Monday, April 14, 2008

The Day in Photos

Some days are just better represented by photos. And as it's Mom's last night in Pensacola, I would much rather spend time with her instead of writing a long entry. You know how it is.

OF course you do - you frequent my blog. You know how long and scattered my writing can be - sheesh!

So - my day in photos. Thanks for understanding...Enjoy!

This morning, I got up to read and Mom got up to crochet. Nathaniel, being the busy flight student that he is, left before we awoke.

Next, off to Physical Therapy. I had lots of fun, while Mom asked lots of questions (and took even more pictures). It was WONDERFUL to have her there!

It may look relaxing, but it's not. Trust me. I'm hooked up to some sort of warm, electro-stimuli machine, that is supposed to help my nerve impulses. It feels like I'm getting mini-shocked every few seconds. At least it's warm though... And hey - at least I can feel the electro-stimuli. So bonus there!

The rear view.See - not so pleasant. And no, I'm not talking about my behind. I'm refering to the wires and electrical stuff peeping out from under the warm blanket. Those Physical Therapists have a few tricks up their sleeves... I'm convinced. Case in point: I'm laying on my stomach on a bed hooked up to wires, derriere in full view. No peeking!

The Ultrasound - warm....Finally, something relaxing...

And finally, the dreaded flexibility.Aaack! Can you tell it's been nearly a month since I last stretched? Holy Lost Flexibility Batman! And this is after a good 5 minutes. Hey - I'm happy that my heel can at least touch my rear. Or come within a few inches. Phew! (Oh - and by the way, I'm clenching my teeth and my face is turning redder than usual. Nice).

Finally, the fun stuff!

Balance and the core board! 5 minutes Baby!! Stellar balance will not be forsaken for one piddly crash. Kapow!

More balancing AND the medicine ball! See - I can reach THIS high! Wanna play catch...?

Okay - how many rpms should I go? (an actual question posed by yours truly. Not kidding)

After a long PT session, Mom and I returned home and recieved not one, but two very special deliveries in the mail. One was for me - it was some of my gear from Zoot Sports! I was SO happy, and ecstatically tore into the huge box, with Mom by my side. The gear for the Elite Ultra Team is phenominal, and I love how it fits and feels. I can't wait to race in my kit!

And the second was for Nathaniel. As his newfound favorite show is "Most Dangerous Catch" on the Discovery Channel, I got him a pair of coffee mugs from his favorite boat. The Northwestern. Gotta admit, the boat and crew are pretty cool. And now my husband has another pair of coffee mugs. On one side they say: Northwestern. And on the other: I'd rather be fishing in the Bearing Sea.

Here's the happy boy himself.Holding onto the mug and smiling. You could power an electric plant with that smile! Or else just my electro-stimuli machine. Couldn't wait to take off the flight suit...

And finally, the BEST picture of all...

Me! Entering the COLD water of the UWF pool for the first time in 4 weeks and 1 day (not that I'm counting). Yes, the water was cold, but it was WORTH it. I spent 45 minutes pool walking - forward, backward and side-to-side. Not the splash comeback that I had envision, but at least its a start. NOT the appropriate time to whip out my newfound 200 fly. But that's okay. Baby steps!

And today - I got back in the water. Hooray!

It was a GOOD day.

And last but not least - me on the couch, tired, but warm and happy in my new Zoot sweatshirt hoodie and my two new paintings (purchased, not created) over my shoulders.

One more note: I've had a lot of questions about my return to racing and training. So far - I'm not in any hurry. I want to make sure that I'm healed and recovered before I try anything too intense. And Jen, my Physical Therapists, and team of wonderful doctors are all helping to keep me grounded and as healthy as possible. Oh yeah - and the friendly reminder from a few friends out there as well...

As for racing, obviously nothing until I return to training... I have signed up for Spirit of Racine in July - so that would be a GREAT first race. But we'll see. I'm thinking of Long Course Nationals in Las Vegas in October, and then maybe aonther half IM sometime in November. Obviously, I need plenty of time to return to "fighting form".

And the final "biggie" - the Ironman. This year just wasn't my year. And Jen put it best when she said, "We now know that IM Arizona was not meant to be."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

So no IM in 2008. But 2009 will be my year of the IM (as long as training and recovery - not in that order - go as planned). IM Coeur D'Alene sounds nice... I've always wanted to visit Idaho. And now I'll finally have a great reason to go.


kerri said...

YEAHHHHOOO, good to see you in that pool! Had to feel great just getting in that water. Glad to hear you have races lined are on the MEND!! Good job keeping the patience in check.

Pedergraham said...

I begged Andrew to let me borrow his computer for this quick 5 minutes before he leaves for work so I could check for you swimming... and then there was reading and crocheting and PT and Nathaniel...and yippee swimming!!! (Water walking counts b/c it is done in a bathing suit, right?)
Wonderful to see the PT photos. I have a bazillion questions to ask about those.
My brother and I love the same Discovery Channel show and I get sucked into 8 hours straight of it whenever we are at my moms. Thanks to you, I now have a gift idea for him--and he is THE hardest person to shop for.
Your paintings are terrific!
My 5 minutes is up--have a great day, M.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO, Marit. It is great to see you moving and doing PT and getting into the water!! You look GREAT!! Ok, let's talk to see what/if you can do in the some 400 fly? HA, just kidding. :) Jen H.

Alili said...

Marit-So great to see you back in the water. The smile says it all. You are right, baby steps-YOU CAN DO IT!

Bob Mitera said...

Sounds like your Monday workout was pretty tough!

I agree with Nate; the NWern is the boat to work on. Those guys are cool. (I would go be a greenhorn but I hate smoke. I'd love to do that work.) I also need to be by the ocean.

Trigirlpink said...

Wow! Spa treatment and all!! Just kidding...
Look at you in the H20!! Yay!!!

BreeWee said...

AWESOME! YOU like so much like your old self in these photos! Happy you have tons of mom time and time for a swim! AND an IM on the horizon... Things look great!

Sarah said...

Your smile in the pool says it all. That is SO FANTASTIC!! Hooray for a stellar Monday! Hope that was the start of a great week to come.

Ashley said...

HA HA... you've made my old orange/blue shorts famous ;) Marit: looking good my FL soul sista. Love to see you out and about, getting shocked, stretching, and getting in the POOL! Yippee! Love ya.

Chad Holderbaum said...

WOOHOO! I'm so happy to see you're back in the pool and on your way to recovery!

If you have any questions on IM's, I've done Wisconsin (twice) Lake Placid (soon to be twice), and Florida once. By far IMLP is the best out of the three, and Wisconsin comes in a very close second. I've also heard nothing but good things about Idaho. :)

Courtenay said...

i watched the deadliest catch the other day for the first time... crazy! the northwestern is actually the only ship whose name i remember.

love the PT photos, it's so funny to see someone so young, athletic, and talented doing the stuff that is normally for people at the opposite end of the spectrum - it won't be long before you trade in that hand bike for your awesome new bike!

Mira Lelovic said...

I love the pictures, especially the PT ones, and I'm happy to say I actually know exactly what they're doing. Guess all that tuition money I've spent has paid off! Very happy to see you getting in the pool again. Enjoy!