Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm safe and home and sore and sad. But happy too...

Camp was a blast - am still in amazement at the wonderful time that I had. My head is still spinning, trying to process what just happened to me. It was simply incredible - one of the best weekends of my life. And I will be forever changed.

There is so much to do...

Photos to upoad, training plans to update, bags to be unpacked, bike to reassemble (okay - only putting on the front wheel... but as I'm back in the Flatlands of Florida - my 12-25 will no longer be needed), car to be cleaned, and thoughts to be gathered.

My reunion with Nathaniel was wonderful (it was only a few days), and Tabbitha decided to poke her head around the corner and waddle, er walk, into the living room and say "hello".

I still can't believe I'm home - it seems like a dream.

I am tired - I am sore - my glutes are screaming at me (all the time spent in aero climbing hills, no MOUNTAINS - Holy Sore Butt Batman!) - and my body is exhausted. Not the greatest time to post a blog about my wonderful weekend.

Don't worry - the posts and photos are on the way. I promise.

Finally - Jen, Elizabeth, Ashley, Leslie, and Mary - I love you guys all. Thanks for letting me be part of the gang, for making me feel as though I've known you all of my life, for kicking my butt when it needed kicking, for making me laugh, for bringing out the silly side of me, and for making me be the Tough Cookie.

A title that I will work hard to keep, rest assured.

And with that - I'm off to bed. The house is clean (WONDERFUL NATHANIEL!!!), but the car and my gear are still messy and packed up. Part of me doesen't want to face all of my gear, my packed bags... unpacking everything would be admitting that Camp HTFU is officially over. But I know that it'll have to be done.



Thanks to Danielle - your coffee saved our lives on more than one occasion. And to everyone else - we thought about our blogger friends. Mira - hope that you had a great 1/2 marathon... and to Courtenay - just got your box. It was the best present ever - I finally feel like a "real" cyclist. Next time I climb Panther Mountain, you know what I'll be wearing.

Okay - sleep is calling. Dreams of Camp, of Jen jumping into the pool while the rest of us poke our toes in the cold water, of Elizabeth bounding up the hills running and biking, of Ashley and I running with Heather Gollnic (Holy Pro Encounter Batman!), of Mary backing up Big Momma without hitting ANYTHING, of Leslie encouraging me the final 10 minutes of our long brick (while I was fighting a loosing battle to an ugly bonk) - will stay with me long after this weekend.

But not yet - no recaps just yet...

I'm home - I'm safe - I'm happy, but sad that camp is over - and now.... hhhmmm... think that I'm forgetting something....

Oh yeah - the photos.

As my camera is still in the car, and it's late - pictures will have to wait.

But I promise... they're stellar.

Just like Camp HTFU. Can't wait for next year. But... that seems so far off. Greenville was great, Carolina Triathlon (local bike shop was stellar), the Mountains called our names.... any takers?

How about next weekend guys?

Count me in!


Pedergraham said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. It seems like camp is everything you wanted it to be and much much more.

And, cleaning the house while you were gone? That Nathaniel is sure a keeper...but we already knew that!

Happy Tuesday, Marit. (I am trying to make it rhyme with Mar-shmallow and not Mar-y in my mind.)

Mel said...

Glad you are back safe and that all you girls had a wonderful time and got some good/hard ass training in :) Memories are forever!!!

Ness said...

glad you're safe. Sounds like the weekend was everything it could possibly have been! Can't wait to see some pictures!

jahowie said...

Sounds like a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

so, so, SO VERY GLAD all went super well and you're home safe and sound. I bet it's good to be back with a happy husband, clean house, somewhat mellow cat and a body that's sore from one heck of a HTFU Camp expierence. And the SKIPPING to the van - I loved that part. Memories of the little dynamite girl, blond hair flying, blue eyes laughing and legs never stopping.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

BreeWee said...

we want photos... BUT glad you made it home in one sore piece! it has been fun reading all the cool stories about you, I hope your confidence is at an all time high heading into the season!

Ryan said...

Ah, camp trips.

The last time I went to camp, I was going through puberty and everyone kept making fun of me because I kept getting .........

Well anyway, glad yours went very well.

Welcome back to the cultural epicenter of the planet!

I can't ride tomorrow, but email me and maybe next week or this weekend.


Mira Lelovic said...

Glad you made it home safely and had a wonderful trip. From all that I've read about you during the camp you sound like the sweetest person ever. I hope I'll meet you someday at a race somewhere, when you're a pro! I hope all your determination and hard work pays off for you. You deserve it!

Kellye Mills said...

Marit... You are a BAD @SS woman!! I LOVE it that you made it up that hill! Bask in the glory of the fact that you are hard core and in for an amazing season!! GO GO GO!! (Sorry... Jen is rubbing off on me!)