Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm here...

Hey Sportsfans!

I'm alive and well.

Well - bareley.

It's Sunday - but I can't really tell, because I'm stuck in some sort of weird space/time warp. Go figure.

The good news, is that its sunny and beautiful.

The bad news, is that I'm trashed. Tired. Cynical. Bitter. And my sense of humor has changed - think "Fargo" and "Kill Bill". Yeah - good times. But Liz, Thomas, Chris, and Brad are all stellar superstars. And they seem more amused by my antics.

I got half way through an update yesterday - but it was late, and I was tired, and I prefered to listen to Chirs and Thomas trade shaving advice. Chirs uses Conditioner and Tomas takes 25 mintes. Per leg.

That's what you get when you train with PRo men. Good stuff.

They make you laugh. Hard. (At least I didn't pee my pants!)

Anyway - yesterday was hard. Very hard.

It was the hardest group ride I've ever done. There were tears (mine) and more tears (mine) - but I realized while speeding through the Elifn Forest (Dumbledore on my back) that by crying, I was waisting breath. So through the sobs, I told myself to "HTFU" focus on the task at hand (hang on to the back of the pack and try to catch up with any stragglers - because, after all, 2 is better than 1) - and I found myself biking with a 6'5 52 year old guy named "Big Mac".

Big Mac had twins and worked full time. When I complained (the only time yesterday) that I had climbed Mt. Palomar, he said, "Try being the father of twins and working full time - are we even?"

I quickly shut my trap, got in his draft, and kept going.

It was incredible: I reached my breaking point, but was forced to keep going.

So I did. I had no other option. I wasn't interested in being lost in the Elfin Forest - didin't want to see what kind of tricks my mind would play while riding solo and crying. So hang on to my Mac Daddy I did.

And now, I'm eating oatmeal, having Liz's STRONG coffee, and getting geared up for a swim and an easy run.

And I've just been informed that I'll be "leading the lane."

Wonderful - now I'm swimming with the PROs, I'm leading the lane, AND I'll have to keep track of my laps.

But bring it on - today is a new day, and I'm up for the challenge.

Yesterday's report is 1/2 finished... it'll be out later today.

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TJ said...

Wow! Sounds a bit intense.
Hope the swim was a little more enjoyable.