Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sad Spelling Pep

As you ALL know, I am an awful speller. And now that my "spell checker" is broken on blogger, and I simply don't have the patience to write up my entries on a Word document, spell check, and THEN transfer it over to blogger - well, please accept my sincerest apologies.

Yes, I am educated. I graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in History (focus on East Europe and the former Czechoslovakia)... but alas - my spelling still suffered.

No where has it been more apparent than a few minutes ago when I took my third glorious shower since The Crash.

I was pouting. My back hurt. My butt was asleep. And I'm constipated. YOU would be crabby too, my friends. But Nathaniel is being a Saint, doing simply a marvelous job at putting up with my mood swings (today really WAS a great day. He tried falafel and loved it.... we met a wolf named Nicky, who's ower was 94 years-young and walking at a fast clip along the hill bluffs above the Pacific... we talked to a couple who had JUST gotten engaged... we drove up Mt. Soledad - wow, what a climb! - and generally had a great day together).

Tonight was different. Around 9:30 pm, I was "partied out". And I got emotional.


After a few tears, I decided to take a shower. A real treat for me at this point - the coconut shampoo and body conditioner is great, and the hot water feels fantastic against my skin. And besides - it was either the hot shower or continue being sad with Nathaniel... so I opted for the shower.

And Nathaniel was very happy.

QUICK NOTE: I haven't taken any pain meds in about 10 hours... So there is NO REASON why my spelling IN THE SHOWER should have been that OFF. And another point... pain meds and showers don't really get along. Especially if you're a self-professed klutz like me. Very good stuff.

So in the shower, in an effort to cheer myself up, I started thinking of acronyms for the word SAD.

Here's my list...

Silly Emotional Drama

Stupid Emotions Downloaded

Sorry Enough Done!

Snapple Eggplant Dried (fill-in-the-blank)

Stop Exit Delete

Stuff emotions down

And after a few minutes it hit me...

Everything I was spelling was S-E-D, not S-A-D.

And that was enough to make me giggle.

And then, I decided I was probably a saftey hazard in the shower. So I got out, dried off, applied plenty of coconut body cream, threw my clothes on (which takes about 10 minutes), and voila - here I am.

So in essence, I cheered myself up.

I know that there will be plenty more of these UP and DOWN days. That's only natural. It's part of the process, part of what I'm going through. And that's okay. I've accepted that fact.

I just never thought I could cheer myself up by so horribly misspelling the word SAD. Then again, life is full of surprises. You never know what's around the next hill.

So keep going! (Said Sad Spelling Sed! Now 5X fast!)


Beth said...

Oh Marit, that is hilarious!!! :) I'm glad you were able to cheer yourself up. It's the little things that make us laugh huh? Anyway, hope you have a very NON-SED day today and get to enjoy more of California!

Ness said...

Marit, you are too much! I hope today is much HEPPIER than yesterday. Glad you're getting outside to enjoy the fabulous weather there!

Anonymous said...

To funny! I'm glad the shower and coconut cheered you up. There's nothing like some great girly smelly stuff to do the trick. At least you can enjoy some California sunshine with your sweet hubby!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Self-entertained or what! : )Ok I am a "lurker" and posted my well-wishes on Jen's site after your totally strange and unreal accident. I'm from WI so I can relate to Jen's winter misery and also of course read Ms. Fedofsky's exploits, as she's been a force, or motivator of sorts - as a stranger!- for me. Anyway, I'm in your age group and of course took notice of your absolutely incredible race at Clearwater! (and then reading your blog I realize you have hit some amazing times in all 3 sports - holy crepe!
I just wanted to post and say Hi (and you're nuts, in a good way!) and that I cannot wait to hopefully toe the line with you before I'm too old or you turn pro! You've got everything it takes and SUCH an outlook. wow. Hope everyday gets exponentially (sp.?) better and Cali sun does its job!

Erin Wichtoski - so so tri chick in WI : )

Pedergraham said...

I think that a hot shower mixed with coconut shampoo/conditioner/lotion should be patented by you as a pick-me-up. Or some type of waterproof Scrabble game for the shower.
We are all sending smiles your way.

Courtenay said...

we did it! said sad spelling sed 5x fast...
greg's idea.
i love this post, it's a cute story. if you get bored this weekend and want to spend hours in the car driving across the l.a./orange county/san diego megalopolis, you should come up to san dimas!
when are you allowed to start swimming?
ok, hi to nathaniel! (i talked to my nathaniel yesterday who spent like 5 minutes bragging that his ncaa bracket is better than mine.)

Mer! said...

Hi Marit!! I had posted to you before you left for your trip to San Diego--I live here in SD..and I just checked back to see how the trip was going.....I am SO sorry about your accident and I wish more than anything your trip to San Diego would have gone without a hitch...I just wanted to say that from your previous blogs (i'm a lurker!) you are so positive and you're getting through such a difficult time with your usual pep and motivation. Let me know if you need suggestions for restaurants etc (i'm down by Balboa Park)....you are staying in an awesome place, Del Mar ain't bad!! Ok...just saying hi!!

Ashley said...

Marit... what's even worse (I have no medical problems to blame). I didn't notice the acronyms were S.E.D - until you mentioned it! HA. Great, I'm feelin' good about myself... he he he. Well, don't feel sed anymore.

Brooke Myers said...

Oh my goodness you are too funny...
I'm sorry you are having ups and downs, but through it all you still continue to give us a laugh...
I never know what to expect before reading your posts....

Kellye Mills said...

You are too cute!! I think it's important for you to let yourself be sad when you need to be and realize it's ok. Let it out and then deal with it just like you did. You've got this whole emotional thing down pat!!

And if it's any consolation... I'm married to a grammar freak, which has in turn made me at least notice it more. Heaven forbid I made an error in one of my entries, Adam will most definitely point it out!! :) I figure nonetheless my point will get across, so no worries on spelling! :)

Alili said...

Oh this is too much, I squirted milk on my keyboard! I am glad that you were able to find a bright spot today:)

Mira Lelovic said...

Are you Czech? I've been trying to figure out your nationality every since I saw your mom's name is Zora.

Your shower sounded heavenly! You sound great - don't worry about the spelling!

Cy said...

Marit-Likewise I didn't notice the acronym was incorrect, which was certainly cause for a few giggles on my part as well. Take Care!