stomach - supported by squishy throw pillows - on the floor (the computer at my fingertips), and Mom is knitting in The Ugly Green Recliner.

It turns out that there is Another who enjoys the chair!

So here’s our day, in our own recap – enjoy!

* 6:32 am without coffee = discombobulated Marit. Then again, I still am on “California Time” (wink wink), then again, I do live in Florida. So… let’s compromise, and I’ll admit that I’m torn. My butt is in California (at least it feels like it), and my head is somewhere between here and there (wherever that is!). Thank goodness I had a cup while filling out paper work at the physical therapist’s office. It did the trick.

* Mom was left to fend for herself against The House Monster, (or as she calls Tabbitha, “The Beast!”). I had just left the house at 6:55 am when Mom emerged from the study. Nathaniel was heading out the door, and explained that Mom was, “on her own” against Tabbitha. She knew the prognosis was grim, however being the recourceful person she is, she immediately spied the kitty cat treats, and knew she had the situation under control. Her reasoning was brilliant, and as follows:

Tabbitha loves food. Tabbitha hates people. Tabbitha loves food more than she hates people. Tabbitha ate the 20 treats that Mom threw to her, and retreated to the bedroom (fully satiated). AND, she didn’t attack (yet!). Thus, Mom was safe.

* At Physical Therapy, I had an ultrasound, electrical impulses applied to my back, and was rubbed down by an anti-inflammatory cream. However, I was more interested in the vast array of medicine balls, exercise equipment, and upper body cycles than getting my therapy. However, the gentleman getting his neck cracked in the bed next to mine was quite amusing - or something of the sort. At least the sound of his neck being “adjusted” kept me happy that I broke my sacrum and not anything higher. Ouch! (The sound itself was enough to make me feel nauseated).

* Mom was hesitant to drink Marit’s light vanilla soymilk. However, after a taste or two, she decided that it “wasn’t all that bad.” We now have a new soymilk drinker in the house! Bonus – it goes well in coffee! Remember to always try new things!

* Peanut butter + Granny Smith apples = yum! (Mom)
* Oatmeal + cinnamon + brown sugar, grapefruit, soymilk = yum! (Marit)

* The two of us had a great walk around the UWF Track. Bonus, the UWF Men’s soccer team was practicing. Very distracting (but in a good way). At one point, we saw what appeared to be a pack of 6 players, v stepping and hopping their way down the field (in unison). The next thing we knew, they were goose-stepping, hopping, and jumping (in unison – again!) down the next stretch of field. We couldn’t help but look. Suffice to say, they got our attention. Especially the one with the 6-pack.

(They accomplished their goal! Hee hee hee!!!)

* While walking, Marit pointed out the 2 Seahawk Helicopters that flew overhead. Then she pointed out the TH-57, the T-34, and a small biplane. In the end, Mom was able to identify and classify various aircraft found throughout the southeast. Excellent!

* A quick trip to the grocery store, turned into “S” time: Sushi, spinach, and soymilk. Go figure.

* Happy Hour at 4:30 pm with Nathaniel, Marit, and Mom was filled with beer, sushi, and plenty of laughter. Followed by a nap. (Can you tell that we’re getting old?)

* The House Monster continued to hiss, but so far, no blood has been drawn.

* I tried to answer some emails and get caught up, but am finding that it’s a never-ending battle. My sincerest apologies if you’re waiting for a response – I DO remember, I’m just treading water to try to keep up…. Thanks for your patience!

* The Spinach that we bought was made into wonderful Japanese Spinach with Toasted Sesame Seed dressing. Absolutely delicious! I was very happy that Nathaniel gave me ½ of his serving, as I was getting close to jumping him for it – which would have been bad for my back. Sensing the urgency of the situation, he gave up his spinach, and I enjoyed the rest. What a man!

* I ventured a glance at the IM Arizona forecast. Holy Heat Wave Batman! My hat and heart go off to everyone down there! (Athletes, volunteers, spectators…the cacti…).

* It was GREAT to hear my coach whooping it up as I told her I was cleared to swim starting NEXT MONDAY! Hooray!

So far, things are going great. It’s wonderful to have Mom here, and we’re having a great time together. I do miss my “norm” of swim-bike-run, but for now I’m enjoying the extra free time that I have, spending it with loved ones. I wish that Dad and Karyna were here – but I’ll take what I can get. Tomorrow there’s talk of driving into Fairhope, Alabama – a small artsy community across the bay from Mobile, AL. I don’t think that Mom has ever been there… come to think of it, I don’t think that she’s ever been to Alabama.

Oh well – that’s what life is about. Trying the new things, experiencing it all, continuing to learn all along the way. Today we saw hopping soccer players, ate a lot of spinach, and discovered that Mom likes Soymilk. And me, well, I had electro stimuli applied to my back and butt. So there you have it – something new all around. And I hope that tomorrow is no different!


BreeWee said...

MONDAY! I am so happy you get to swim Monday! You are recovering so fast...
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you this weekend... AZ is here and so are you! I am glad you made it through your bike wreck & your attitude is so fresh and positive...
Have a great weekend and SWIM as fast as your sore butt can go on Monday (you deserve being able to let loose)

Beth said...

YEAH for swimming next Monday!

YEAH for having fun with mom!

YEAH for what sounds like great PT!

YEAH for Target!!!!!! :)

Glad you are guys are enjoying your time together. Have fun in Alabama!

Pedergraham said...

Sounds like a fun day. I would like to trade you one of my PT sessions for yours. E-stim for jumping rope and walking lunges? You will be there soon! And looking longingly at those tables for the good ole days when PT didn't make your HR go up! Have another great day with your Mom. I'm looking forward to hearing about this great little place in Alabama. P.S. Does Tabbitah like catnip...can your mom add that to her arsenal?

Bob Mitera said...

Hi Marit -

Can't wait to hear about your swim next week. I am about to set off on my first 1.0 mile run in 8 weeks. (...and not a moment too soon with FL 70.3 in 6 weeks.) I think the goal at that race is really to "not get hurt".

What is your prognosis for returning to racing? Do you think it is next year or one more? I forgot (speaking of getting old).

Lorrie's cousin is Miss Michigan in the Miss USA contest in Las Vegas on NBC. She is really a nice (and smart) kid. (Half Norge too.)

Oh...lastly...the airline thing did me in for race marshaling IM AZ. So I am going to marshal IM CdA now.


Mel said...

YEAH......SWIMMING...MONDAY rolls around and you are NEVER going to want to get out of the water...even if you are shriveled up like a raisin :) Glad you are having a good time with your Mom :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the P.T. I used to have my neck cracked, and it ALWAYS freaked me out.

I love how all-over-the-place this post is.....

Trigirlpink said...

Don't you love Target? I love Target...
Sounds like a very nice visit with you mom goin' on.

Goooooood kitty. Gooooood kitty.

Mira Lelovic said...

Happy swimming! Glad your first PT treatment went well!

Kellye Mills said...

Swimming on Monday!! That's fantastic!! You're going to be back to kicking the pants off of everyone in NO TIME!!

And it sounds like you and your mom are having so much fun together! That sounds really nice! And who Doesn't like Vanilla Soy Milk... YUM!!

Have fun Marit!!

ojs said...

-Glad to hear that the PT and recovery is beginning.

-I like soy milk on some cereals as it adds a vanilla/creamy flavor to the cereal.

-Our track practice today went on while there was a 10 yr old lacrosse game happening on the turf. I know what you mean about distracting. I'm glad none of our runners got hit by a ball or tripped over a ball.