Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday night stuff

I'm sitting on the couch. There is talk of clucking chickens (Liz), clothing options for tommorow's ride (Thomas), and cardboard box break down (Chris). We're all tired, but happy. Well fed, but happy.

And discussing our final ride tomorrow morning.

What's more effective? Hill repeats or a big hill called Soledad?

I don't really know, don't have a clue. Chris and Thomas are debating the two, Liz is doing something half-relaxing, half-painful on the foam roller, and I'm sacked out on Brad's comfortable leather couch (which dubbs as Thomas's bed).

Today was a triple workout "recovery" day. Meaning we go easy, but long. An easy swim (where yours truly got to lead the lane) that involved meeting a few Chicago-ians at the local YMCA (Bob Mitera - great guy! And a few others), followed by an easy 60 minute run (no rattlesnake sightings), and then an easy 1:45 bike after a L-O-N-G and L-A-T-E breakfast at the world-famous Einstein's bagels.

Our food break was great, as it reminded me of mid-morning collegiate study breaks at Einstein's with Nathaniel. Oh, how time flies!

We all had bagels. I experienced my my first chocolate bagel bite (courtesy of Brad), and had coffee with my cream. Or something like that.

At one point, I had to laugh: standing in front of the 5 coffee jars were Chris, Thomas, Brad, and Cat (stellar triathlete that Liz coaches) and Liz. Oddly enought, Liz stood in front of 2 coffee jugs. Go figure. The ELF needed to be fully caffienated. And no one - Sherpa Thoams, Chris, Cat, or Brad - was getting in her way.

I just stood back and laughed.

After our ride along the coast, we cruised back to Brad's. The views were incredible - blue sky, whispy clouds, thunderhead in the distance, and mountain is the background. And the Pacific - blue and sparkling. It was wonderful, magnificent - and I find myself sad at the prospect of tomorrow's departure.

But we've still got one ride left. One more to go.

And now Chris and Thomas are debating the merits of a hill called Soledad and another hill near Del Mar Hights. There are hidden turns, endless "ups", and pedal stomping involved. Liz is on her laptop, looking up the exact gradient of the hill. She has just reported that, "It is a 12 minute climb. And you will be going 7 mph."

Chris and Thomas are joking about "delivering papers." Not as in news papers, but zig-zaging back and forth because the gradient is so steep.

The things you learn at camp with fast people. Wow. Go figure.

All I know is that it'll be painful, it'll be hard. I have been told to NOT use my small (Granny Gear) ring. Chris is looking up the gearing he wants me to use on one of the climbs (no Granny Gear, no small ring - POWER up the hill).

And I will go along with it. I will do my best, train my hardest, and leave bits and pieces of myself along the way.

Self-discovery at its best.

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