Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On Your Mark...

Well, I'm at it again. Packing my gear, washing the workout attire, getting ready to leave for a quick trip to sunny San Diego, via Atlanta.

Yes, as I purchased my tickets at the last minute (and I live along the cultural mecca and populous-filled Gulf Coast), the price was exorbitant. So instead, tomorrow I'm driving to Atlanta, staying with uber-blogger, fellow teammie, and all around Wonder Woman, Kellye, and flying so Sunny San Diego on Thrusday.


And then...

And then....


And then I train with uber tri chick, Liz "Smallie Bigs" or "Biggie Small" Fedofsky. The name doesn't matter, as I'll be hanging on for dear life all weekend. (LONG weekend, as it's 5 days...) Her hubby Chris, and a few other really fast people will be there.

Good Times!

I feel honored to have been invited, am still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that Liz Fedofsky - a pro triathlete that I have looked up to for so long - has invited me to train with her in San Deigo.

I am scared. I am nervous. And I simply don't know what to expect.

It's not so much the fear of being surrounded by amazingly talented athletes that has me going: no - its the fear of what I'll do, how I'll respond while training my butt off. I can't control how fast or how strong everyone else is. But I can control how I react, what my response is.

I know the biking will be tough, the training will be a real big kick-in-the-rear. But I'm ready. I want to take the leap. To embrace the challenge. Through training with fast people (ladies of Camp HTFU!!!), raising the level of challenge and of my own expectations - well, only then can I truly improve.

I want to be pushed.

I want to work hard.

I want to climb, to perservere, to survive.

I'm willing to drag myself through the depths of my own fears - of climbing huge hills, of getting dropped off the back of a fast group, of running solo behind Liz as she scampers up a canyon, of swimming in the open ocean where sharks lurk - in order to grow mentaly and physically stronger. I am grateful for this opportunity, am still pinching myself at this chance...

I read with great interest in Liz's last adventure in Elfin Forest, while climbing Mount Palomar. And I fully expect to see Dumbledore on the side of the road, waiting for me around each and every bend. Last time I invited Dumbledore to hop on my back - it was painful, it was incredible, it was amazing. No - it wasn't easy - but life very rarely is.

So tomorrow, I depart. I get to meet Kellye and her wonderful husband and family. We'll eat cake, celebrate Gracie's birthday, and good times will be had by all. And after that - well, I'm off to San Diego.

If anyone sees a blond-haired girl on a red Giant somewhere in SoCal, purple faced and yelling about "Dumbledore" as she pedals at 50 rpm going 5 mph - pull over to the side of the road and offer her a word of support. But don't let her stop. Tell her the peanut butter cups and peanut M&Ms are at the top - just around the corner. And then sit back and watch as she keeps going.

Because rest assured - I may be slow - but I'll give it my all. Even if Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M&Ms aren't involved.

(If you want to find me, I'll be here on Friday.)


Ness said...

Have a fabulous time. You'll be great! Don't let Fedofsky intimidate ya! I'll be thinking of you slogging away at the hills this weekend.

Pedergraham said...

Have a great trip, Marit. Well, two great trips, I guess. Tell Tabbitha to be nice to her Daddy.

Beth said...

Have fun Marit!! What an amazing opportunity - I'm sure you will make the best of it! Take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

GO HARD!! Have a great trip, soak it all in...you are going to be sssooo ready for Ironman!!

IM Able said...


I checked out the link with the elevation profile and promptly wet myself.

Kick that mountain's butt! Oh, and take lots of pictures. But mainly kick butt!


Audrey said...


I hope you don't mind that I linked to your blog today re: USAT rankings. We're in the same age group and a few names jumped out at me from the blogosphere. Hope all is well!!

Mira Lelovic said...

You're going to have a great time! And I have no doubt you're going to hang right in there with the group. Be safe, and have fun! Can't wait to read your blog when you get back.

Mer! said...

Hi Marit! I came across your blog by way of my coach--Amanda Lovato! You know you read one blog, you click on another and yadda yadda!

Anyhoo--my name is Mer and I live out here in San Diego and just wanted to wish you some very awesome training and the weather is finally warming up just a bit! Palomar Mtn is honestly one of my biggest triumphs i've done in training...finally finishing at the top at 5mph! You will do awesome!

I can relate to some of the blogs you've posted since my husband is active-duty Navy here in San Diego...so we lived in Pensacola for 6 months! I hear you guys got a Panera Bread-yay another restaurant to add to the rotation....rock on!

Have a wonderful trip!

Mel said...

Have fun and get some good hard training in as I am sure you will since you are all about the kick ass workouts :) You love seeing that wizzard :)

Courtenay said...

i hope you got there safe!
thanks for the awesome voicemail!
have a great climb!
ok talk to you soon!

greg says exclamation points are "girly" - i don't care i like them!!