Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Camp HTFU Pictures! Part 2

Hey there Sportsfans! Its the second edition of Camp HTFU pictures. Yippeeee! Would have gotten them out earlier, but one awesome coach (who shall remain unnamed) had me go LONG today. Go figure. According to one of my fellow campers, Coach Jen has been chomping at the bit to see the swimsuit photos. All PG, of course.

Part 2, Camp HTFU - here we go!!!

RECAP: Sunday morning, Paris Mountain State Park. Long Trail Run.

Though they are cold, they are fierce! Leslie, Jen, Mary, Liz, Ashley - cold, but determined to run the trails. Hard.

Huddling together for warmth? Hardly!Ashley and Liz, kicking major Paris Mountain butt, and looking great while at it.

Post run at Atlanta Bread Company! 6 hungry, coffee deprived triathletes: beware!

Ashley, Jen, Mary, Leslie. Liz was probably off getting more coffee. (Big surprise!) For me and Jen, the biggest surprise of ALL, was that they didn't serve eggs after 11 am. Great - we've just spent the past 1:30 - 2:00 running crazy hilly trails, only to discover that the Atlanta Bread Company doesen't serve eggs after 11 am. What's next?? Coffee??? (Somewhere, Liz just passed out). Sheesh!

Mmmmmmm! Coffee, food, and more coffee. Liz, Mary, and Ashley - deserving a well-earned breakfast (minus the eggs).

How many pictures can Marit take? Apparently, one too many for Mary. The look says it all (hee hee hee!)Mary: "OH MY GOD! DID ELIZABETH JUST STOP DRINKING COFFEE TO TAKE ANOTHER OF MARIT'S PICTURES! HOLY COW!" Her look is priceless! Jen, Liz, Leslie, Mary, Ashley.

Mary driving Big Momma to the pool. Long Course Meters. Perfect! Look at all those smiling faces - we're all HAPPY TO SWIM! (well, within reason, of course :)

For Jen - your photos at last.... The pool on Sunday!

From the front...Camp HTFU ladies in Camp HTFU suits. Marit (and her shark named "Bruce"), Mary (and her skull), Jen (flowers), Ashley (flowers), Liz (flowers). In the end, the flowers took the cake. But the shark and skull were tough to beat!

And the back... No need for names, as ours are written on our backside. And yes - those are flames comming out of Jen Harrison's butt. One could say that she's on fire! Especially climbing the Panther! Hot hot hot!

Finally - all together now!Marit, Mary, Jen, Leslie, Ashley, Liz. Camp HTFU at the pool, ready to jump in and swim!

Post swim: WAFFLE HOUSE! A Jen Harrison classic. First time for Marit (newbie!. But the others had all gone at one point (no doubt, dragged by JH). If you look close, you'll see Big Momma.

Hhhmmmm... So many choices, So little time... JH, trying to decide what to order. Beware: serious Waffle House consumption about to take place!

Nothing says Waffle House like, coffee? Let's face it, you can never get enough. Like the mugs? Available for $3.00 at your local Waffle House (except for the one we were at. They were out!)Marit and Mary enjoying a delicious cup of WH coffee. De-vine!

How much food can 6 hungry Camp HTFUers consume? Never enough.For those of you unaware of the spread, you can see the waffles, eggs, toast, coffee, boat of syrup, butter, apple butter, gritts, egs, jelly, and perhaps something else. Look close - it'll be gone before you know it!

Leggo my Eggo!!! (Or whatever I'm eating!)Obviously, someone loves their Waffle House a little too much.

Okey dokey - you swam LCM and put up with my M&M fix ALL weekend - have as much as you want!Yes, JH WILL share her waffles and eggs. After a stern look from her fellow camp HTFUers, she's willing to pass the Waffle House love around. Good stuff!

Final camp picture. Big Momma in the background! Plates cleared! Good times had by all!Ashley, Jen, Liz, Leslie, Marit, Mary, Big Momma (background).

Hope that you enjoyed the pictures!

Camp was a blast, and I still can't believe it's over. Today I had a long brick - and it was very lonley. I rode for the first 3:45 with Ludi, so I wasn't completely by myself... but I miss my campers.

At least the pictures make me smile. Thanks to all for putting up with my camera antics - I'm sure that my yelling at everyone to, "POSE FOR ANOTHER PICTURE!" got old, quick. But I did, and they did, and voila! There you have it.

Part 2 pictures complete!


E.L.F. said...

Priceless - I think Waffle House should consider putting the picture of Jen with their menu ON all of their menus.

Pedergraham said...

I love how Mary (the swimmer) is the one all capped and goggled in the pictures, plus the looks from the little kids in the pool next to all of you are priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

OH goodness....there are more pics here of me than my own baby book. EEKS and always barely dressed, no makeup, EATING....ha....classic. Thanks for sharing Marit! Jen H. :)

Mel said...

LOVE EM!!!!! The suits are great...the tan lines are awesome :) Waffel House...YUCK..that is a death sentence..that has to be the worst food EVER ;)...Looks like you guys were ONE happy family and had a BLAST :)

kerri said...

I have been doing the blogger rounds and reading much about the HTFU camp. Your pictures captured a thousand words. So funny to see everyone's pictures and be able to put a face behind all the blogs.

Beth said...

I feel like some waffles, home fries, syrup, toast and eggs right now!!! :) Fun pictures Marit!

Kellye Mills said...

Oh.. those are GREAT pictures!! Jen wears every emotion on her face doesn't she!! :) You guys are SUPER cute!!

Anonymous said...

yay for all the Big Momma shots!

So is he named Bruce after the shark in Jaws?

great pics and story, it sounds like an awesome time together!

Jen in Budapest said...

What a great experience together! Nothing like doing the event together! Love all the pics.

Sally said...

Great pictures. And the food is looking pretty good too. Ya'll are all wonderful. Thank you for the stories, the laughs and the inspiration.